Best Plants for Entrance as Per Vastu

Perfect Entrance Plant: Best Plants for Entrance as Per Vastu

Perfect Entrance Plant


Why do massive business & residential properties globally have green plants? Well, homes, restaurants, hotels, & major businesses often adorn with lush greenery to symbolize success & progress. Plants, according to Vastu, purify the air & bring an air of prosperity & energy to their surroundings. Not only can plants make you happy, they can also make you wealthy & be good for your health. Vastu Shastra believes strategically putting plants in a space can boost the space's energy & mood. Plus, plants improve the appearance of any space, so you should have some at home & in the workplace.

So, what is, however, the perfect entrance plant? Let's explore the best plants for entrance as per Vastu.



Plants & Vastu Entrance Connection as Per Vastu Shastra


According to Vastu Shastra, plants have a positive impact on the energy & ambiance of a space. They symbolize growth & prosperity & can purify the air & create a fresh atmosphere. Thus, it is recommended to place plants in the East, North, & South directions, as each direction has its unique benefits, such as:


  • Placing flowering plants in the East or North-East direction increases joy & happiness, while plants in the East direction promote growth.
  • Plants in the North direction attract new monetary & business opportunities, & plants in the South-East direction enhance cash flow & provide a sense of security.


The color of the planters also plays a role, with green, brown, blue, & red being recommended colors for different directions. Overall, following Vastu principles for plant placement can bring various benefits to a space.


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Best Plants for Entrance According to Vastu


According to Vastu Shastra, the best plant for entrance as follows:



Auspicious Plants

Main Entrance Benefits


Tulsi, Peace Lily, Aglaonema Super White

New beginnings, positive energy, good health, spiritual growth


Ashoka tree, Bamboo (exceptions noted)

Knowledge, wisdom, spiritual pursuits, peace, meditation


Banyan tree, Jasmine, Money Plant

Career, business, prosperity, financial stability, work-life balance


Madhumalti, Pomegranate

Travel, adventure, helpful people, support, mentorship


Coconut, Areca, Jackfruit

Luck, fortune, gains, creativity, children, fertility


Vilva, Lotus (limited presence)

Relationships, marriage, partnerships, stability, grounding


Plantain, Neem

Fame, recognition, reputation, publicity, social status


Amla, Coconut, Tulsi, Money Plant

Wealth, abundance, financial success, material comforts, luxury



1. Tulsi:


Best Plants for Entrance as Per Vastu - Tulsi


Tulsi, which is also known as "Holy Basil," is a plant which symbolizes health, safety, & spiritual growth. Its aromatic leaves not only purify the air, but also have health benefits. Placing Tulsi near the east or southeast facing entrance & windows is good, healthy & helps to repel negative energy. Most Hindus worship this plant & the leaves are used in prayers & other sacred ceremonies.



2. Aglaonema Super White Plant:


Best Plants for Entrance as Per Vastu - Aglaonema Super White Plant


Aglaonema Super White is a rare evergreen tropical plant with creamish-white & dark green foliage. The Plant's perennial beauty symbolizes wealth & new beginnings. Placing it near the east facing entrance brings positive energy & fresh beginnings into your home. People believe that the bright white leaves will make them lucky & rich.


Buy this sophisticated and renewed addition to your apartment, the Aglaonema Super White. 


In case you are looking for a more colorful plant, you can choose another Aglaonema plant. Aglaonema plants are good for Vastu at entrance. Here is another option instead of Aglaonema Super White: Aglaonema Red Lipstick


Buy a beautiful large Aglaonema Red Lipstick plant in Ceramic pot to be kept at the entrance of your apartment.



3. Money Plant:


Best Plants for Entrance as Per Vastu - Money Plant


The money plant is one of the most well-known Vastu plants. It is believed to bring good luck & good energy. It is also believed money plant brings wealth to the home. Putting it near the southeast facing entrance is considered to bring good luck because the concentric sphere leaves represent prosperity & success.


Buy our one of the highest oxygen-producing and low-maintenance plant that helps to remove harmful VOCs from air. 



