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Let's imagine you want to hold a dinner party and need a colourful centrepiece. A table plant can accomplish that! These indoor table plants are useful in a variety of ways. Greenkin welcomes you to enrich your home and workplace with tabletop plants, which are live decorative elements. Our table plant collection is designed specifically to fill small as well as large places with plants that maintain their green beauty and elegance. Keep scrolling to explore more details about indoor table plants at Greenkin.

Whether you are looking at plants for your coffee table, or your work desk, or a corner table, Greenkin brings to you a wide collection of premium potted plants that can be an instant addition to your tables. Read below to get a fair idea on which plants to buy and what factors to consider while buying table plants.

Table plants can add a variety of emotions to your décor, from making your place calm and relaxing to creating a cheerful and creative vibe. Because of this, there is a wide range of options that you can consider for table plants. Browse through our collection and choose a table plant that matches your room's décor.

Buy Indoor Table Plants Online

Buy some much-needed "green therapy" to create a space for vitality and the perfect environment. Find exactly what you're looking for at Greenkin! We have the best potted plants, all carefully chosen and curated specifically for use on tables. How do we guarantee we'll have something you'll enjoy? We have so many indoor plants that you'll find one that suits you. We have options for everyone, regardless of their imaginable style, preference, available space, or desired atmosphere, to display plants on coffee tables, workplace desks, or any other empty space.

Why Choose Greenkin to Buy Table Plants

Greenkin is trusted by many plant owners as the best site to buy high-quality houseplants. Also, Greenkin has some of the best table plants to buy and have a great green time. Our easy-to-use buying process lets you buy plants and have them delivered to your doorstep. Whether you're a seasoned table plant fan or starting your first inclusive garden, we offer indoor plants, including table plants, that complement your environment and provide gorgeous green spaces. Also, each plant comes with FAQs and care instructions to help you maintain healthy plant growth.

From selection to shipment, we meticulously examine and safeguard your table plants' health, colour, and appearance to ensure they arrive healthy and are ready to adapt. These plants are potted in high-quality planters, making your plant parenting experience filled with joy.

Additionally, Greenkin's sustainable sourcing and eco-friendly packaging demonstrate our environmental responsibility. Greenkin prioritises the well-being of the planet, allowing customers to contribute to a greener future while improving their living and working environments.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Table Plant

Before you fill your living or working space with vibrant plants, it is critical to consider a few key factors:

  • First and foremost, consider size. Make sure that you have adequate space for the plant. Ensure the plant you buy fits in the space - neither too small nor too big.

  • The amount of light exposure and the ability to shade it varies with species, as does the plant's light factor.

  • To give plants the attention they need, plant owners must establish their capacity and availability for water, food, and other care.

The furniture's needs are the most important thing in any room. When choosing a table plant, one must also consider which ones need frequent care, like:

  • Check the table material and improve your plant's home's aesthetics to ensure fresh growth. Use a saucer or tray under each plant pot on a wood table to hold the excess water. Remove spills quickly to prevent wood warping and water stains. Avoid huge pots on the wood table.

  • When using a steel table, consider its cool surface. Wintertime and summertime are periods of different watering schedules for plants, which might be a potential concern. Create a barrier so the moist ones outside are on top of the table.

  • For glass tables, avoid complete pot collisions with water. Your clean plant isn't intoxicated yet because you used a lot of water and splattered the glass around it without a pot saucer. Heavy pots vibrating scrape the bottom, leaving lines. It breaks millions of glass pieces. Be cautious with glass table plants.

What type of table plants should you buy?

Table plants add charm to your space by adding texture and color. If you are planning to buy plants for your tabletop, then consider the following points before making the purchase:

1. Light: It is important to check how much natural light your table gets in a day. In case there is no direct sunlight, or only morning sunlight for a couple of hours, then you can look at the list of indoor plants. However, in case the tabletop receives more direct sunlight, you should check the list of outdoor plants and the plants for balconies.

