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Pachira Money Tree (X-Large)

Pachira Money Tree (X-Large)

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Planter Size: 9 inches
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Height: Upto 1.5 feet

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An absolute stunner, Money Tree plant is a beautiful plant to add to your space. Money Tree has bright green colored foliage. The leaves grow in bunches of five and off a cluster of woody thick trunks. Money Tree is quite easy to care for and adds a unique dimension to a space. Sized to shipping, our Money Tree plant reaches you with room to grow as it becomes part of your home.



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1 day per week


Indoor, Shaded Outdoor

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About Pachira Money Tree (X-Large)

A gorgeous plant, Money Tree is a distinct-looking plant to add to your space. Money Tree plant has bright green colored foliage and thick woody trunks cluster. Money Tree plant is considered native to Mexico and South America. In its natural habitat, Money Tree could reach a height of about 60 feet and does not have the braided/cluster of trunks as a natural feature. The young trunks are grouped/braided in a nursery which eventually harden and turn into woody trunks. The domesticated and container grown Money Tree would reach a height of about 6 feet. The leaves of Money Tree are bright green and grow in groups of five. Money Tree is quite popular in Taiwan and Asian countries as it believed to bring in positive energy or 'Chi' as per Feng Shui. They are quite easy to care for and with some minimal care Money Tree plants could add a beautiful and tropical dimesion to your space.

Also Known As

Pachira aquatica, Guiana Chestnut

Keep In Mind

1. Money Tree plant is prone to fungal infections and infestation such as aphids, spider mites, etc. and it needs to be treated with neem oil spray or mild insecticide spray if you spot infestation
2. Money Tree prefer a consistent environment and hence avoid moving them a lot

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Planning to buy Pachira Money Tree (X-Large) online? Here is all you need to know.

Money Tree does well in bright light, indoors, and shaded outdoors. Protect it from harsh direct sunlight as it could burn the leaves

Money Tree loves warmth and cooler temperatures. It needs protection from extreme temperatures.

Money Tree needs to be watered once a week. This could increase during summers and reduce during winters. It could also tolerate some overwatering. Prevent waterlogging and provide good drainage.

Money Tree does well in medium to high humidity conditions. So, in dry weather you might need to mist the plant regularly to maintain the humidity levels.

Money Tree would need a mild fertilizer every month but not during winters

Money Tree would need pruning for removal of dried out leaves/branches

Money Tree would need repotting to a bigger planter only if you wish the plant to gain a lot of height

Money Tree Plant can be propagated via cuttings

Dropping leaves -
Insufficient light

Yellow leaves, black stems -

Curled leaves -

Money Tree are medium growers

1. Money Tree plants are pet friendly and non-toxic to humans too
2. Money Tree plants are believed to bring in positive energy or 'Chi' as per Feng Shui

Pachira aquatica, Guiana Chestnut

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Customer Reviews

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Deepa Oak
Very Good First experience

I would like to thank Greenkin for their wonderful products. I ordered money tree which was more or less same as shown in picture. Plant is very healthy and in good condition. Packing of the plant was perfect. Not a single damage was caused to the plant.