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Plants for Gifting

Gifting a plant is a beautiful gesture that shows care, and plants make a gorgeous gift for every occasion. Whether it's someone's birthday, anniversary, or any special day, gifting a plant is sure to bring a smile on their face. It is a thoughtful gift that grows with time. Unlike other gifts, a plant is not for a short term use, rather, a plant stays with the receiver for many years, reminding them of you. Plants for gifting are categorized by their sizes, and the feeling that the plant emotes. It is important to gift plants in premium planters, so that these plants can be kept indoors as part of a beautiful home décor.

Plants For Gifting


Plants are a beautiful and unique gift that bring joy, calmness, prosperity and happiness to the receiver. At Greenkin, we understand the importance of indoor plant gifts, and we do our best to deliver fresh and healthy plants with personalised messages. Unique plant gifts not only add beautiful decor to a living space, but also have numerous health benefits. Read below to gather more information about the best indoor plants for gifts and other plant gift ideas.

The Best Small Plants for Gifts

Are you looking at small plants for gifts for your family, friends and colleagues? Small plants are generally planted in 4 inch pots and attain a maximum height of 1 feet. When you are looking at plants for gifting, small plants for gifts are good as table-top plants and office desk plants. Needless to say, you should always look for premium ceramic 4 inch pots for small plants for gifting purpose, and avoid plastic pots. Here are the top 5 best small plants for gifts:

  1. Money Plant Golden: Known for its excellent air purifying properties and its good-luck charm, money plant golden is one of the best small plants for gifts.
  2. Aglaonema Pink Anjamani: Gift this beautiful and colorful Aglaonema to your loved ones and bring prosperity and joy into their lives. This is one of the rare colorful small plants for gifts, and is the best plant to gift to anyone!
  3. Oxycardium Brasil: This plant with its heart-shaped leaf is sure to melt hearts. Oxycardium Brasil does well even in low-light conditions and is a very low maintenance plant. The variegations on the leaves make this plant a unique plant gift!
  4. Syngonium Neon Robusta: While most Syngoniums are good plant gifting ideas, Syngonium Neon Robusta stands out in its beautiful neon pink leaves. This plant is one of the best-selling small plants for gifts.
  5. Jade Mini Plant: Jade Mini is one of the top Vastu plants and good-luck plants for gifting. It can be kept in a shaded area as well as in full sun, making it a good outdoor plant gift idea. Also, Jade Mini is a lucky plant to gift!

Plant Gift Ideas

Gifting a plant is like gifting hope, prosperity and happiness. But when you gift a plant, it is not only the plant that matters but the overall thought behind the gift that makes it extra-special. Whether you are searching for indoor plant gift ideas or outdoor plant gift ideas, always prefer potted plant gift ideas. When you gift a plant, it is important that the plant comes with a premium pot that makes the whole set complete. 


Indoor Plant Gift Ideas:

Here are some beautiful and unique plant gifts that you can look at:

  1. Aglaonema Pink Anjamani in Cotton Pink Planter: This plant resembles prosperity and adds a charm to your home. Its pink colored leaves are perfectly complemented by a handcrafted pink cotton planter. Being the best plant to gift, Aglaonema Pink Anjamani in Cotton Pink Planter is on the top of our list of indoor plant gift ideas.
  2. Chamaedorea Palm Large in a Jute White Planter: This air purifying palm is one of the best indoor plant gifts. Its dense dark green color coupled with a jute white planter is a perfect addition to one’s bedroom and living room. Best of all, the plant is extremely low maintenance.
  3. Philodendron Rojo Congo Large in Marooon and Cream Knitted Planter: Known for its red stem and chocolate colored leaves, Rojo Congo Philodendron is an amazing indoor plant gift idea, especially when paired with a matching wine and cream knitted planter. This plant is also one of the best gifts for plant lovers.
  4. Peace Lily Large in Cotton Grey Planter: When you are looking at plants for gifting, you surely cannot miss a Peace Lily. Known for its 365 days flowering capability, a Peace Lily can be combined with a Cotton Grey Planter or a Jute White Planter to create a unique plant gift. Peace Lily is one of the best indoor plants for gifts.
  5. Philodendron Birkin in a Jute White Planter: One can never have enough Birkins in the house! Its beautiful variegated leaves stand out and the whole set with a Brown Jute Planter is just simply gorgeous! Birkin is another high-rated gift for plant lovers in this list of plants for gifting.

All of these plant gift ideas are indoor plant gifts, and are also fully potted plant gifts. If you are looking for outdoor plant gift ideas, then you can check these out:

Outdoor Plant Gift Ideas:

  1. Rubber Plant Burgundy Large in Cotton Grey Planter: Rubber Plant Burgundy is the best plant to gift for outdoor spaces. This plant does well in both shade as well as in sunlight. Pair this plant with a beautiful cotton grey planter and voila - you have gifted magic.
  2. ZZ Green Medium in Jute White Planter: The plant for everyone, ZZ Green (and ZZ Zenzi) is beginner friendly, does well in full sun as well as in low light conditions of a bathroom or a bedroom. ZZ Green is the best plant to gift if the receiver is a beginner at gardening. 
  3. Money Plant Golden in Cotton Yellow Planter: Money plants are the best plants for gifting, and are a great addition to the list of outdoor plant gifting ideas. Money plant is known to bring prosperity, and money plant golden is also in the list of top air purifying plants, making this set a good potted plant gift idea.

You can also get Areca Palm and Jade Mini Plants for plant gift ideas. Pair them with a beautiful planter of your choice to make best gifts for plant lovers.

