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Plants for Corporate Gifting - Detailed Guide

Hello, and welcome to Greenkin, a place where the spirit of nature & corporate gifting go hand in hand. At Greenkin, we invite you to find the unmatched beauty of carefully chosen indoor plants for your next sustainable Corporate Gifting endeavour, in a world where green is beautiful. Sending a gift of corporate plants is a great way to express a message of "growth" & "wealth." So, improve your corporate interactions with nature's essence, which is best captured in our budget-friendly corporate gifting solutions.

Read below to understand everything about plants for Corporate gifting, learn the benefits & reasons for giving plants as an eco-friendly corporate gift, understand which occasions are more suited for gifting plants to employees, get lists of best plants to give to clients at events and conferences, and learn everything that there is about corporate gifting of live plants. To top this, this article also has links to multiple eco-friendly corporate gift options that you can choose for your regular corporate gifting of plants.

About Plants as Corporate Gifts

Cheers to a new corporate era, where businesses care about their employees, and employees care about their Organisations. Today, employee engagement and retention is a top priority for every HR business leader. Business managers across the world are constantly trying to boost employee morale, create a feeling of inclusivity, and improve the workplace environment. HR teams are now changing the way employee gifting was in the past. The new age of employee gifting is to celebrate the employee - her achievements, milestones, and her life! And gone are the days where bouquets and cakes were the norm of corporate gifts, companies are now looking for gifts that stay with the employee. Companies have found a new companion in plants as corporate gifts. Employees love plants as corporate gifts, and one can never have enough plants!

Plants show care and respect, and help organisations show their gratitude to the employee. The best part about plants, other than longevity, is that they come in pots which can be branded. Unlike bouquets, dry fruits, and cakes, potted plants carry the signature of the gifter. Employees keep these gifted plants at their homes, or within the office spaces on their desks. Not only do these plants look aesthetically pleasing, they also help boost employee’s morale and productivity.

Why Green Gifting? A Gift Beyond Imagination

Did you know we spend 90% of our time indoors, where pollution is five times more concentrated. In a study concluded by NASA, several indoor plants act as a natural solution to significantly enhance indoor air quality. These plants not only provide higher levels of oxygen but also reduce harmful VOCs and other pollutants. Organisations put in significant time and resources in bringing biophilic design elements within their office, plants being a key element. From small tabletop plants to 8 feet tall indoor trees, businesses are investing in building a healthier workplace environment. Gifting small work-desk plants to employees helps in improving the air quality within offices.

Plants are also known to significantly reduce stress, induce calmness, and increase productivity. Gifting plants to employees is a great way to show that the organisation cares about the employee’s mental wellbeing.

Moreover, plants are a versatile, eco-friendly gift that have many meanings. They symbolise growth, good luck, renewal, and prosperity. Also, today's society at large prefers eco-friendly gifts, and plants are ideal corporate gifts for every occasion. So what are you waiting for, give your employees some heart warming plants today!

Different Eco-Friendly Corporate Gift Options

Looking for beautiful sustainable corporate gifts? Maybe something memorable, vibrant, or a reflection of your company? Green materials are what you can gift. Here are a few ideas for eco-friendly corporate gifts for your clients & employees:

  • Plants in Eco-friendly pots

  • Eco-friendly Candles

  • Eco-friendly stationery

  • Eco-friendly Bamboo Bottles

Let’s explore these options in greater detail, and learn a little more about these eco-friendly corporate gifts.

Plants in Eco-friendly pots as Corporate Gifts

You may promote your principles and help the environment by offering eco-friendly corporate gifts. You can achieve this by gifting plants. There are several creative options with plants. You can personalize this process by choosing the plant and the accompanying pot. Greenkin has a range of ceramic pots, cotton planters, jute baskets, and other eco-friendly pots that are available in different sizes and colors. These pots and planters can be branded with a Company logo, making a permanent imprint on the gift. Plants are the best budget-friendly corporate gift choice that employees and clients love to receive.

Eco-friendly Candles as Corporate Gifts

Eco-friendly candles are another alternative for eco-friendly corporate gifts, in addition to plants in environmentally friendly pots. When compared to regular paraffin candles, eco-friendly candles made from long-lasting materials like soy or beeswax not only promote serenity but also cut down on carbon emissions.

Eco-friendly stationery as Corporate Gifts

Green stationery is also an excellent option for eco-friendly corporate gifts. Giving gift stationery made from recycled materials or paper produced sustainably will help to reduce deforestation & waste. That way, you'll meet your company's principles & show clients & fellow employees your devotion to sustainability.

