Best Indoor Plants for Oxygen

11 Best Indoor Plants for Oxygen: Oxygen-Producing Plants

Indoor Plants for Oxygen


Do you live in a city? Are you searching for the best indoor plants for oxygen? Want to know more about highest oxygen-producing plants? You are at the right place – Get all your high-oxygen plants queries answered in this article.

Before we dive into the list of indoor plants for oxygen, let us first understand some of the basics of air-purifying plants. Plants not only help in adding oxygen to the air, but also help in removal of several harmful substances like VOCs, mold spores and particulate matter.

So when you are looking to add indoor plants for oxygen, also consider the list of all plants that purify the air the most.

So, let’s address the question – what are high-oxygen plants? While all indoor plants produce oxygen, there are some plants which produce more amount of oxygen.

Most of the plants produce oxygen only during the day, but some give oxygen during night as well. Below is a curated list of best indoor plants for oxygen.

How Do Indoor Plants Helps To Improve Air Quality? 

Best Plants for Oxygen

Indoor Plants that give Oxygen 24 Hours


1. Peace Lily


Best Indoor Plants for Oxygen


Known for their beautiful white flowers, Peace Lilies are one of the best air-purifying indoor plants for oxygen. Peace lily is a flowering plant that gives flowers throughout the year.

The best part about peace lilies is that they can be kept in low light areas in the home, so they are a perfect choice for bedrooms. Peace lilies are also one of Greenkin’s hottest selling plants.


Buy our hottest selling gorgeous air purifying peace lily for your bedrooms. 



2. Aglaonema


Best Indoor Plants for Oxygen


Identified for their vibrant colors, Aglaonemas are known to bring prosperity and good luck! Lesser-known fact is that they are also great oxygen plants for home. They remove VOCs like formaldehyde and benzene. Aglaonema plants are also great gifts, and are long-lasting plants.


Buy our best selling colorful plant Aglaonema pink anjamani for your home. 



3. Pothos (Money Plant)


Best Indoor Plants for Oxygen


Looking for the best indoor plants for oxygen in India? Get home some beautiful money plants. Money plants give oxygen during daytime as well as during the night.

They are one of the highest oxygen-producing plants. They are excellent at removing harmful VOCs, and are also good for reducing particulate matter in the air. If you don’t have a pothos at home, start with a golden pothos or get the ultimate money plant combo.


Buy our one of the highest oxygen-producing and low-mainplant that helps to remove harmful VOCs from air. 



4. Areca Palm


Best Indoor Plants for Oxygen


Do you want to get a taller plant for your room’s corner, and also want it to be a good oxygen plant for home? Get home an Areca palm – one of the best indoor plants for oxygen.

While all palms are good for purifying air, Areca palm seems to be the best at indoor air purification. It also adds amazing tropical vibe to your home. Get 2 Areca palms and place them on either side of your sofa to make for an excellent home décor as well as boost the air quality.


Buy this tall plant for your room’s corners. It helps to boost the air quality and an excellent home decor.



5. Rubber Plant


Best Indoor Plants for Oxygen


The highest oxygen-producing plant in this list is the Rubber Plant. They are known as excellent indoor plants for oxygen. Owing to their large leaf size, rubber plants remove larger quantities of toxins from the air as opposed to most other plants.

They also remove bacteria and mold spores from the air. Rubber plant burgundy is also a beautiful looking plant and can give your home a modern vibe.


Buy our highest oxygen producing plant with stunning brown/burgundy leaves. A great choice for home decor that is easy to care.



6. Anthurium


Best Indoor Plants for Oxygen


The next plant in this list of oxygen plants for home is the Anthurium Plant. Beautiful flowers that bloom all throughout the year highlight this beautiful indoor houseplant.

Anthuriums absorb CO2 and provide copious amount of oxygen. They are excellent plants that can be gifted as well, as they are known to bring good luck. If you want some indoor colorful flowering plant that is good for the air as well, go for Anthuriums.


Bring good luck in your home. These are excellent plants for gifting and a beautiful flowering plant.



7. Jade Mini Plant


Indoor Plants for Oxygen


Did you know that the good luck jade plant absorbs CO2 even at night. Jade Mini plant is one of the most popular gifts in India, and a great plant for the Puja room. Jade mini is a Vastu plant, and a succulent in nature. Do not overwater this plant as it likes dry weather and dry soil.


Buy or gift this one of the best vastu plants . It is low maintenance and a great air purifier.



8. Spider Plant


Indoor Plants for Oxygen


Spider plant is a great indoor plant for oxygen. This plant is easy to care for inside homes. The plant does not like direct sunlight and loves humidity.

Spider plants are excellent air purifying plants that absorb harmful toxins from the air, absorb bacteria and mold spores, and give abundant oxygen. They are a must-have oxygen plants for home.


Buy our bestselling combo of air purifying plants for bedroom. This combo is all you need for healthy sleep and happy mornings! 



9. Oxycardium


Indoor Plants for Oxygen


Oxycardiums, also called heart-leaf philodendrons, are good oxygen- producing plants. They are good at absorbing harmful VOCs and purifying indoor air. Owing to their creeper structure, they help in trapping and reducing the particulate matter in the air.

Oxycardium Green, Golden and Brasil are all creeper / climber in nature. They are good for gifting as they are very low maintenance and do well in low light conditions.


A great plant for low light areas of your home. It is a great option for gifting and a low maintenance plant.



10. Chamaedorea Palm


Indoor Plants for Oxygen


Little is talked about this gem of a plant. Chamaedorea Elegans, or Parlour palm, is a gorgeous houseplant for both tropical as well as modern vibes. Chamaedorea palm is great at producing oxygen and purifying indoor air. The plant is slow growing and loves moisture. You can keep Chamaedorea in darker sections of the house and let this plant cleanse your room.

The best plant to keep in the corners of your room that helps to cleanse the air and is easy to care.



11. Snake Plant


Indoor Plants for Oxygen


We could not end this list without highlighting the common Snake Plants. There are hundreds of varieties of snake plants, and they are high-oxygen plants. They produce oxygen even at night, and are also known to absorb toxins from the air.

Buy the stunning succulent 3ft tall snake plant laurentii that is low maintenance and emits high oxygen.



To sum up,


this article details out the best indoor plants for oxygen in India. All the plants mentioned in this article are indoor plants and can be kept inside your rooms. These plants do not require direct sunlight and are easy to care for as well.

Buying high-oxygen plants in India has become a necessity in cities. While we buy these plants for improving air quality, they also help in mental wellbeing. Plants create a feeling of calmness and creativity, both of which have helped people in better focus and a better mood in general.





Q1. Which plant gives oxygen 24 hours?

Ans: Money Plant (Pothos) gives Oxygen 24 hours. It gives Oxygen during the day as well as the night. Money plant is easy to care for, requires low light (can be kept in the bathroom as well!), and is one of the best indoor plants for oxygen in India.

Q2. Which is the highest oxygen-producing plant at night?

Ans. Many plants produce oxygen during night, including money plants, snake plant, aloe vera and peace lily. But one of the best indoor plants for oxygen even at night is Areca Palm.

Q3. Which indoor plant purifies the air the most?

Ans: Rubber Plant Burgundy is one of the best air purifying plants for indoor spaces. This plant not only produces oxygen but also helps in reducing Formaldehyde, Xylene, Toluene and Benzene from the air. Its large leaves help it produce more oxygen than most other houseplants.

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