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Buying Plants for Corner in India?

Corners in homes are the best places to show your love for plants. From keeping large leafed 8 feet tall plants to placing 2 feet tall plants on premium planter stands, corners can be used to make a room come alive.

It requires some bit of thought in choosing the right plants for a corner. Read the FAQs below to learn more about the key considerations that you should look at when buying plants for corner, and the style tips from our plant styling expert for building that perfect corner in your room.

Needless to say, you can browse our large collection of "Plants for Corner" to check out your options, and then buy a plant that appeals the most to you. Remember to check the amount of natural light that you receive in the corner before placing the plant. We suggest medium to bright indirect sunlight or about 2 hours of morning sunlight. In case you receive more than 4 hours of sunlight in the corner, then you can look at plants that can tolerate both direct sun as well as indirect sunlight conditions (like Snake Plants, Pothos, Rubber Plant, Fiddle-Leaf Fig and others).

Corners are the best place in your home to grow large 8 feet tall plants, and bring your home alive with a jungle!

FAQs for buying Plants for Corner in India

How do I choose plants for a corner in my room?

Are you planning to buy plants for corner of a room? Making a choice for plants to be kept in corners has to be made with an overall room décor in mind. Let's look at some basic principles that we should consider while buying plants for corner of a room in India:

1. Space: First question to answer is how big is the corner you wish to add the plants to. For example, a 2x2 feet space can easily accommodate large plants, that can grow up to 6 to 8 feet tall (Yes, you read it right, you can grow a mini tree within your home). A 1x1 feet space should ideally be used to grow medium sized plants (1 ft to 3 ft) like Aglaonema, Calathea or even Dieffenbachias. Smaller space should ideally have a wall mounted stand with multiple small and tiny plants placed on it. Try to have plants smaller than 1 feet tall for the smaller spaces. Succulents are a great choice for such corners.

2. Light: While indoor plants can survive on low light conditions, it is good to estimate the amount of light that your corner receives before choosing the plants for corner. Some plants like Peace Lilies require some sun to bloom healthy, while some plants like ZZ plant can tolerate extremely low light. Also, look at the distance between the corner and the window. Light tends to be lesser towards corners away from the windows.

3. Water: Do you travel often and cannot water your plants regularly? Plan for this before buying the plants. Some plants for corner require very less water while others need daily watering. You could also look at double potting system for your plants to ensure they have self-watering capability.

4. Height: A general preference is to grow tall plants in the corners since they can fill up the vacant space and make your room look fuller. But it would be wise to predetermine the size you want and that your space allows.

5. Room: Lastly, a corner is not an isolated place but a part of your room. So it is best to choose plants that add to the overall décor of the room. Certain plants are more suited to living rooms than bedrooms, and the other way round too!

Which plants are best for corners at home?

While there are many plants that you can buy for your perfect corner, your choice depends on the size of plant that you wish to grow. Let's get going on the list, starting with the most common plant for corners, the Rubber Plant:

1. Rubber Plant: Large Waxy Leaves on a straight upright stem adding burgundy color to your room, a rubber plant is a default choice for plants for corners in India. Rubber plants come in multiple variants, and grow by about 2 to 3 feet every year. They can be trimmed to make a bushy version for the more spacious corners.

2. Palms: There are many varieties of Palms that can grow well in medium indirect light. Chamaedorea and Areca Palms are the more common Palm varieties that can add an instant tropical vibe to your room. Chamaedorea is a very hardy plant and purifies and humidifies indoor air.

3. Dracaena: There are many varieties of Dracaena that can be added to a corner. They do well in low light conditions. They need to be watered regularly, and grow up to 6 feet tall when kept indoors. They can tolerate some neglect in India since they grow really well in Indian climate.

4. Ti Plant: Cordyline Terminalis, commonly known as Mahatma or Ti Plant. This fast growing plant can reach up to 10 feet in height. Owing to its large leaves on a slender upright stem, it is a great fit for every corner. Just like rubber plant, Cordyline Terminalis adds a great burgundy color to your room.

5. Schefflera: Commonly known as Umbrella Plant, Schefflera's are a great fit for a spacious corner. We recommend at least a 1.5 feet by 1.5 ft space for a tall schefflera plant, since it can grow up to 10 feet tall indoors. They add a great pattern of leaves to your corner and often become a topic of discussion in social gatherings. Also, they are fast growers adding about 3 feet per year.