Eco-friendly Bamboo Bottles as Corporate Gifts

Another great corporate gift is an eco-friendly bamboo bottle. These stylish, durable bottles can save plastic waste. You may promote a greener lifestyle & show your dedication to sustainability by offering clients and colleagues eco-friendly bamboo bottles. At Greenkin, we supply all kinds of eco-friendly products as Corporate Gifts. Corporates can create a basket of different eco-friendly products to create the ultimate sustainable corporate gift hamper.

Sustainable Corporate Plants Gift Ideas

Sustainable corporate gifts show your company's beliefs and make a positive impact on your brand image. Plants are eco-friendly, attractive, and thoughtful gifts. As symbols of growth, prosperity, and nurturing, they make fantastic gifts for celebrating achievement, welcoming new employees, wishing future success, or celebrating corporate milestones. Make use of the variety of Greenkin plants and pots to choose one that fits your brand and conveys your message. This sustainable corporate gifting choice also shows your commitment to sustainability and makes the world healthier.

Whether it's for an employee's birthday, a work anniversary, to appreciate a senior team member, or to welcome a new team member, Greenkin has a huge selection of plants that will shine in your Corporate Gifting program. Use combinations of different plants and different pots for every occasion. This keeps the gift unique, and you have thousands of sustainable corporate gifts options!

Best Plants for Employee Bulk Gifting

Are you searching for bulk gifts for employee gifting? There are certain plants which are perfect for this. When choosing bulk gifting plants, choose small plants in 4 inch pots, so that managing them is easy and employees find them easy to keep on their desks. Avoid choosing pots smaller than 3.5 inches, since the volume of soil that such small pots can contain is very less, and so plants don’t survive in such pots.

Money Plants for Employee Bulk Gifting

Money plants like Gold King, N'Joy, Manjula, Marble, Golden, Green, and more reflect financial stability, prosperity, wealth, progress, and positivity. They are attractive, low-maintenance, and sustainable corporate gifts for employees, making them ideal for company & employee bulk gifts. Each plant has its own characteristics, so you can mix and match these plants for employee bulk gifts. Check out the Money Plant Sustainable Corporate Gift Plants set that comes with a custom greeting card and a plant stick. The potted plant is perfectly sized to perch on a desk.

Jade Plant for Employee Bulk Gifting

The Jade Mini is an elegant bulk employee gift plant. Its pearl-like, oval-shaped fleshy leaves on brown, thick branches make it look like a tiny tree (miniature tree-like appearance). Jade plants symbolize success, ambition, and fortune in many cultures, making them good bulk employee gift plants. Check out the Jade Plant Sustainable Corporate Gift Plants set that comes with a custom greeting card, a printed logo, and a plant stick.

Oxycardium for Employee Bulk Gifting

Oxycardium (Green Heartleaf Philodendron) is another great employee bulk gift plant. Its heart-shaped leaves are appealing, easy to care for, and light-adaptable. Each variety of Oxycardium plant has a heart-shaped leaf that is golden or green in appearance & has a few different colored lines on it. The heart-shaped leaves represent compassion and love in some cultures. Make your own customized sustainable corporate gift plant in a customized pot, along with a printed logo & greeting card. It's a great lovely gift gesture for corporations.

Snake Plant for Employee Bulk Gifting

Snake plants symbolize strength & resilience, making them great bulk gifts. Snake plants come in a wide variety, for example, Snake Plant Futura Superba, Snake Plant Green Hahnii, Snake Plant Golden Hahnii, and more. Each variety has rigid, sword-shaped leaves with silver, grey, or gold edges. Each snake plant is unique, so you can choose one for every company function & employee bulk gifting. Check out the Lotus Snake Plant in Eco Series Pot for Corporate Gifting. This set comes with a Lotus Snake Plant with an eco-series pot, gift carry sleeve, printed logo, greeting card, and a plant stick. It's a great wellness gift combo for employee bulk gifting.

Best Plants to Gift Employees on Birthday

If you are planning to gift employees sustainable birthday gifts, you have reached the right conclusion of gifting plants to your employees. Getting a plant on a birthday is like getting a new life on the day, and employees simply love it! While selecting a plant for an employee birthday gift, always choose a plant that is low maintenance, and that can do well indoors. Below are a few plants that are best to gift at employee birthdays.

Aglaonema Plants as Employee Birthday Gifts

Aglaonema, often known as the Chinese evergreen, makes an excellent birthday present for employees due to its stunning foliage. Besides green leaves, this popular decorative plant has white, crimson, blood-red, or dusty rose foliage with beautiful patterns. Giving an Aglaonema plant reflects your goodwill and positive gesture since it symbolizes good luck, long life, and wealth.

