Benefits Of Rubber Plant

Benefits of Rubber Plant : Health and Vastu Benefits

Benefits of Rubber Plant


Rubber plants, scientifically known as Ficus elastica and are widely grown for their ornamental value and health benefits. They are native to Southeast Asia and belong to the family Moraceae, the same family as figs.

These plants convey beauty to any indoor or outdoor landscape because of their famed huge, glossy leaves. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, rubber plants have numerous Vastu and health advantages. In this blog post, we will explore the different benefits of rubber plants.


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What Is Rubber Plant?


Benefits of rubber plant

Rubber plants are one of the most popular ornamental plants that are easy to grow and maintain. It can grow up to 30 meters tall in its native environment in gardens and homes and can be pruned to a more manageable size. Rubber plants have large, dark green, and glossy leaves that can grow up to 12 inches long and 5 inches wide and can glam up your entire garden.

The leaves are arranged in an alternating pattern, which gives the plant a specific and unique appearance. They have aerial roots that can grow from the branches which makes them great for creating a natural and tropical atmosphere in any space.


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Health Benefits of Rubber Plant: 


Benefits of rubber plant 

Rubber plants have several health benefits. Here are some of the most notable:

  • Air Purification: The ability of rubber plants to filter the air is well documented. Formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide are prevalent indoor contaminants that can be absorbed by them, giving your room new oxygen. Additionally, the plant can eliminate bacteria and mould spores in the air, improving air quality.
  • Increased Humidity: In dry interior settings, rubber plants give out moisture that raises the humidity level. 
  • Enhanced concentration: Rubber plants are excellent for enhancing concentration because of the green of the plant has a calming impact on the mind and can assist in lowering distractions and boosting productivity.
  • Stress Relief: Stress and anxiety are known to be treated using rubber plants. Studies have shown that having indoor plants, such as rubber plants, can have a positive effect on our mood and mental health.The plant's soothing green leaves and the act of caring for it can help reduce stress levels and improve overall well-being and uplifts positivity. Studies have shown that spending time in nature or around plants can have a calming effect on the mind and body.
  • Better Sleep: The rubber plant is also known to promote better sleep. As mentioned earlier, the plant helps to purify the air by removing toxins, which can lead to a better quality of sleep. Additionally, the plant's calming presence can help create a relaxing environment that promotes sleep.


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Vastu Benefits of Rubber Plant:


In Vastu Shastra, rubber plants are considered to bring good luck and prosperity. Here are some of the Vastu benefits of rubber plants:

  • Financial Prosperity: Rubber plants are believed to attract financial prosperity in abundance. According to Vastu, placing a rubber plant in the southeast corner of a home or office can bring good fortune and success.
  • Improved Relationships: Rubber plants are also believed to promote positive relationships and harmony. Placing a rubber plant in the southwest corner of a room or building can help to improve the relationships between family members or coworkers.
  • Protection: Rubber plants are considered to have protective properties. Placing a rubber plant at the entrance of a home or office is believed to ward off negative energy, protect the space from harm and uplift positivity.


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Types of Rubber Plant: 


Types of Rubber Plant

There are numerous types of rubber plants, each with a distinctive appearance and set of characteristics. Let's go through some of the most popular varieties of rubber plants that will look great in your room:

  • Ficus elastica Robusta: Ficus elastica Robusta is one of the best low-maintenance house plant with large, lustrous, oval-shaped leaves that adds glam to any space!
  • Ficus elastica Tineke: With emerald green and creamy white stripes this tree's leaves are gorgeous! It provides a charming touch of class and elegance to your garden, making it a great choice for indoor gardening.
  • Ficus Elastica Burgundy: With its dark crimson, almost burgundy coloured foliage, Ficus Elastica Burgundy is a fantastic choice for you since it offers a splash of colour to any space.
  • Ficus Elastica Ruby: Ficus has bright pink leaves making it a striking eye-catching plant that is sure to amp up the aesthetic vibe of your space.
  • Ficus Elastica Abidjan: This species of ficus has broad, oval leaves that are a rich shade of green. This plant gives your home a very natural and earthy tone while tolerating a range of growing conditions.


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Q1. Is the rubber plant lucky or not?

Ans: Yes! The rubber plant is considered lucky by some cultures as is believed to bring wealth and prosperity to the household. 

Q2. Where should rubber plants be placed at home?

Ans: They should be placed in a well-lit spot but not in direct sunlight. As per Vastu, it is better to keep it in the south direction.

Q3. Is rubber plant indoor or outdoor?

Ans: Mostly, it can be grown both indoors and outdoors. However, if you live in a colder climate, it is better to keep them indoors.


Q4. Do rubber plants need a lot of water?

Ans: No, Rubber plants do not require a lot of water, overwatering can harm the plant. 

Q5. What is the life of a rubber plant?

Ans: A rubber plant can live for many years, even up to 10-15 years. 


Overall,  rubber plants are a great choice for adding beauty and health benefits to any indoor or outdoor space. They are easy to care for and can bring a ton of positive energy and good fortune to your home or office. Whether you choose the classic Ficus elastica Robusta or the unique Ficus elastica Ruby, a rubber plant is sure to enhance any living space and is the best choice for any home.

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