Best Indoor Plants for Return Gifts

Return gifts are as important as the function itself, for it is a remembrance of the day and the event. Plants for return gifts is a fantastic idea since plants are long-lasting and personal to everyone, and they bring out the feeling of care and happiness.

If you are looking for plants for gifting as return gifts, look only for indoor plant gifts. Indoor plant gifts ensure that your guests can take the plants home and keep them with themselves in their homes. This way, they get to remember the event and you everytime they are in their home. 

Here is a list of best return gift plants:

  1. Aglaonema Pink Anjamani in Cotton Yellow Planter
  2. ZZ Zenzi in Jute White Planter
  3. Peace Lily in Jute Brown Planter
  4. Money Plant Golden in Cotton Pink Planter
  5. Oxycardium Brasil in Jute White Planter
  6. Jade Mini Plant in Cotton Grey Planter

These are low maintenance plants, so that the return gift plants can be easily cared for by your guests. Also, all of these are indoor plant gifts which can be kept inside the rooms. It is important to ensure that you choose medium sized plants for gifting plants as return gifts so that they can be carried by the guests easily. Also, do not go for glass or ceramic pots as they have a tendency to break during transit, and the guests might not be able to take them home safely. It is wise to choose jute and cotton planters for plants for return gifts as they look premium and are easy to care for. 

Benefits of Plants for Gifting

Plants for gifting are a great way to show your affection. Plants not only add beauty to one’s home, but also have numerous health benefits. Here are a few reasons why should gift a plant:

  1. Plants are the best addition to home decor. The best plant to gift, an Aglaonema, adds charm and color to a space like none other. It adds beautiful natural color to one’s home, and hence is one of the best indoor plants for gift. Similarly, small plants for gifts can add so much natural beauty to a table top or a shelf. 
  2. Plants purify indoor air. Plants are natural adsorbents of certain toxins in the air which are very prevalent in our homes. Plants remove VOCs like formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, toluene and other harmful gases like carbon monoxide. Plants also absorb molds and particulate matter which are an increasing cause of skin and eye irritation, headaches and even nausea.
  3. Plants are good for mental wellbeing. Plants for gifting are also a great idea because it helps a person to feel connected with nature, and have a general sense of calmness and happiness. Plants are known to de-stress work environments and so small plants for gifts are good for home office desks and coffee tables. 
  4. Plants are a unique gift. Indoor plant gifts show that you have put thought and effort behind gifting. Moreover, it shows care, love and affection towards the person you are gifting the plant. Whether you select an Aglaonema as the best plant to gift, or a Peace Lily as a potted plant gift idea, or any indoor plant gifts, you are bringing positivity into the life of the receiver.

The Best Plants for Return Gifts

Return gift plants need to be low-maintenance, and easy to carry. Also, the best plants for return gifts are mostly unique plant gifts. You can choose a variety of colorful Aglaonemas and mix and match them with a variety of jute and cotton planters to create the best indoor plants for gifts. As you know by now, an Aglaonema plant is the best plant to gift on any occasion. Some other good indoor plant gifts include oxycardiums, ZZ plants, philodendron Birkin and jade mini plants. These are some of the best plant gift ideas for return plant gifts.


  • What are the best plants for return gifts?
  • Aglaonema varieties, Jade Mini, Money Plant varieties, Oxycardium varieties, ZZ plants are the best plants for return gifts.


  • What are good gifts for plant lovers?
  • If you are looking for plants for gifting to plant lovers, then gift Birkin, Aglaonemas, Rojo Congo, Fiddle Leaf Bambino and Chamaedorea Palm.


  • Which is a lucky plant for gift?
  • Aglaonema, Peace Lily, Anthurium, Money Plant and Jade Mini are the most lucky plants for gift.


  • What are the best small plants for gifts?
  • Money plants, Jade Mini, Aglaonema Pink Anjamani, Oxycardium and Syngonium Neon Robusta are the best small plants for gifts.


  • Which is the best plant to gift?
  • The best plant to gift is the Aglaonema Pink Anjamani plant.


  • Does Greenkin offer bulk plants for gift?
  • Yes, at Greenkin, we provide bulk plants for gift. Reach out to us on WhatsApp or email and we will help you out with your requirements.


  • Are there any discounts on indoor plants for return gifts?
  • Yes, bulk quantity discounts may apply on indoor plants for return gifts if the total number of plants is more than 25.


  • Can I get additional help for indoor plant gifts?
  • If you are looking for indoor plant gifts, but are unsure about which are the best indoor plants for gifts, feel free to send us a message on our whatsapp and we will get back to you.


  • Is it a good idea to think about plants for gifting purpose?
  • Plants for gifting purpose is a good idea, since indoor plant gifts can add to home decor while also improving overall air quality of the room. Choose the best indoor plants for gifts and make your friends and family happy.


  • What are some unique plant gifts?
  • Aglaonema Red Anjamani in Jute White Planter, ZZ Zenzi in a Cotton Grey Planter and Aglaonema red Suksom Jaipong in a Cotton Yellow Planter are the most unique plant gifts when it comes to plants for gifting.


    To summarize, plants for gifting is a great way to show that you care. Indoor plant gifts are thoughtful and unique gifts. You can browse multiple collections on Greenkin for the best indoor plants for gifts, or simply gift an Aglaonema Pink Anjamani - the best plant to gift. All plants under plants for gifting are low-maintenance plants. You can also gift duos and combos to plant lovers. If you are gifting someone a plant for their office space, check for small plants for gifts. If you are looking for plants for return gifts, then check medium-sized plants in handcrafted jute and cotton planters.