4. Peace lily:


Best Plants for Entrance as Per Vastu - Peace Lily


The Peace Lily plant symbolizes luck, fresh starts, & air purification. The Peace Lily, when placed near the east facing entrance to your home, is believed to bring in an aura of renewal (freshness) & positivity. It makes you feel calm & at ease because of its white blooms & ability to clean the air.

Here is a 2.5 ft tall Peace Lily plant which is great for placing at the apartment's entrance.


Buy a big Peace Lily plant to adorn your home's entrance with blooms. This plant requires low light and is best suited for a lobby.


In case you are looking for a tabletop plant at the entrance, try a large peace lily plant that can be placed on top of a desk, table, or rack.


Buy our hottest selling gorgeous air purifying peace lily for your home's entrance. 



5. Lucky Bamboo:


Best Plants for Entrance as Per Vastu - Lucky Bamboo


According to Vastu Shastra, Lucky Bamboo is the best north-east facing entrance plant. The more stalks of bamboo you have in an arrangement, the more energy you are accepting into your life, according to their belief. Bamboo Lucky also provides good fortune & a great vibe to any room it's placed in.


Buy the symbol of good fortune and success. It is one of the best indoor plants as per Vastu. 



6. Areca Palm Plant:


Best Plants for Entrance as Per Vastu - Areca Palm Plant


Areca palms are popular bedroom & living room plants. Front doors are the most common entrances to homes, so placing an areca palm near one (“particularly west-facing entrance”) will give it a positive & fresh feeling. The areca's feathery, arching leaves add height & richness to the entrance & resemble tropical beauty.


Areca Palm is the perfect companion to be added to any home's entrance. The plant is extremely easy to care, and does well in almost all light conditions. 


Buy this tall plant for your room’s corners. It helps to boost the air quality and an excellent home decor.



7. Neem:


Best Plants for Entrance as Per Vastu - Neem


According to common belief, Neem tree is capable of repelling negative energy. Placing a neem tree near the entrance “south-facing” may keep negative energy out & protect your home or business. These plants are considered to make people healthy & strong because their bitter leaves & strong smell clean the air.



8. Ashoka Plant:


Best Plants for Entrance as Per Vastu - Ashoka Plant


According to Vastu Shastra, Ashoka trees are great for northeast entrances. This tree should be placed at entrances, according to tradition. This beautiful tree with its vibrant orange flowers represents knowledge, wisdom, & spiritual growth. Placing an Ashoka tree in the northeast corner of your entrance is believed to enhance your learning abilities & promote peace & harmony within your home



9. Lotus:


Best Plants for Entrance as Per Vastu - Lotus


Lotus flowers symbolize purity, spiritual enlightenment, & luck. According to Vastu Shastra, a little water feature or artwork featuring lotus flowers at the southwest entrance is considered auspicious. It stands for a clear & tranquil mind that brings in good energy & helps you grow as a person.



Guidelines for Garden


Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian practice, stresses the importance of maintaining a balance & harmony in nature & life. From a scientific perspective, it links homes to water, fire, earth, space, & air, reflecting diverse directions. When choosing a property, developing a house, & assigning rooms according to the five aspects, this should be considered. The core Vastu Guidelines for garden design mix nature & human life to achieve a peaceful equilibrium. Some of the following guidelines for entrance plant design, such as:


  • A well-lit entrance & fragrant flowers are essential for entrance.
  • Keep the entrance clean & landscape with light colors.
  • Decorate the entrance instead of blocking it with heavy plants.
  • Avoid tall, thick plants at the entrance & create a pleasant approach.
  • Plant warm-colored flowers in a symmetrical garden.
  • Avoid overdecorating the entrance to keep it grounded.
  • Avoid prickly plants & grow healthy trees around the entrance.
  • Avoid clutter by placing fragrant herbs & plants close to the entrance.


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Vastu recommends that putting different plants in different places can bring different benefits, like wealth, good energy, & financial stability. Some of these plants are tulsi, peace lily, lucky bamboo, money plant, neem, & others. Plant according to Vastu to create a serene & harmonious entrance.

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