2. Purpose: What is the first image that comes to your mind when you think about table plants? Are you looking to add colors to your table, add large green leaves, add small plants in premium planters, create a modern design for your table, build a table for boosting creativity, add plants to make your place cozier, or just add calmness and relaxation to your tabletop? Your purpose will determine the type of table plant you should buy. When you browse through our collection of table plants, you can read detailed information about each plant on their pages. We have tried to add this info to help you make a more informed choice.

3. Space: While buying table plants, you should also consider the overall space the plants will have for their growth. Some table plants grow as high as 4 to 5 feet. In case you have a smaller space, look for small plants like Peace Lily, Aglaonema, Pothos, Jade Plant, and Succulents.

Benefits of Having a Table Plant

There are multiple benefits of adding table plants to your home. Table plants are known to uplift one's mood, and are used for different purposes like boosting creativity, making a place cozier, bringing calmness and relaxation, or creating happy and cheerful vibes. Plants are known to be therapeutic and have a significant effect on one's mental health.

Moreover, table plants purify the indoor air. removing toxins like benzene, xylene, formaldehyde, acetone particles, carbon monoxide, and toluene. They also reduce the dust particles in the air thereby preventing itchy skin and eyes and dry cough. Table plants make the indoor air more breathable by also adding more oxygen to your indoor environment.

  • Visually appealing: Greenery on the tabletop adds natural beauty and liveliness to the space. Plants in your workplace, dining room, or any living room make it cosy, peaceful, and appealing, boosting table time.

  • Enhanced air quality: Naturally, plants purify air. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Plants on your table can also clean the air in your home, making it healthier for you and your visitors to breathe while you assemble at your table decor.

  • Health Benefits: Research shows that being around greenery calms the interior or exterior atmosphere, relieves tension, and promotes relaxation. Having a plant or two or three in a tabletop space improves a person's mood. As a visual timeout, they can help you escape daily stress.

  • Biophilia Benefits: "Biophilia" is the root of the idea that houseplants can help people feel more connected to nature, which in turn makes them feel calmer and more content. In addition to beautifying your space, table plants help create a greener, healthier atmosphere.

Must-Have Table Plants

Table plants are a great way to add colour and life to your home or office. They can even light up your living space. Some examples of must-have table plants with display locations to liven up your space are:

  • Peace Lily: The beautiful, delicate stalks of white flowers and green foliage of Peace Lily are perfect for use as a centrepiece. You can place it on tables near windows or in well-lit spaces in a decorative vase for an elegant look.

  • Snake Plants: The rigid, sword-like leaves with silver, grey, or gold edges of snake plants make them a great option for adding some height and structure to a bedside table, daystand, or bedside cabinet. Pair it with a sleek ceramic pot for a modern look, or a more decorative planter for a touch of personality.

  • Pothos: Pothos plants have trailing vines with glossy heart-shaped leaves, which make them perfect for tables with an overhang. It looks lovely in a hanging basket to let the vines cascade freely or in a smaller pot away from any direct sunlight for a more compact appearance.

  • ZZ Plants: The ZZ plant's thick, glossy leaves grow symmetrically from the stem bottom to the top, making it ideal for indoors. These plants are durable and can resist neglect, making them ideal for tables with limited lighting. You can use a minimalist pot for it to achieve a sleek and modern look.

  • Philodendron: Philodendron’s trailing or upright colourful foliage is suitable as a centrepiece table decor. As part of a trailing display in one area, these table plants for the home or workplace give you a lush, tropical vibe. They best thrive in bright, indirect light and consistent watering.

  • Jade Plant: The Jade Plant, known as the money tree, is said to bring prosperity to your life. Its miniature tree-like appearance in a decorative pot or glass container guarantees to add a classy look to a table. Keep a healthy jade plant in the east corner of your home to attract auspicious chi energy, according to Feng Shui.