Baby Rubber Plants as Employee Birthday Gifts

Baby Rubber Variegated is a rare, unique, and easy-care plant to give employees on their birthday. It has waxy succulent-like leaves & green foliage with cream variegations. Peperomia is also known as the friendship plant. It is considered a lucky charm in Brazil. This present is known to reassure that “everything will be alright”.

Peace Lily Plants as Employee Birthday Gifts

The Peace Lily is the best plant to give employees as a birthday gift because it represents hope and is regarded as a pledge of good luck. It has shiny, light green leaves on thin stalks adorned with white flowers, making this plant a stunning addition to decorating any place.

Pothos as Employee Birthday Gifts

Money plants, also known as Pothos, symbolize growth, prosperity, and luck. This makes Pothos plants an ideal gift for employees on their birthdays. Plants are great gifts for showing you care. Pothos are also attractive. Its vivid green leaves look beautiful when hanging from a shelf or macramé. Even in small pots, pothos' trailing vines appear resilient.

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Best Sustainable Corporate Gifts for Events & Conferences

Giving plants in pots in place of more conventional gifts has the dual benefit of reducing waste & inspiring the receiver to live more sustainably. Some of the plants as corporate gifts best plants for corporate gifting at events are:

Anthurium Plants as Sustainable Corporate Gifts for Events & Conferences

Anthurium plants are excellent choices for sustainable corporate gifts. The colorful, heart-shaped foliage of these tropical plants not only adds visual appeal but also purifies the air in any space where they are placed. Anthuriums thrive in indirect or bright light & are easy to care for, making them great gifts for guests at events and conferences.

Aglaonema Plants as Sustainable Corporate Gifts for Events & Conferences

A popular choice for a sustainable corporate gift is Chinese evergreens, also known as Aglaonema plants. The variegated foliage of Aglaonema plants is loved by all. These plants are great for indoor gardening due to their striking pink foliage & air-purifying capabilities. This plant can clean the air by getting rid of harmful, volatile organic compounds. Plus, this plant can flourish in neglect and low-light conditions. These qualities make Aglaonema plants an excellent choice for bulk gifting at events and conferences.

Snake Plants as Sustainable Corporate Gifts for Events & Conferences

Snake plants (Sansevieria or mother-in-law's tongue) are easy-to-care-for succulents that make great sustainable corporate gifts. Its long, upright leaves are mostly a mix of green & yellow shades. They are shown to purify indoor air & increase night-time oxygen production. Snake plants are among the lowest-maintenance plant families and can withstand diverse light conditions and tough environments, making them ideal for people with busy lifestyles. Snake Plants are special corporate gifts for every occasion.

Birkin Plants as Sustainable Corporate Gifts for Events & Conferences

Birkin Plants, on the other hand, are a stylish & trendy choice for green business gifts. The beautiful variegated leaves on this plant have deep green color and bright cream stripes. Due to its air purification & ease of care, this plant adds refinement to any area. The creative & environmentally friendly Birkin Plant is a special gift that will be remembered for a long time.

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Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Clients

When you are choosing gifts for Clients, think of premium sustainable gifts. Remember that adopting sustainable corporate gifts shows social & environmental responsibility. So, here are some ideas for giving plants as gifts to clients and business partners:

  • baskets that contain multiple items, including candles, plants, greeting cards, and other sustainable gift items like pens & diaries.

  • Innovative wellness packages that can include air-purifying plants, and combine them with books and novels.

  • A potted plant with a company logo and a message card make for a great corporate gift. This creates a lasting impression on receivers while also promoting your professional brand.

Why Plants are the Best Corporate Gifts?

Plants have numerous benefits, and are one of the best gifts you can choose for corporate gifting. Here are some benefits of gifting plants as corporate gifts:

  • Plants show care & respect: Giving someone a plant shows your care & respect. Just like the invisible but significant messages that nature sends us through oxygen, food, & other natural resources, plants have a way of communicating with us. That's why giving plants as a gift is meaningful.

  • Plants create a lasting effect on relationships: Growing plants develop relationships and leave a legacy. Plants, which require watering & care, represent the act of caring for and developing a relationship. Also, plants live longer than other gifts, so plant gifts are a way to create lasting relationships.

  • Plants grow each passing day, making the remembrance of the gift special: Plants also grow every day, so the person who received the gift will always remember the memory of the gift. This helps them stay in touch because the gift would also make them remember when it was given, like if it was in an office or for a special occasion.

