Best Plants to Gift Corporate Guests in India

Best Plants to Gift Corporate Guests in India 2023

Best Plants for Corporate Gifting in India 2023


When choosing a gift for someone, think about what they like, how well you get along with them, & any specifics they've given you about what they like & don't like. Also, because times are changing, it's time to move beyond traditional gifts like desk clocks, writing instruments, leather pads, & work diaries. 

Instead, show your appreciation by giving them something they can keep & use for a long time. Indoor plants are a unique & useful corporate gift that can say a lot without being too loud. They can be used in any professional setting & with any type of person. Also, they are excellent business gifts because they create happiness, productivity, & brand awareness. 

If so, why, & what kinds of plants make nice presents? Come, let us get enlightenment.



Why Plants Are the Best Gift for Corporate 


Among the many reasons why plants are great corporate gifts are:


1. Sustainable, client-friendly gift with corporate branding:


Indoor plant gifts are a great option for discerning clients. Everyone can benefit from evergreen plants, & they can be incorporated into a variety of decorating plans. Because these plants have so much potential, it is also simple to add your company's name & logo to them as best corporate gifts. 



2. Valuable ROI (return on investment) & home or workplace use:


Gifting plants to clients & customers is an excellent advertising campaign because they are always remembered. Plants are noteworthy, long-lasting, & can be set on a variety of surfaces, including desks, rooms, & tables. In addition to being aesthetically appealing, they help clients & employees remember your company for a very long time.



3. Positive Effects on Human Health:


Plants remove toxins from the air & produce oxygen for us to breathe. Formaldehyde & benzene are just two examples of the toxic compounds that certain plants are able to detoxify the air of, relieving headaches, dizziness, & nausea in the process. Moreover, indoor plants have the ability to remove airborne contaminants like mold spores & pollen grains as well as minimize background noise. Overall, indoor plants are often recommended by doctors as best natural remedies for people with seasonal allergies & respiratory problems.

Additionally, having some greenery around the office can aid workplace stress management. According to research published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, having plants in the workplace can help employees relax & unwind, while also lowering the stress levels that can build up from staring at a computer screen for too long.



4. Kind message in green:


Plants make lovely & practical gifts for the workplace. Indoor plants last a long time & are always there to be loved, so they're a great way to say "thank you" or "you are important to me."

Additionally, indoor plants can be tailored to your needs (as a decorative material for things like living area, bedroom, balcony, desk office & more) & found online in Greenkin website.


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Plant to Gift Corporate Guests


1. Aglaonema Pink Anjamani:

Best Plants to Gift Corporate Guests in India - Aglaonema Pink Anjamani

The Aglaonema Pink Anjamani is a beautiful plant that can be grown indoors or outdoors. Its reddish-pink color & greenish tips make it stand out. It represents “nature”, “purity”, and the “positive energy” it emits. Additionally, it's adaptable to several climates (probably does well in sunny, humid environments) & styles of decoration.


Gift our best selling colorful aglaonema pink anjamani to your loved ones 



2. Peace Lily:

Best Plants to Gift Corporate Guests in India - Peace Lilly

The Peace Lily is a beautiful indoor plant that adds a touch of greenery to any space. Like its name, peace lilies symbolize “peace”. Many people find calm in their gentleness and ability to clear the air. In spring, they bloom white and bring foliage to your home.


Gift our one of the hot selling plant to your loved ones. It symbolizes peace, purity and innocence



3. Snake Plants

Best Plants to Gift Corporate Guests in India - Snake Plant

The Snake Plants, also known as Mother-in-law's tongue, is one of the most resilient houseplants. This plant is perfect for modern homes because of its upright, sword-shaped green leaves, which help purify the air. It is also an easy-to-care-for plant. Moreover, snake plants represent “luck”, “serenity”, “calmness”, & “shielding against negative energy”.


Buy or gift a snake plant whitney as it thrives in low light conditions and a versatile choice for indoor environment.



4. Oxycardiums:

Best Plants to Gift Corporate Guests in India - Oxycardium

The classic climber from the Philodendron family, Oxycardium Plant is a popular indoor houseplant. They are also known for its glossy heart-shaped leaves, flexible trailing vines, & easy-growing nature. They are a thoughtful gift for important events because it stands for “love” & “kindness”. They require bright indirect sunlight & are beginner-friendly. 


Beautiful heart shaped plant that can tolerate low light conditions and easy to care.


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5. Money Plant Golden:

Best Plants to Gift Corporate Guests in India - Money Plant Golden

Popular Money Plant among indoor gardeners, Money Plant Golden is in high demand for its heart-shaped, bright light green foliage & glossy trailing vine. It is renowned for its “never-give-up attitude” & is believed to “bring prosperity & wealth”. It is a must-have for any greenery collection & one of the greatest plants to offer corporate guests.


Buy our one of the highest oxygen-producing and low-maintenance plant that helps to remove harmful VOCs from air.



6. Peperomia:

Best Plants to Gift Corporate Guests in India - Peperomia

As an ornamental plant, peperomia (also known as baby rubber plant) is a colorful & adaptable succulent. Peperomias, sometimes also known as radiator plants that prefer warm temperatures & require little care. In Brazil, Peperomia is a symbol of “good fortune” & is provided as a “reassuring token to ensure that everything will be alright”.


Buy this easy to care aesthetic indoor plant that helps to purifier air.                       [/product] 



7. Aglaonemas:

Best Plants to Gift Corporate Guests in India - Aglaonemas

Aglaonema plants are a symbol of “beauty”, “love”, & “devotion” in literature & art. They are also believed to bring financial success to the residents who grow it, similar to the Pothos. Additionally, Aglaonemas plants are a great addition to indoor spaces, adding color & charm with their bright red leaves plus character to empty corners or work areas. 


Buy this low maintenance beauty. This plant one of the prettiest houseplant varieties. It adds a pop of colour to your space. 



8. Anthuriums:

Best Plants to Gift Corporate Guests in India - Anthuriums

The Anthurium plant, also called the flamingo flower, has tube-shaped blooms on long stalks. With proper care, each spike can last 4-6 weeks, with blooms always visible. Globally, people love aglaonema plants for their different color beauty & their ability to “bring balance & harmony” to a place. 


Gift this longest-lasting floral plant to your loved ones. It symbolizes love and harmony.



9. Lucky Bamboo Plant:

Best Plants to Gift Corporate Guests in India - Lucky Bamboo Plant

Lucky bamboo, a feng shui symbol of “good fortune”, “adds culture, spirituality, & freshness” to any space. Ideal for beginner gardeners, it thrives best in water or well-drained soil.The number of its stalks in a plant can hide secret messages that can help a person be more successful. Thus, its stalk makes a great corporate gift.


Gift the symbol of good fortune and success. It is one of the best indoor plants as per Vastu.


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Plants are a unique & environmentally friendly alternative to traditional gifts. If you're looking for an inexpensive way to create a big impact on customers, these plants (mentioned above) are a great choice. Because they are memorable, affordable, sustainable & useful. 

Thus, if you're looking for a unique corporate gift that won't be forgotten as quickly, consider giving the gift of Greenkin greenery instead.

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