  • Betel Leaf Plant: Commonly called Magai Paan, this indigenous beauty is a low-maintenance vine that looks great, has fast growth, and is easy to maintain. This trailing vine would make such an elegant detail for the edge of your coffee table in bright, indirect light. Ensure that the plant gets enough water regularly.

  • Baby Rubber (Peperomia): Peperomia’s trailing and waxy textured foliage, like a succulent, makes it perfectly suited for petite or bistro tables. Plant in a series of charming pots or feature in a glass porch for a touch of contemporary flair.

  • Aglaonema Plants: Aglaonema, commonly referred to as "Chinese evergreen" or 'Aglos', derives its nomenclature from the pigmentation of its foliage. Most species' leaves are dark green, while some are silver or crimson. Because of its longevity, it complements office table plants well.

  • Lucky Bamboo: Lucky bamboo is related to the wood element in feng shui and is considered to promote harmony. As a tabletop centrepiece, lucky bamboo stalks in water with stones tied with red ribbons represent luck and wealth, as well as boosting positive energy.

  • Orchid: Add a vibrant dash of color by placing an Orchid on your coffee table. Just ensure that the plant receives bright indirect light for healthy blooming.

  • Aralia: Adds a calmness to your coffee table. Add a pair of Aralias as they grow in small planters.

  • Kalanchoe: Add different colors of Kalanchoe to your table and make your coffee table a place for creative ideas.

  • Philodendron Ceylon: Keep a Philodendron Ceylon at the centre of your coffee table and make the table stand out with this neon-colored foliage plant. Give your coffee table a touch of the Tropics!

  • Calathea Peacock Plant: It cannot get more peaceful than watching the red-veined leaves of a Calathea Peacock Plant while sipping your coffee. The plant calms you and makes for a relaxing environment.

  • Bromeliad: Creativity for your coffee table. This plant adds bright Pink to bright Red colors to your space, bringing out the creator within you.

  • Dracaena: Known for its tropical vibes, this plant feels at place for all occasions. It does like to take up some space, so placing it in the corner of the table is a good idea.

Placement Guide for Table Plants

Now that you know which table plants to buy, let's learn what place to put them and what creatives should do. Ideally, all potted plants would be arranged according to well-lit lighting, temperature, and humidity. However, some tips and suggestions for getting your furniture, particularly the table, with the right plant:

  • Lightning: Even though interior table plants need less light, it's the most important factor when choosing table plants. Consider your home or office table's light when buying indoor table plants. If the chosen spot lacks light for a 'high light' plant, you can add artificial light.

  • Mix and match: Create visual contrast and richness using varied table plant species, forms, and textures.

  • Balance: Arrange your plants on the table evenly or asymmetrically, depending on your desired design. Balanced designs are pleasing yet unpredictable.

  • Decorative ornamentals: Enhance your space with rocks, moss, and miniatures on your table plants.

  • Seasonal Rotation: Add fresh table plants and ornaments for every season.

How to Care for Table Plants

Consider the table material and common issues while caring for table plants. Some of the following care guidelines for table plants are:

  • Lighting requirements: Most foliage plants like bright, indirect light. You may need to rotate your table plant every few days to ensure even lighting. Keep in mind that different plants require varied amounts of light, so it is important to look into each plant's demands.

  • Watering needs: Table plants should be watered as needed, leaving the soil at least partially dry between waterings. Overwatering should be avoided since it might lead to root rot. Also, a pot saucer is a good addition for keeping your pot from overflowing with water. Consider buying a pot with a saucer in the bottom.

  • Humidity requirements: Many tropical tabletop houseplants thrive under humidity. Mist your plant regularly and place it on a pebble tray. Filling this tray with water will humidify the environment.

  • Fertilisation requirements: Use a well-balanced fertiliser that addresses the unique demands of each table plant species. To get the best results, follow the label directions.

  • Rotation guide: The table plant may need to be relocated if it is not growing, is shrinking, or has smaller leaves than before.

