Best Indoor Plants for Better Sleep

Best Indoor Plants for Better Sleep: Bedroom Plants

Best Indoor Plants for Better Sleep


Did you know that indoor plants have the power to provide fresh energy into any space in your home or workplace? It's true! Having living plants in your space gives you a sense of well-being that no furnishings, wallpaper, or lamp can match. Being able to make plants uniquely yours is one of the best things about them. However, plants are significantly good at removing toxins from the air & purifying it. Not only can you get your normal air purifying plants, but there are also plants that help you sleep too! 

So, you might want to consider getting a plant (bedroom plants for sleep)! If so, how? Explore 13 best indoor plants for better sleep.



Do plants make you sleep better?

Yes. While you sleep, having plants nearby can help in many ways:


  • Enhance Psychological Health: Several studies show that plants provide psychological benefits. Not only do they remind us of the peacefulness we experience when we're outside, but they're also great at cleaning the air we breathe by removing countless chemical compounds that could be harmful for us to breathe at night. Moreover, if the air quality is better, it will be easier to breathe & sleep.
  • Provide Fresh Surrounding: Even scientists often use plants as sleeping aids because they help clean the air. Plants can get rid of most Volatile Organic Compounds, which is good for your lungs. Also, they help to raise the humidity in your room, which gets rid of any dry throat pitch that might be making you cough & make it hard to sleep.
  • Bring a Sense of Calm & Serenity: Plants have the potential to mitigate noise pollution. Some houseplants have the ability to either absorb or scatter sound waves, making them less likely to startle us from our sleep. This may help you get a better night's sleep.

Moreover, Indulge in the calming scents of plants like jasmine or lavender to help you unwind & relax. The results can be the same when you use oils or extracts from these plants.


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13 Indoor Plants that help you to Improve Sleep


1. Snake Plants:

Best Indoor Plants for Better Sleep - Snake Plant


Snake plants have the ability to improve the environment & air quality in your bedroom, according to Sleep Hygiene Expert. Snake plants emit oxygen at night, improving sleep. They also endure xylene, trichloroethylene, toluene, benzene, & formaldehyde in the air. Moreover, these hazardous compounds can be in your sleep environment & impair your breathing. At night, Snake Plants use the Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (CAM) carbon fixation process to remove ambient carbon dioxide & purifies air . Snake plants absorb radiation from phones, TVs, & other devices. If you're having trouble sleeping, try keeping a snake plant in your bedroom.


Buy the stunning succulent snake plant that is low maintenance and emits high oxygen.



2. Pothos (Money Plants):

Best Indoor Plants for Better Sleep - Money Plant


The Golden Pothos or Devil's Ivy, is a plant that is easy to take care of & can be grown by anyone, even if they have never grown plants before. Because of its ability to filter the air, the Golden Pothos is also a good choice for a bedroom. This houseplant promotes sleep in bright, indirect light. It's one of NASA's top 10 air-filtering houseplants, eliminating formaldehyde & benzene from indoor air. Moreover, any room would benefit from its lovely trailing pattern. 


Buy our one of the highest oxygen-producing and low-mainplant that helps to remove harmful VOCs from air. 



3. Peace Lily:

Best Indoor Plants for Better Sleep - Peace Lily


Like golden pothos, Peace Lily cleans the air well & helps people sleep better. In addition to increasing humidity, purifying the air, & removing harmful substances, they release a substantial amount of oxygen throughout the day. Peace Lily has broad, dark green leaves & pretty, white flowers that look like lilies of the valley that grow on tall stems above the leaves. Peace lilies are versatile & also come in several sizes.


Buy our hottest selling gorgeous air purifying peace lily for your bedrooms. 



4. Areca Palm:

Best Indoor Plants for Better Sleep - Areca Palm


Areca palm (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens)'s arching fronds (feather-like appearance) & tropical vibe make it an ideal planted getaway. However, it's more than a pretty plant. According to studies, the Areca palm provides  24 hours of oxygen & gets rid of carbon dioxide & toxins. Moreover, the Areca palm is best in removing air pollutants, especially formaldehyde. This makes it an ideal option your bedroom for a good night's sleep. Also, Arecas are natural humidifiers, so if you have nighttime sinus troubles, consider one. 


Buy this tall plant for your room’s corners. It helps to boost the air quality and an excellent home decor.



5. Rubber Plant:

Best Indoor Plants for Better Sleep - Rubber Plant


The rubber plant, or ficus elastica, is an excellent houseplant for purifying the air where you sleep. In addition to generating oxygen, it can also get rid of harmful substances like bacteria & mold spores. The rubber plant also has a stunning beauty in addition to its ability to purify the air. It has black, thick leaves that stand out with their simplistic pattern.