  • Plants have a positive effect on mood: Plants can improve your mood by raising serotonin levels in your brain, which helps to reduce depression. Research suggests that spending time with plants helps reduce stress & irritability. Moreover, combining plants with rocks & lights can help you enjoy peace during your day-to-day activities.

  • Plants reduce stress and imbibe calmness: Plants can help create a pleasant, stress-free environment. Plants and trees have natural beauty and can be a source of inspiration and relaxation in the office, promoting more peaceful, successful work, better well-being, and an overall happier day.

    According to research, simply being in the presence of plants can lower blood pressure & pulse rate, allowing us to calm down and rest. Adding plants to hospital recovery rooms speeds up patient healing, while office workers can reduce workplace stress and boost job satisfaction by observing natural scenes from table desks or windows.

  • Plants have air-purifying capability: Several studies show that plants can eliminate pollutants & enhance air quality in indoor settings. This is especially useful in office environments with restricted ventilation or exposure to many external contaminants. Gifting a plant not only adds aesthetic value to a workplace but also helps to create a healthier & more useful working environment for your coworkers or clients.

  • Potted plants can be branded with any logo to display one’s brand: Your corporate logo on plant pots is a creative way to promote your brand and is more likely to be remembered by clients or office visitors. Plus, displaying your logo on plant pots can boost your brand awareness. Pots are an often-overlooked brand opportunity that adds a touch of 'you' to the office, making a lasting impression & strengthening your brand.

Are Plants budget-friendly Corporate Gifts?

Yes, plants are the most budget-friendly sustainable corporate gifts. Whatever your budget is, you can get a plant & a pot within that budget. You can choose different plant & pot options per your budget for corporate gifting. Above all, plants are low-maintenance & have a longer lifespan, making them an affordable option as corporate gifts that will be cherished for a long time.

On top of that, plants boost overall health & productivity by 15%. Giving plants as alternatives to pens or notebooks is special & admirable. Plus, offering plants as gifts can help corporations express their commitment to sustainability & environmental responsibility. This kind of action has the power to make a lasting impact on coworkers & clients. Hence, corporate gifting of plants also boosts the brand's image.

Does Greenkin provide Ongoing Corporate Gifting of Plants?

Yes, Greenkin provides both bulk gifting & ongoing gifting of plants as corporate gifts. Greenkin works with many clients for employee birthday gifting, employee anniversary gifting, welcome gifts for new joiners, etc. Greenkin specializes in packing and shipping of live plants, which remain healthy in a box for as long as three weeks or more. Greenkin has shipped plants to over 1000 cities in India, and can deliver to over 27,000 pin codes within India. Thus, Greenkin is an ideal corporate gifting partner for Corporates that are looking to home deliver gifts on an ongoing basis for employee birthdays or other special occasions.

Also, Greenkin has many high-quality exotic plants and pots for corporate gifting options. From small desk plants to large potted plants, Greenkin has gifts for every occasion. With years of experience, Greenkin has a knack for customizations. By creating gifts that are customizable and one-of-a-kind, Greenkin creates a unique gift every single time.

What customization options are available for Greenkin's bulk order deliveries?

You can print your brand logo on pots, add stickers, printed name tags, gift-wrapped boxes, or brand boxes, when you order in bulk for corporate plant gifting. Each customized corporate combo includes a customized greeting card, a printed logo, and a plant stick. This is a great corporate bulk gift for any occasion or event. Greenkin brings to you thousands of options for eco-friendly corporate gifting, and you can choose one that fits your budget. Greenkin is happy to collaborate with clients to provide ideas while adhering to affordable budgets & high-quality specifications.

Join The Green Gifting Lifestyle Right Now!

Ready to join the green gifting lifestyle? Visit Greenkin's website today to explore our wide selection of high-quality plants for corporate gifting. Show your company's values & gratitude with Greenkin's high-quality exotic, budget-friendly corporate gift plants.

Each Greenkin corporate combo comes with a plant stick, a custom greeting card, and a printed logo. Greenkin has an assortment of perfect corporate gifts for every occasion. We promise the quality of our plants at Greenkin, the green partner you can trust. We carefully examine each plant for health, size, and growth before dispatching it. Last but not least, be sure to include a unique, brief message honoring the occasion with corporate plant gifting. So join the green gift shift & build lasting, premium connections!

Greenkin is a perfect corporate gifting partner for eco-friendly products. Greenkin has been working with many Clients across India to deliver both ongoing corporate gifts for employees and one-time corporate gifts at events and conferences. Greenkin has a very large range of choice, to match your budget for corporate gifting. Think sustainable, think Greenkin!
“The best gifts in the world are not in the material objects, but the ones that grow with us, every passing day.”