Why Plant Placement is Important, As Per Vastu Shastra

Why Plant Placement is Important, As Per Vastu Shastra

Plant-filled places are like fresh air, full of life and optimism. Plus, in certain areas, MNC offices, restaurants, hotels, and households display green plants. They have this crucial place—why? According to Vastu, these plants serve many purposes beyond decoration. Vastu principles use these plants' beauty and divine power as a "Sukh Samriddhi yantra."

An ancient Indian text known as Vastu Shastra was a scientific text from the "Atharv Veda." This field of science reveals a clear vision of how to organise our environment so that our lives are interconnected with the vast cosmos. If we live by entering the atmosphere, we can lead a vigorous existence.

Remember that each plant type has a unique purpose to maximise its spiritual potential. To find out more about arranging plants according to Vasu Shastra, including important factors to take into account when pacing plants, keep reading.



Why Vastu Shastra is Important in Plant Placements 


Why Plant Placement is Important, As Per Vastu Shastra


The Indian Vastu Shastra is the ancient religious science of architecture and construction. It has its roots in the "Vedas," a collection of texts from thousands of years ago, especially the "Sthapatya Veda," which talks about how to plan cities, buildings, gardens, and decorations. This is a technique for creating harmonic energy fields in any environment. Also, it is a science that focuses on balancing and maximising the five basic natural elements. It is sometimes referred to as the Vedic science of architecture.

Plants can be a source of significant energy in one's living area if they are grown following Vastu principles. Most of the time, plants should be kept facing east, but sometimes they can also be put facing north. But it's important to keep the material balance. Therefore, the plants should be arranged correctly.

Let's learn from an example. Money plants are believed to bring prosperity and luck. These plants are in practically every Indian home due to their simplicity of care and appearance. Planting money plants southeast of your house is known to have the best effects.



Placing According to Different Directions


Why Plant Placement is Important, As Per Vastu Shastra


The Vastu Shastra advises on where to arrange different plants in the home, in addition to their attractiveness. This science has studied how different plants affect us when placed in varied light orientations, intensities, colours, and air volumes for centuries. According to Vastu Shastra guidelines, the direction of placing plants expresses:


  • Fresh plants in the east direction can increase an individual's social circle, while fresh plants in the north direction can improve work and job-related possibilities.
  • However, the cycle of destruction states that the air element can disrupt the soil element. Therefore, planting plants on the western side of the house might have the opposite effect. This can cause conflict in family ties and unmet goals.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, the southern part of the house is a good place to keep plants while avoiding planting in the west and southwest corners.
  • If a plant dies, it must be removed promptly. Avoid maintaining thorny plants, such as cacti, in your home.



Important plant positioning recommendations



Each plant type is best for a certain angle. It maximises its spiritual and scientific benefits. For example:


  • Tall plants (X-Large Plants and Large Plants) like lucky bamboo and more, grow best southeast of your residence. So they can get enough sunlight. When your residence has lots of bright and cheery energy, you'll feel secure and affluent.
  • Small plants (Medium Plants and Small Plants), like jade plants, Tulsi plants and more, should face east or northeast. This will give your home wonderful energy.
  • The principal directions (North, West, and Mid-West) are good for the growth and direction of flowering, colourful foliage, and fruit-producing plants. You can also plant little leafy plants in the northeast of any room.


Note: After you've figured out the best approach and planting angles, plant the plants in pairs (browse “Garden In A Box” or “Plant Duos” for the best plant paring) so that they're more uniform in their spacing and planting. Consider green and blue for serenity, yellow and orange for enthusiasm, and white and light for calm.



Key Considerations While Placing Plants As Per Vastu


When it comes to planting according to the Vastu Shastra, various topics are addressed. When incorporating plants into your living space, there are a few key points to note:


  • First and foremost, choose plants that fit the energy level of your spaces. For example, the living room should feature vivid anthuriums, while the bedroom should have a snake plant to calm the environment.
  • Plants must be fresh and well-maintained to generate positive energy.
  • Always ensure that the plants are healthy and growing. Regularly trim your garden and maintain your plants.
  • Never let dried plants remain indoors. Dead or wilted leaves and petals draw negative energies, so trim or discard them.
  • Make sure not to keep thorny plants, and never plant in the Western or Southwestern zones. 
  • With some care, individuals may reap the benefits of Vastu Shastra planting.
  • Avoid keeping thorny plants like cacti indoors unless they're roses. These plants have been known to create conflict within the family.


Additionally, discover the Best indoor plants for entrance as per Vastu Shastra to attract positive energy in your living space as well as “Negative Vastu Plantsaccording to Vastu Shastra.





The Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian text, emphasises the value of plant placement in living areas. A fire element in the southeast is recommended, although the theory also recommends west and east orientations. Following Vastu, plants should be placed in room corners without touching the four walls. Similar to Western gardening, Vastu also recommends planting plants in pairs to create equal spacing and angles. Plus, your living space should have healthy-looking plants. Remove any dried or infected plants for optimal vastu benefits.

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