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Buying Plants for Bedroom in India?

Are you interested in Plants for Bedroom? Browse our huge collection of premium potted plants that are an instant addition to your bedroom décor.

Bedroom plants purify the air from toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, and carbon monoxide, and also remove particulate matter like dust particles that cause skin and eye irritation and dry cough. On top of this, plants for bedroom also increase the oxygen level in the air making it more breathable.

Read our FAQs below to understand the benefits you can get from the bedroom plants, and also get guidance on how to choose the right bedroom plants for your specific needs. There are great bedroom plants that you can add to your home, like Snake Plant, Pothos, Rubber Plant, Syngonium, Heart-leaf Philodendron, and Monstera Adansonii. Browse hundreds of options in our collection titled "Plants for Bedroom" and buy the right plant for you. In case you want our help in choosing the right bedroom plant, reach out to us and we will be happy to guide you.

Keeping plants in your bedroom purifies the indoor air, creates a calming environment, and helps you sleep better.

FAQs for buying Plants for Bedroom in India

What type of plants should I buy for my bedroom?

Are you buying plants for bedroom in India? You have a variety of options that you can look at for a perfect night's sleep. Plants not only bring calmness and relaxation, but also filter pollutants from the air making the indoor air more breathable with lesser toxicity and dust particles. Consider the following when you are buying plants for bedroom:

1. Space: The type of plants that you can get for your bedroom depends a lot upon the space your bedroom has. For a spacious bedroom, mini-trees like Monstera, Palms, and Fiddle Leaf Fig are a great option. For a lesser spacious bedroom, you can look at medium-sized plants like Calathea and Syngonium and table-top plants like Earth Star and Aloe. For more compact spaces, you can think of plants that do well in 3 to 4 inch pot sizes, like Succulents and some other plants that Greenkin has classified under a category called "Small Plants".

2. Light: Amount of light that your bedroom gets is another critical factor in deciding the plants you could buy. If you get bright indirect sunlight, almost all of the indoor plants will do well in your bedroom. For sections that receive lesser light, you could place more hardy plants like Snake Plant and ZZ Plant. If you have a bedroom balcony where you receive a good amount of direct sunlight, you can look at our range of "outdoor plants" and "plants for balcony".

3. Décor: The plants that you add to your bedroom become a part of the overall décor. Thus, it is best to buy plants that enhance your current bedroom décor. For instance, a more modern setting in your bedroom demands plants like Rubber Plant, Ti Plant, ZZ Plant, Peace Lily, Orchid, Monstera, Pothos, Bromeliads, and Succulents. While plants like Dracaena, Dieffenbachia, Palms, Snake Plant, Heart-leaf Philodendron, Monstera Adansonii, and Aloe are best suited to more tropical settings and earthy décor. Thus it is best to virtually place the plants in your bedroom and take a sense of the overall décor before buying the plants for bedroom.

Which are the best plants for bedroom?

There are many plants that are perfectly suited for Indian bedrooms. We have picked a few in the list below:

1. Snake Plant: Snake Plants are hardy, come in many sizes and varieties, and are exceptional air-purifying plants. Snake Plants filter Benzene, Xylene, Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Trichloroethylene. They are one of the rare plants that produce oxygen at night making the air quality even better. Moreover, they do not take up a lot of space since they do not branch out. They can be placed in the corners, or used as tabletop plants beside your bed.

2. Peace Lily: Beautiful and beneficial, Peace Lilies grow in bright indirect sunlight. Like Snake Plant, Peace Lily is known for its excellent air-purifying abilities. Peace Lilies filter Benzene, Formaldehyde, Trichloroethylene, Acetone, and Alcohols. They also reduce overall dust particles in the room, making for more sound sleep, especially if you are allergic to dust.

3. Rubber Plant: This feng shui friendly plant resembles abundance, happiness, and wealth. Known for its therapeutic value, the Rubber plant is used in horticulture therapy for improving mental health. Rubber plants are a great addition to your bedroom décor, and also add many benefits that give way to a sound sleep. Rubber plants also humidify the air and bring down the overall particulate matter in the air. To top all of this, they are also a medicinal plant with anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Pothos: The plant that fits every list, Pothos, commonly called the money plant, is an excellent home décor plant for bedrooms that also brings air-purifying benefits. Along with Benzene and Formaldehyde, Pothos also filters Carbon Monoxide. Pothos, like Snake Plant, produce Oxygen at night making for better breathable indoor air. Pothos are hardy plants and are best grown in table-top settings where they are allowed to hang from the pot.