6. Philodendron: Philodendrons are excellent house plants, and there are many varieties that can brighten up your corner. You can find large leaf philodendrons, climbing philodendrons, bright neon philodendrons and many other varieties. They can add a great texture to the corner and so are an obvious corner plant that you should look at.

7. Fiddle Leaf Fig: As the name suggests, these are fig plants, and can grow really tall. They have become a much-loved plant across the world for indoor décor. Note that they like bright indirect light and can tolerate some bit of sun. So keep them closer to the window.

8. Snake Plant: Talking about plants for corner, how can we not mention the hardiest plant of them all - Snake Plant. You can get tall variety of Snake Plants that can be a direct addition to your corner. They add a great texture and are absolutely non-intrusive. If you are not sure which plant to buy for that corner, you are probably looking at buying a snake plant.

9. Dieffenbachia: Known comoonly as "Dumb Canes", they give you large leaves with green and white colors. Their hardiness (low light tolerance) makes them a great plant for corners. Remember that they need regular watering, and grow easily from cuttings.

10. Syngoniums: Syngoniums are very hardy plants and can be added to corners with medium light. Since they do not grow very tall, it is best to place them on top of planter stands. You can club a few different types of Syngoniums in the same pot and place them in the corner to add a multi-colored and bushy accent.

11. Spider Plant: Just like Syngoniums, Spider plants should be kept on planter stands. They can also be hung from the ceiling. They produce multiple plantlets which hang on long stocks that tend to grow downwards, hence elevating the spider plants is a good idea. Spider plants are known for their resilience and are good to setup in the corners.

12. Calathea: Calatheas are recognized globally as great indoor plants, and can be placed in corners since they can tolerate low light conditions. They are a great addition to Indian homes because they love tropical weather. Calatheas don't grow very tall, and so are ideally placed on stools or stands.

To find more plants that can liven up your room's corner, browse our collection titled "Plants for Corner". If you are having difficulty finding the right plant, reach out to us and we will do our best to guide you.

How can I style a corner with plants?

Styling a corner with plants is a great idea to make your room come alive and add an overall positive vibe.

The first step to styling a corner with plants is to look at your complete room and see what vibe does your room currently have. For example, if your room has wooden furniture and has an overall earthy appeal, you can look at large palms that make for a more tropical feel. Whereas if your room has more modern furniture, you might want to add a Rubber plant, or a Fiddle leaf Fig, that goes well with modern look.

Once you know your room's current vibe, you need to make an important decision - how large do you want your plants to be. Some people love keeping a large (6 to 8 feet tall) plant in the corner, while others prefer to keep medium-sized (1 to 3 feet tall) plants on stools or planter stands. In case you want to go ahead with a medium-sized plant, you should consider buying a stand for placing the planter. Find the perfect stand for your planter that goes well with the rest of your furniture.

Once you have narrowed down on the size of the plant, the next step is to choose a plant that you personally like, because ultimately, you are adding a plant to your life.

Post getting the plant, you just need a few final touches, like add a painting or two on the wall by the side of the plant. And that's it, you are done! You now have a perfect living corner that goes well with your room.

My room has very low light. Will my plants survive in a corner?

Yes, you can choose from a variety of plants that can do well in low light conditions, as long as you have a window in the room. You can choose from Snake Plant, English Ivy, ZZ Plant, Ficus, Syngonium or even succulents (on a shelf).

How do I care for my corner plants?

Caring for plants have certain thumb rules - water the plants as per their requirement, give them light conditions that they desire and fertilize them when they need to be fed.

Caring for corner plants is no different. When you buy a plant, read the plant care instructions for the plant. In the corners of a room, there could be low light, so it is best to plant indoor loving plants. Since you are looking to buy plants in India, a general good practice is to buy plants that like warm and humid weather. Fertilize the plants every 3 months and watch out for any sad plant signs.

One good practice for plants that are kept in the corners are to rotate them every 2 to 3 days. This gives the plant the right amount of light across its circumference. Not rotating the plants regularly could lead to more leaves on one side of the plant, the side that is exposed more to light. This does not happen with every plant, though it is still better to rotate them for a healthier and fuller plant.

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