Here are the most frequently asked questions on Greenkin. Read the FAQs to answer any common questions. In case you need more information or have a query that is not answered below, feel free to contact us.

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The plants in the pictures on the website look perfect. Are they real plants?

Yes! All the plants images on our website are taken at our hub where we grow live plants. Our plants are 100% real, which means that they'll need a little care and attention to keep growing & thriving. And we promise, if you're kind to your plants, they'll return the favour!

How will my plants arrive?

Our number one priority is that our plants arrive in happy and healthy condition. We can never know what kind of adventures and situations a plant can get into while it is on its way to your home! Our plants are shipped in the same pots that they are grown in, and are packed in shipping boxes with appropriate room for air circulation, to allow for a safe and comfy ride all the way to your doorstep. Also, if you have paired your plant with one of our premium planters, the grow pot will be securely nestled inside the planter.

Will live plants survive shipping?

Yes! We take extreme care and precaution to securely package the plant so that it reaches your home in a happy and healthy condition. We try to take care of the plant's moisture and ventilation needs so that it is ready for its transit journey to your home. Our plants are shipped all over India, and we have been successfully delivering healthy plants to our customers.

After receiving the plant, do I need to repot the plant?

No, you do not need to repot the plant. First, let your plant settle in its new environment. Place the plant in the spot you plan to keep it in. Let it sit undisturbed for about two weeks or so. The planter contains the suitable potting mix for a plant and required fertiliser for a period of at least three to six months. Refer to the individual plant care guide for further details. 

After two weeks, your plant has adjusted to your home’s light levels and temperature, and it has overcome any in-transit stress! You might notice that your plant’s decorative planter is wider than the plant’s grow pot. This space is for your plant to grow into, should you choose to repot it to a slightly bigger grow pot. But remember, this is optional: as long as your plant still has room to grow in its grow pot, and looks happy and healthy, you don’t need to repot the plant!

My plant arrived healthy but now it’s not doing well. What should I do?

If your plant arrived healthy but is no longer doing well, please reach out to us with the photos. We’re happy to help figure out what’s going on. Sometimes, plants need a few weeks to adjust to their new environment: your home or your office. We have plenty of plant resources and experts to help. Reach out to us at reachout@greenkin.in and we are happy to help.

My plant arrived damaged, what do I do?

Though we ship our plants with utmost care, minor in-transit shocks are quite natural. In the rare cases that your plant reaches you in a severely damaged condition, we provide free replacements once you share your order details and images of the damaged product with us within 24 hours of receiving the product. We require the photos as proof of damage and to help us improve our packaging process.

We do not accept returns. For more details, read our Shipping policy.

Is it possible to cancel my order?

In case you wish to cancel your order, please write to us at reachout@greenkin.in. We will be able to cancel the order only if it has not been dispatched from our warehouse.

Why does my plant look different from the website?

Live plants and planters will have variations in color, texture, finish, and size. Every plant is unique and while we make every effort to display our potted plants as accurately as possible, there may be subtle differences from what is displayed online.

What type of plant support does Greenkin provide?

-- Plant care guide - Simply look up the name of your plant for easy-to-follow care instructions on the plant product page. 

Tip: Forget the name of the plant? You can find the name of your plant in three places: your order confirmation email, the Order History section of your Account page and the packing slip included with your shipment when it arrives.

-- Customer service - Reach out to us via email and our plant experts will help you with your queries.

Is there an option to place a bulk order?

We would be happy to assist with your bulk order. You could reach out to us via our Contact Page or at reachout@greenkin.in for any bulk enquiries.

How are your plants different from the ones at local nurseries or other platforms?

At Greenkin, we handpick our plants from the best growers across India. We then repot the plants at our state-of-the-art hub and grow them further to make them healthier. The plants are generally potted in grow pots of 5 inch or higher diameter. These plants are inspected regularly by our plant ecperts.

Also, Greenkin is not just a plant store. We make it possible for you to get a beautiful and aesthetically designed potted plant without the hassle of buying and matching separate plants and planters. We do this by pairing each plant with a custom planter designed to complement your space and meet your plant's needs for healthy growth.