5. Heart-leaf Philodendron: Philodendrons are easy to grow and care for. They are hardy plants, and add a great tropical vibe to your bedroom. Heart-leaf Philodendron is a part of NASA's Top-10 Air Purifying Plants owing to their great skills for filtering formaldehyde.

6. Areca Palm: Mini-trees, the Areca palms are more suited to spacious bedrooms. Areca palms possess great air-purifying ability as they filter Benzene, Formaldehyde, and Trichloroethylene. They are also one of the best plants for removing Carbon dioxide from the air. Keep them in bright indirect light for moderate growth. Direct morning sunlight will help the Areca palm grow faster.

7. Syngonium: Syngoniums are hardy plants that can be added as your perfect table-top plants. They are non-obstructive and add to the décor with their leafy appearance. They are a Feng-shui-friendly plant that brings health, wealth, and prosperity to your home. Syngonium has great air purification abilities. They filter toxins like Benzene, Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Xylene.

8. Calathea:These stress-relieving plants come in a large variety. Best placed as table-top plants, they add a great texture to your bedroom's décor. Calatheas purify the air, trap dust, add humidity and make the indoor air more breathable. Calatheas improve focus and are stress-relieving plants, making them an ideal addition to your bedroom.

9. ZZ Plant: ZZ Plant is a very hardy and low-maintenance plant that grows in low light conditions. Also, they can grow in compact spaces. So if your bedroom is not very spacious and has low light conditions, you can add ZZ Plant to your bedroom. ZZ Plant has great ornamental value and they remove Toluene and Xylene from indoor air.

10. Succulents: Great for indoor air purification, range of medicinal properties, and adding humidity that prevents dry skin and sore throat, Succulents come in hundreds of varieties and colors. Buy a combo of Succulents and add them to every shelf in your bedroom.

Are there any benefits of keeping plants in bedroom?

Yes, there are multiple benefits of keeping plants in your bedroom:

-- Air Purification: Many plants for bedroom add to the air quality by removing harmful toxins like benzene, toluene, xylene, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde. These toxins have been growing in metro cities across India, and with the deteriorating AQI (Air-Quality Index), having plants in the bedroom provides the much-needed purification for good sleep.

-- Reduction of Particulate Matter: Particulate matter like dust particles are a major cause of skin irritation and dry cough. Indoor plants help in reducing these dust particles in the air to make the air more breathable.

-- Humidity: Dry air causes dry skin, itching, eye irritation, and coughing. Plants add a good amount of humidity to the indoor air and make for a better night's sleep.

-- More Oxygen !: Yes, plants add oxygen to your bedroom's air in quantities much more than they consume oxygen. Many plants produce oxygen throughout the day as well as the night (like Snake Plant and Pothos).

-- Boosting Mental Health: Plants are known to create a calm and relaxing environment, and a new field of science (horticulture therapy) brings out the therapeutic behavior of every plant. Some plants can help you increase focus and boost productivity while some inspire creativity. Plants are known to have a positive effect on your sleep.

-- Bedroom Décor: Premium potted plants are the most inexpensive yet beautiful home décor solutions to fill up vacant spaces and create a lively feel in your home. Apart from all the health benefits, plants make for great show pieces for your bedroom.

My bedroom is small and has low light. What type of plants can I keep?

There are many plants that can work in low-light conditions. Look for more hardy plants like Snake Plant, ZZ Plant, some Ferns, Bromeliads, and Succulents.

Note that every plant needs some natural light, so we advise you to not keep them in dark spaces.

Is it safe to keep plants in bedroom?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to keep plants in the bedroom. You have to choose the right plants. Browse our collection titled "Plants for bedroom" to explore a great number of options of plants that are safe for your bedroom.

Plants add a lot of positivity to your bedroom, adding many health benefits. They purify the air and help you sleep better.

However, note that plants are living organisms, just like us. We recommend that you avoid keeping plants next to your pillows, and wash your hands after touching the plants. Also, look for any toxicity that the plant has and accordingly keep it out of reach of children and pets.

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