365 days flowering plants in India

9 Best 365 Days Flowering Plants in India

All Season Best  Flower Plants in India


India has a diverse climate, so the best 365 days flowering plants may vary depending on the region. However, there are many beautiful flowering plants that can bloom year-round.

Let's check out the 9 best 12 months flowering plants in India



List of Best 365 Days Flowering Plants in India


1. Peace lily:


365 Days Flowering Plants in India

Peace lilies are one of the best choices to opt for all season flowering plants in India, because of their extraordinarily gorgeous flower. This plant grows well under shade, so if you usually face the problem of not getting enough sunlight in your area & not being able to grow plants, then peace lily is the perfect component to have in your home.

This plant has almost zero maintenance, all it needs is a good quality seaweed fertilizer before its flowering period. The plant is not fussy about water as well, water whenever the soil gets dry. 


Gift our one of the hot selling floral plant to your loved ones. It symbolizes peace, purity and innocence



2. Anthurium:


365 Days Flowering Plants in India

Anthurium is one of the longest-lasting flowers on earth and it will fill your indoor garden with colourful blooms for most of the year making them the perfect all season flowering plants in India.

As a tropical plant, anthurium is very easy to care for. It becomes dormant for 5-6 weeks during winter if you live in cold areas and springs right back into blooms as soon as the weather gets hotter.


Buy this longest-lasting flower plant and fill your indoor garden with colorful blooms. 



3. Adenium:


365 Days Flowering Plants in India

Adenium is probably the most attractive indoor all season flowering plant in India, its unique shape is a real eye-catcher. Adenium is long-flowering, colourful, drought tolerant, and easy to maintain.

As its other name "desert rose" suggests, it is low in water demand. Mostly, the only problem people usually have is when the Gardner overwaters it, so the best option is to plant it in a pot or a container and by keeping it in full sun. A Desert rose plant with such vibrant looks & beautiful flowers that blooms all year round in India is vital for your garden.

Besides its beauty, this plant has a lot of medicinal purposes like, it helps in treating wounds, treating the soles of the feet, treating toothache, treating ulcers, relieving pain, taking care of skin and much more. 


The most attractive indoor all season flowering plant in India. It is easy to maintain and an attractive home decor. 



4. Phalaenopsis Orchids:


365 Days Flowering Plants in India

Phalaenopsis orchids are the most popular orchid variety thanks to their low-maintenance care and long-lasting, beautiful flowers. Phalaenopsis orchids are perfect for home because, unlike other orchid species, they are the best 12 months flowering plants in India. It is because flowering depends on the light intensity, unlike other varieties which have “seasons” and will flower based on the time of year. 



5. Ixora:


365 Days Flowering Plants in India

Ixora is a shrub that produces small clusters of brightly coloured flowers throughout the year. It is the most beautiful and compact 12 months flowering plant in India with a long living character.

These flowers are beautiful and occur as a cluster of flowers and the buds look like sharp needles. It comes in many shades like red, orange, pink, and yellow and is the most beginner friendly plant. Ixora plants are easy to care for and grow well in all climatic conditions making them the perfect fit for your garden. 


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6. Hibiscus:


365 Days Flowering Plants in India

Hibiscus plant is widely popular in India, and its colourful flowers bloom throughout the year making it the perfect all season flowering plant in India. They are easy to care for and come in different colours like red, pink, yellow, and white. This plant has exotic and rich petals that are spread in the shape of a trumpet.

Not only is the Hibiscus flower plant stunningly gorgeous to look at, but when used in personal care products Hibiscus unlocks fantastic benefits for your skin. Say hi to even skin tone and purified skin complexion by adding this plant to your garden! 



7. Bougainvillea:


365 Days Flowering Plants in India

Bougainvilleas are exotic vines with gorgeous and vibrant bracts (modified leaves) which surround white flowers. So the colourful parts you see when you look at it are actually the leaves, not petals! Bougainvillea can withstand high temperatures and is available in various colours like pink, orange, red, yellow, white and purple.

This popular plant requires regular watering and is a stunning all season flowering plant in India. 



8. Vinca:


365 Days Flowering Plants in India

Vinca is known as "Sadabahar" in India which translates to evergreen. This plant is one of the most stunning 12 month flowering plants in India! It comes in a variety of colors, including pink, red, and white. They grow well in average soil and require very low maintenance and water. 



9. Lantana:


365 Days Flowering Plants in India

Lantana is a hardy plant that produces clusters of small, colourful flowers and is the best all season flowering plant in India. Latana comes in numerous colours, including pink, purple, yellow, and orange. Remember to not plant them in ground directly as they tend to spread really fast. Grow them in pots and keep them in full sun.



Tips to choose the best all-season flowering plant.


  • Make sure that you plant it according to its sunlight requirements. Some plants don’t need direct sunlight while some thrive in the direct sun.
  • Check the temperature required for the blooming of the plant. If the plant produces flowers in low temperatures, then it would probably give flowers only in winters. 
  • Make sure you water it in time and don't go overboard with it.


Want to enjoy beautiful blooms all year long? These are the perfect 12 months flowering plants in India! Not only do they amp up the aesthetic of your home but they also ooze off freshness and positivity.

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1. Which plant gives flowers every day?

Ans. Hibiscus plant gives flowers every day. 


2. Does marigold bloom all year?

Ans. Yes! Marigold blooms all around the year.  


3. Which flower has more demand?

Ans. Anthurium is a very popular flower and in high demand for gifting purposes.


4. Which plant has the maximum flowers?

Ans. Marigold plant has the maximum flowers. 


5. What is the longest-living flowering plant?

Ans. Orchids and Lilies are the longest-living flowering plant.

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