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Buy Plants Online In Delhi - Detailed Guide

Hello, Delhiites! Delhi is the heart of India. It is also the center of our growing economy and the site of many cultural masterpieces of its old streets and historical sites. Delhi is also the center of our gorgeous and diversified civilization, a blend of multiple languages and cultures.

However, let's address a rather sensitive issue—the well-known fact that the pollution in the atmosphere of Delhi causes us considerable distress. Doesn't Delhi's AQI distress you? Some parts of Delhi are seeing extremely bad air quality, which has led to a ‘very poor’ air quality index (AQI) overall.

So why not bring the peaceful shapes of nature into your homes for a healthy environment? Let's explore Greenkin - a virtual nursery - to find hidden green gems for better air quality and aesthetic beauty decor. Let's do some online plant shopping - like going to a breezy store - to adorn home with beauty and greenery.

Say hello to some fresh air by bringing plants inside your home without having to leave your comfort. Yes, fellow Delhi wallahs, Greenkin is available with digitally groomed rooms (or any spaces) loaded with everything green, from vibrant foliage and easy-to-care-for plants (if you forget to water them). So, let's get in touch with nature by visiting and shopping at Greenkin, an eco-friendly online center for indoor or outdoor plants.

Why Residents of Delhi Should Start Indoor Gardening?

Delhi is a city that balances modernity and heritage while striving for industrialization. But air pollution is very poor in Delhi, which is one reason why having plants indoors has become prominent. Air-purifying plants are a must-have for residents of Delhi. Also, indoor gardening helps provide aesthetic appeal and may help solve urban environmental issues. Apart from air-purification, below are some tips on why residents of Delhi should start indoor gardening:

  • Including chlorophyll-rich plants is especially advantageous in Delhi's changeable weather, which includes cold winters and hot summers. They help improve home air quality by releasing oxygen through photosynthesis.

  • In addition to improving the space's visual appeal, houseplants also help with air circulation by managing humidity and levels of moisture. Delhi's humid subtropical and semi-arid climate fluctuates from summer to winter. By transpiring and sustaining indoor weather, indoor plants can make life more pleasant.

  • Gardening in Delhi is also particularly essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and reducing carbon footprint. Green gardens create a micro-environment that cools the space.

  • As per the principles of biophilic design, the integration of natural elements into environments enhances productivity and creativity. This strategy honours Mother Nature and makes our green roots accessible for well-being in our fast-paced, well-informed world.

  • Lastly, international expats and officials pursue jobs in Delhi. For commercial office spaces, it's a fantastic opportunity for displaying several high-quality exotic plants.

How Can I Buy Plants Online in Delhi?

Want to know how to buy attractive plants online in Delhi? You have come to the right place - Greenkin - your digital green partner with guidance care tips.

Greenkin is the top online shop for high quality premium potted plants. In addition, Greenkin staff carefully packs the plants to ensure that they reach their destination in good health and condition. Each plant is grown with care by passionate farmers, and before it is approved, it is carefully checked to see how healthy, green and mature it is. Additionally, all plants are planted in a rich soil mixture consisting of cocopeat, garden soil, perlite and vermicompost for healthy growth.

Why Should I Choose Greenkin for Buying Plants Online in Delhi?

Greenkin Plants are a trusted source for plant enthusiasts, enhancing indoor or outdoor spaces with the joyful essence of the garden. Greenkin offers a wide range of high quality plants for all preferences with expert advice, general FAQs and care instructions to help your plants thrive. The company's catalogue includes a variety of green options suitable for any space, from large to small. Plus, access to practical advice from experienced plant experts who are available to talk about plant suggestions or share plant expertise when faced with challenging gardening issues. So, for a happy environment inside, buy Greenkin plants now.

Which plants are best for Delhi?

For indoor plant lovers in Delhi's semi-arid climate, resilient types of plants are recommended to ensure proper ventilation and to create a green oasis. So group certain plants together to make the most of your indoor space.

There are many kinds of plants that grow well in Delhi's weather in different settings. Greenkin offers many options of a diverse range of indoor and outdoor plants, categorized into air-purifying, indoor plants, indoor flowering plants, pet-friendly plants, and more for easy selection.

You can also ask Greenkin experts for help if you don't know what plants to buy. Also, they can help you decorate your home or any other space with houseplants. Because each plant is packaged with various premium pot options, this set is an excellent option for both home decoration or as a thoughtful gift.

Buy Indoor plants online in Delhi

Want plant-filled areas at home? Greenkin has a lot of different houseplants that would grow well on balconies, in living rooms, bedrooms, offices, on windowsills, in office nooks, on tabletops, or even in bathrooms and so on. When choosing plants’ spots, consider space, light, and watering schedule. Take your pick as follows:

  • As India's capital, Delhi is a diverse city bursting with events and festivals. Planting plants can bring a touch of nature into your home during festivals, and other events.

  • Plants may decorate, divide, and fill unused spots in your living room or workplaces.

  • Adding plants to your windowless room or space can help clean the air and make more oxygen available.

  • If you want to evoke a certain vibe, add plants to tables in any space setting to change the atmosphere or relax the mood.

  • Plants in spaces like the bathroom or makeup room can help serene this personal space.

  • Hanging leaves and tall, medium, or small plants can be used on window sills.

For a more contemporary style, add luxury high-quality ceramic pots, wooden plant stands, and cotton planter baskets. in beautiful colors that match with your room’s aesthetics.

Shop Outdoor plants online in Delhi

Want outdoor vibes instead? Browse Greenkin online to buy plants that complement your green thumb. You can simply browse through their selection, add picks to your cart, choose where you want them to arrive, and leave details like delivery directions if needed. It all happens with just a few clicks!

Then why wait? Be part of the digital green trend Greenkin - where convenience and eco-friendliness combine to provide you a variety of options to make your space a green oasis.

Most popular indoor plants in Delhi

Aglaonema Pink Anjamani Plant, Lucky Bamboo Plant, Peace Lily Plant, Anthurium Mini Red Plant, Adenium Desert Rose Plant, Dracaena Dara Singh Plant, Money Plant Golden Plant, Chamaedorea Palm Plant, Birkin Plant, Aglaonema Red Ruby Plant, Snake Plant Black Dragon, Pink Princess Plant, Ginseng Bonsai Plant, Areca Palm Plant, Calathea Peacock Plant