  • Pruning guide: Prune centrepiece table plants as needed to keep them at a specific size and shape. Also, remove any leaves that are yellowing or dead on a regular basis.

  • Pest and Disease Monitoring: Check table plants often for signs of diseases or bugs. If you notice any, take action promptly. Check plants often for signs of diseases or bugs.

How should I style my table with table plants?

Table plants are a great way to spruce up your tables and make them stand out. Here is what our Plant Stylist recommends:

Styling your tables depends a lot upon the type of table that you are styling. A work table can be decked up with a Pothos, a Prayer Plant, a Philodendron, and a few Succulents, while a coffee table can be filled with a Peace Lily, a Kalanchoe, a Syngonium, and an Aralia.

For a table that has a wall on one side, one can have a hanging plant like English Ivy, Pothos, Monstera Adansonii, or Broken Heart Philodendron placed in a 4 to 5-inch planter and placed at a table's corner near the wall. The plant, as it grows, will start hanging from the side of the table giving the table a unique look. By the side of the hanging plant, one can place a Prayer Plant or any other Calathea. In front of these 2 pots and plants, place a smaller pot with a succulent in it.

Now that a corner of the table looks fuller and greener, use the space near the other corner, a little away this time, and place a ZZ Plant, or a Philodendron Ceylon, or a Snake Plant. If your table receives bright indirect sunlight, you could also keep a Peace Lily and an Orchid to add vibrant colors.


Houseplants, commonly referred to as "table plants," are typically small, delicate plants that can be placed on a table or desk to add a touch of natural beauty.

When selecting indoor or outdoor plants for your table, consider light availability, function, and space. Add interest to your table decor by including different textures of plant leaves, for example, the large, broad leaves of Philodendron ceylon, the sheen, smooth leaves of Snake Plant, and the delicate, fine foliage of Peperomia.

Yes, bonsai can be placed on a table, wall, or bench. Bonsai trees are ideal at eye level. A well-maintained bonsai on your desk or in a common area adds nature and sparks conversation, making the space more appealing. A ficus, for example, would make an excellent complement to any table or desktop computers.

The best table plants include Calathea, Pothos, Heart-Leaf Philodendron, Syngonium, Snake Plant, Kalanchoe, Peace Lily, Begonia, and more.

Different types of plants look best based on different table styles. For example, pothos, prayer plants, and more are good choices for work tables. Peace Lily, Kalanchoe, Syngonium, and Aralia are good choices for dining or coffee tables. A unique look can be made with hanging plants like English Ivy, Pothos, or Broken Heart Philodendron.

Yes, table plants not only brighten the atmosphere and boost our mental health, but they also help clean the air we breathe by absorbing harmful pollutants and adding oxygen.

Peace Lily, Kalanchoe, Syngonium, and Aralia are good choices for dining or coffee tables. These plants not only enhance the space, but they also purify the air, making your living space more appealing.

Yes. Indoor plants, including table plants, help filter the indoor air. They remove benzene, xylene, formaldehyde, acetone, carbon monoxide, and toluene. They also minimize dust allergies and enhance the quality of the air.

Table plants bring many benefits to your daily life. Houseplants are known to improve one's living space and offer many benefits, including promoting creativity, calming the mind, and reducing anxiety.

Greenkin does divide table plants into small, medium, and large types so that customers can easily pick plants that will work in their space.

Greenkin provides a varied range of table plants, including exotic and rare types, to add a touch of luxury to your home decor. Plus, Greenkin offers premium planters in sets with table plants, designed to match plant sizes and aesthetics for a coherent appeal.

Bromeliads, aglaonema, prayer plants, jade plants, and succulents are great options for small rooms because they don't grow too tall and take up less room.

Snake plants, also known as mother-in-law's tongue, are common table plants because they require little care, purify the air, look attractive, and are a symbol of "good fortune and strength."

Greenkin has a wide selection of table plants based on size requirements. Choose from small, medium, and large table plants on Greenkin, with precise size information. Consider space and aesthetic choices, and consider seasonal factors while selecting.