Buy our highest oxygen producing plant with stunning brown/burgundy leaves. A great choice for home decor that is easy to care.


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6. Dracaena:

Best Indoor Plants for Better Sleep - Dracaena


With many kinds to choose from, Dracaena Dara Singh plants are very common as houseplants. They have the capability to filter certain toxins in the air. Plants of the dracaena marginata family have the ability to absorb xylene, trichloroethylene, & formaldehyde. Since the Dracaena increases the amount of oxygen in the air while you sleep, you can have cleaner air in your bedroom & a better night's sleep.


Buy this popular and our best selling indoor plant. The plant contributes to a positive atmosphere.



7. Ferns:

Best Indoor Plants for Better Sleep - Ferns


A fern's lush green color gives any space an air of elegance. Ferns come in a lot of different species varieties. One of the fern varieties, such as Cobra Fern offers a positive environment & helps to relieve stress. Its unusual beauty & calming green tint can evoke a tropical vibe. Putting cobra fern in a corner of your living room or bedroom on a nightstand is claimed to produce a clean, calming ambiance that promotes better sleep.

Other varieties, including Boston & Kimberly Queen ferns–are known to increase humidity levels. This can be especially helpful in places where air conditioning systems tend to dry out the air inside. Since adequate levels of humidity in the air can make it easier to breathe, which can lead to better sound sleep.


The Cobra Fern is a stunningly attractive & rare plant and which is best for your place.



8. Aglaonema:

Best Indoor Plants for Better Sleep - Aglaonema


Aglaonema is another great plant for the bedroom. NASA has discovered that this aesthetically appealing & low-maintenance plant is an effective air purifier, eliminating toxins such as formaldehyde & benzene.With the aglaonema's ability to purify the air & bring a little bit of nature right to your bedroom, it can truly transform your sleeping space into a relaxing haven. Moreover, Aglaonema plants are great indoor gifts for friends or close ones.


Buy our best selling colorful plant Aglaonema pink anjamani for your home. 



9. Lucky Bamboo:

Best Indoor Plants for Better Sleep - Lucky Bamboo


The Lucky Bamboo is not just a decor to any home it could actually help you sleep by air-purifying properties! Many people from Chinese, Vietnamese, & Asian American families may also know this plant as a sign of good luck & wealth. This plant has a good soil & water tolerance making it a great bedroom decor. 


Gift the symbol of good fortune and success. It is one of the best indoor plants as per Vastu.



10. Anthurium:

Best Indoor Plants for Better Sleep - Anthurium


Anthurium plants, often called Laceleaf or Flamingo flowers, are exotic & vibrant, making them ideal for a bedroom decor. According to research, Anthurium can significantly reduce air pollution by removing harmful substances. Thus, the unique look of this tropical plant & its ability to clean the air make it a great choice for making your bedroom a better place to sleep.


Bring good luck in your home. These are excellent plants for gifting and a beautiful flowering plant.



11. Chamaedorea Palm:

Best Indoor Plants for Better Sleep - Chamaedorea Palm


Chamaedorea palm is an appealing houseplant for bedroom decor. This beautiful plant not only enhances the visual appeal of your home, but also serves as a powerful air purifier. NASA study shows that this type of palm can filter out airborne toxins like formaldehyde & benzene. You might sleep better if the air in your bedroom is cleaner. This could lead to more restful & energizing sleep.


The best plant to keep in the corners of your room that helps to cleanse the air and is easy to care.



12. Calathea:

Best Indoor Plants for Better Sleep - Calathea


Calathea plants have leaves with beautifully intricate patterns. Of all the plant parts, the leaves reveal the most intricate patterning. Calathea Peacock, Calathea Sanderiana, & Calathea Rufibarba Green are some of the different types of this plant. Having such plants in your bedroom will make it a better place to sleep by getting rid of some indoor pollutants. By filtering indoor air, these plants help you sleep by creating a clean, oxygenated bed room.


Buy this popular and our best selling indoor plant. Its attractive foliage brightens up any room and It requires moderate care. 



13. Baby Rubber (Peperomia):

Best Indoor Plants for Better Sleep - Baby Rubber


Baby Rubber Plant (or Baby Rubber Red Edge) is a tiny, easy-to-take-care-of plant that does well in low light. Research shows that keeping houseplants, such as a baby rubber plant, can help alleviate anxiety & stress while creating a more relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. If you have trouble sleeping because of stress, this tough plant may help you have more relaxation at night & sleep better.


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Indoor plants can help sleep by cleaning the air & soothing the environment. According to your preferences & the setting in your bedroom, you can pick from plants (mentioned above). Considerations such as humidity, light, & simplicity of upkeep should be made when selecting plants. So, why delay. Enjoy a better night's sleep & a healthier environment by enjoying the beauty & benefits of bedroom plants today.

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