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Buying Office Plants in India?

Planning to buy desk plants in India? Browse our collection for hundreds of plants that can fit right into your office and workplace.

Choosing the right office plant is not an easy task, and each plant brings a unique set of space, light, and water requirements. Read our FAQs below to identify the best office desk plants for your needs.

Choose from different types of succulents, Snake Plant, Pothos, Syngonium, Aralia, ZZ Plant, Bromeliad, English Ivy, Kalanchoe, Peace Lily, Anthurium, Calathea, Fittonia, Peperomia, and others. Or reach out to us for your customized solution for buying the right office plants. Our office plants come in premium handcrafted planters that are perfect for gifting and become an instant addition to your desk.

Office plants not only purify the air and reduce noise levels but also reduce stress and create a positive aura that helps you boost productivity.

FAQs for buying Office Plants in India

What type of plants should I buy for my office desk?

Buying plants for office desk? Look for smaller-sized plants that can be grown in 3-inch to 6-inch pots. Browse our collection of office plants to explore hundreds of options. Check the following pointers before you buy the plants:

1. How much natural light does your work desk get? If your desk is next to a window and you receive bright indirect light, you could keep many flowering plants like Peace Lily, Orchid, Kalanchoe, and Anthurium. In case your office desk receives low light, look for plants like ZZ plant, Snake Plant, Bromeliad, and Succulents.

2. How much space does your workspace has? In case you have built a workspace at home and have more space for plants, then you can add multiple plants of different sizes, ideally one large 2 feet tall plant, 2 medium sized 1 feet tall plants and a few small plants that are 5 to 8 inches tall. However, if your desk does not allow for a lot of space, then look for a combo of succulents and other tiny plants.

3. How often do you go to the office? This directly relates to watering of the plants you keep on the office desk. In case your schedule does not allow for regular watering of the plants, opt for more hardy plants like Snake Plants and Succulents.

Which are the Top 5 Office Plants?

There are many office plants that one can keep on their desk. Here is a list of Top 5 picks by our staff:

1. Snake Plant: Snake plant tops the list because of its hardiness. The plant will do well with occasional watering and medium light. Snake Plant does not require a lot of space, so you are covered for lesser space as well.

2. Haworthia Zebra: Haworthia Zebra is a succulent that can live up to 50 years, and so becomes a great gift for your loved ones. The plant has dark green leaves with white striped veins. Being a succulent, the plant is happier with less water and thus can do well with irregular watering.

3. Echeveria Silver Star: Hailing from semi-desert regions of South America, this drought-resistant plant has small pointed green-gray colored leaves which develop a red tint on their tips when stressed. Note that the plant needs some direct sun to keep its healthy compact form.

4. ZZ Plant: Also known as Emerald Palm, ZZ Plant has become a house plant sensation globally. They produce dark green foliage and are extremely hardy plants. They can be trimmed and kept in a shape that works for you, which makes them a great office plant.

5. Aralia: Popular house plant, Aralia likes to grow in filtered light or complete shade. The plant can be potted in a small 3 to 4 inch pot, and kept at your desk for years. The plant grows slowly and takes very less space overall.

I am planning to gift a desk plant. Which plants are my best option?

Looking to gift someone an office plant? Look for certain key parameters like light, space, and watering requirements to make your selection.

In case you do not have an answer to these questions, go for safer options like Snake Plant, ZZ Plant, Haworthia Zebra, Pothos, Earth Star, Fittonia, Calathea, Red Anthurium, Aralia, and Peperomia.

Can desk plants help in better quality work?

Plants do not directly affect your work but can help you focus better and improve your productivity. Researchers have globally found a direct impact between office plants and employee productivity.

Apart from purifying the air and reducing noise levels, plants are known for their stress reduction capabilities. They create a positive aura at your workplace and help you focus better on your work.

So yes, office plants can help improve the quality of your work by eliminating disturbances and creating a perfect environment for you.

My work desk does not get enough natural light. Can I still keep some plants?

In the case of low light, your options get limited but not zero. You can buy different office plants like ZZ Plant, Snake Plant, some Succulents, Pothos, English Ivy, Calathea, and Earth Star.

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