Yes, Greenkin's premium planters are handcrafted, double-potted for enhanced airflow and drainage, and produced by expert Indian gardeners for longevity and easy maintenance.

Yes, of course! Table plants make great, memorable gifts. Many types of plants are available at Greenkin for gifting based on the recipient's preferences and purpose. For example, money plants symbolize good luck and wealth, whereas jade plants symbolize friendship, loyalty, and good fortune.

Yes, you can choose to have table plants sent directly to the person you're giving them to for an easy and quick gift-giving experience.

When giving a table plant, consider its size, color, care needs, and plant symbolic meaning (optional).

Table plants are a good choice for giving as a gift. Greenkin's premium potted table plants are the perfect special gifts because of the wide range of plants available.

Yes, you can add a personal touch by writing personalized gift notes or words when you buy plants from Greenkin. This will make the gift even more meaningful.

Yes, Greenkin has a wide range of seasonal table plant alternatives depending on your size, needs, and weather. This will help you customize the selection of table plants in a set to create an appealing living space look.

Whether you're planning to put them outdoors or indoors, Greenkin has a wide range of table plants that will thrive in any environment. Consider sunlight and fertilizer needs while choosing plants for outdoor tables.

Table plants, such as the snake plant, the zz plant, and the peace lily, have clean lines and simple foliage, which makes them a perfect addition to a minimalist decor style.

Table plant maintenance requirements will depend on plant type and season. Greenkin provides thorough instructions for each plant, so consumers can easily keep them healthy.

Table plants should be rotated and rearranged on a regular basis to prevent uneven growth.

Some of the pet-friendly plant options are spider plants and areca palms. Greenkin offers information about pet-friendly table plants, which helps to ensure that households with pets have a safe and healthy environment.

Each plant has different fertilization requirements. Read the care instructions that came with your plant(s) and on the Greenkin website. There will be information on what kind of fertilizer is best for that plant and how often it needs to be fed.

Prune the dead leaves, brown tips, or dry tips of the plant often. Pruning plants on a regular basis helps them grow in a healthy way and keep their shape.

Table plants require less light than full-size trees, but they should be put near bright light (based on plant sunlight needs) or near a window for natural light.

Yes, table plants are the most suitable choice to add greenery to office space and increase work productivity, whether in tabletops or corner sides. Some examples are pothos, prayer plants, philodendrons, and a few succulents, which are good choices for work tables.

Yes, research demonstrates that indoor plants, including table plants, reduce stress and improve mental wellness.

For indoor spaces with limited natural light, Greenkin recommends low-light-tolerant table plants such as pothos, zz plants, and snake plants.

Yes, you can place bulk orders for table plants, which make an excellent corporate present or event option. Simply contact the Greenkin support team to talk about your unique needs.

Probably Yes, corporate bulk orders may have additional discounts or custom orders. Contact our Greenkin customer service to learn about the discounts and any additional benefits that are available.

Each table plant needs a different amount of water. It depends on the plant's size, the season, and its environment, so check the care guide for specific directions on how often you should water it.

Coco peat, perlite, yard soil, and vermicompost make up the best soil mix. Furthermore, different plants have different soil requirements that are explained in their care guides.

Combine several pots and plants to create stunning table plant arrangements for occasions or gatherings. To add visual interest to your table plants, mix containers of varying sizes and add decorative components.

Popular table plants that Feng Shui practitioners believe would bring wealth and good fortune into their homes and offices include jade plants, monstera deliciosa, money plants, and more.

Bathrooms are considered to offer the ideal amount of humidity and temperature for many plants, so certain tabletop plants can thrive there. For example, snake plants and zoophyllum plants do well in bathrooms that receive a lot of natural light because they can grow in dim light.

Flowering plants that add beauty and fragrance are great for tabletops. Choose compact, shallow-rooted plants such as anthuriums, orchids, and peace lilies.