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Healthy Plants
Healthy plants handpicked from finest growers across India
Greenkin provides premium handcrafted pots for home decor
Premium Planters
All our plants come in premium hand-made decor-worthy planters
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Quality Assurance
All plants are inspected for health and fullness by plant experts
Get complimentary support for plant care after buying plants online
Lifetime Support
Get lifetime support for every plant from horticulturists
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Shop beautiful and healthy indoor plants from Greenkin

Exceptional Plants

Are you planning to buy plants online in India? You have arrived at your destination, Greenkin - the only place to buy premium potted plants, handcrafted by passionate plant people.

Greenkin procures all plants from finest growers across India. Each plant is carefully inspected for health, fullness and size and then selected by Greenkin.

All our plants are potted in rich soil mix. The soil mix is prepared by Greenkin with exceptional care, and has a healthy mix of cocopeat, garden soil, perlite and vermicompost.

We not only put extreme care in growing healthy plants, but also in packaging the plants for online delivery. So when you shop plants online with Greenkin, you rest assure of the quality.

Buy premium indoor pots and planters for home decoration

Premium Planters

Are you looking for the perfect premium potted plant for your home decor? Greenkin brings to you premium handcrafted planters that are size-matched with every plant you buy.

All plants sold by Greenkin are double-potted with a grow pot and a premium planter for decor. This ensures that all our plants have optimal air-flow and drainage. This arrangement makes the pots self-watering.

The planters are prepared in small batches by highly skilled artisans from India. These planters are durable and extremely easy to clean, so they remain new for years.

Greenkin premium potted plants are a perfect gift to your loved ones, with every part of the product made by experts in India.

Get full plant care support from experts after purchase of plants

A Lifetime Of Support

Are you looking to buy plants in India, but are not sure which ones to buy? Greenkin welcomes you to a unique experience of unmatched services that help you visualize your space with the perfect premium potted plants.

At Greenkin, we believe in building relationships with our Customers, and we provide you with lifetime of support to ensure that your plants remain healthy.

We have a team of horticulturists and plant doctors who guide you through every step of plant parenting. Plant care is a science that we master at, and you are in good hands when you buy plants from Greenkin.

We are known for our quality, and we aim to serve you with the best plants in India. Try our service and experience the difference we bring.

Buy large variety of premium-potted indoor plants online

The Variety You Deserve

Whether you are planning to buy indoor plants or outdoor plants, we have got you covered. Greenkin brings a rich variety of plants for all your home decor needs.

Greenkin has categorized plants into succulents, indoor plants, outdoor plants, pet-friendly plants, and other categories to make buying choice easier for people looking to buy plants online in India.

For Customers who wish to buy plants but are not sure which plants to buy, we provide guidance and plantscaping services. With Greenkin by your side, you never have to worry about finding the right plant.

All our plants come in varieties of premium planters, which makes a complete set ready to be added to your home decor or for that perfect gift you wish to give to your loved ones.