Benefits of Succulents : From Health to Vastu

Benefits of Succulents : From Health to Vastu

Benefits of Succulents : From Health to Vastu

I flung my windows open to get some fresh air, alternatively my friend suggested planting a better hangover cure inside: to eat and breathe. Stocky and fleshy, succulents are known to be full of juicy sap.

Seeing very little light of the sun indoors? No problem. A daily minimum of four hours of indirect sunlight will keep your succulents thriving— as they adapt to their surroundings swiftly. Call it beauty on a budget, maintaining succulents as house plants is not only affordable but also an easy addition to your bunch, if you plan on to bring in the positivity of yellow and orange or a pop of purple and pink. There’s plenty to explore.


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What are the Benefits of Succulents?

When it comes to curating your tabletops and windowsills, picking out the right succulents will help you in maintaining a contrasting appeal stylishly. In addition to improving aesthetic composure, here are a variety of benefits for having succulents as your houseplants. 


Medicinal Benefits of Succulent Plant

Medicinal Benefits of Succulent Plant

Found flowering from July to October, Indian Sedum (or sinocrassula indica) helps treating pain and inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive properties. The lesser-known succulent varieties like Haworthia (or haworthiopsis limifolia) work as a blood purifier: curing skin rashes and sunburns. 

The most familiar succulent, the Aloe Vera plant, is a household refuge. Well-known for its medicinal properties. The mix of pcoumaric acid, pyrocatechol and cinnamic acid found in Aloe Vera makes it effective in treating a number of microbial and bacterial causalities. 

Ditch the moisturizer and switch to Aloe Vera. Choose better hydration for your skin with this water filled, polysaccharides rich source. Thanks to a substance called glucomannan present in Aloe Vera which usefully caters to all the anti-inflammatory or antiphlogistic needs of your body. Conclusive research has shown several positive effects of Aloe Vera in treating and healing wounds, burns, rashes, scars, acne, psoriasis lesions, eye irritations and similar other persistent injuries.


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Succulents Benefits for Skin

Succulents for Skin

Lovingly referred to as ‘the Wand of Heaven’ by Native Americans, Aloe Vera has been traditionally considered a plant of immortality across various traditions. Historical records have shown uses of Aloe Vera in mummification as an embalming liquid. Talk about skincare for life and afterlife! 

And rightly so, research has shown that Aloe Vera helps in increasing cellular collagen cross linking, which results in making skin look youthful and agile. 


Here are three prime reasons, why you should include Aloe Vera in your skincare routine:

  1. The moisturizing benefits of Aloe Vera will help eliminating dryness as it can be used on any skin type.
  2. Aloe Vera help in retaining skin elasticity by stimulating fibroblast —a type of cell that secretes collagen protein; thus, making skin appear ageless. 
  3. Reduction in blemishes and acne can be accredited down to the presence of Salicylic Acid in Aloe Vera.

Thus, applying Aloe Vera on a regular basis helps in alleviation of several skin problems. Bye Bye pimples and blemishes. Hello glowing skin! A restorative healer for rejuvenating skin health, it surely is a sorcerer’s must have. 


The Benefits of Eating Succulents

The Benefits of Eating Succulents

So, can we eat succulents (and not die)? Before put into practice by Gwyneth Paltrow, and becoming a trendy catch, Aloe Vera juice has been used in several cultures across various time periods. Adding some of the succulent varieties may work out to be exciting to your taste buds next time you are out experimenting with salads and sprouts.  

When it comes to drinking Aloe Vera juice, it might not just be a superficial passing fad. According to research conducted and published by National Institutes of Health, drinking Aloe Vera juice has shown several positive metabolic and nutritional effects, if taken in small appropriate doses over a sustained amount of time. 

As varieties like Agave are known to have culinary uses, but are best consumed after considering necessary methods for preparation. Similarly, ingesting huge quantities of Aloe Vera on a regular basis can cause severe gastrointestinal problems with symptoms of common diarrhea.

Although most of the succulents are non-toxic, some might be dangerous and perhaps poisonous. For this reason, succulents must be induced under careful discretion. 


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Vastu Benefits of Succulents

Vastu Benefits of Succulents

Full of sap, representing the high-spirited life, succulents are regarded as the means to attract abundance and vitality to our lives.  Associating a flow of positive energy with succulents, comes through their prowess to withstand extreme weather conditions with flighty ease. 

Ever since the age of the Egyptian pharaohs, plants like Aloe Vera have represented good luck in many cultures.

Vastu Shastra is the traditional Indian system of architecture. According to Vatsu Shastra, if potted and planted in the household; Aloe Vera holds an auspicious yield of importance bringing in health, well-being, prosperity, fertility, growth and protection. It is typically advised by Vastu to keep the Aloe Vera plant in North or East direction to direct the flow of happiness and prosperity.

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Keeping succulents in close proximity will not only help in setting up an aesthetical balance in your surroundings but they also have tremendous functional benefits —ranging from curing ailments to reviving skincare. 

Lastly to sum it up, you might be just a succulent away from finding your joie de vivre, and likely so: as a happy addition to your succulent conservatory in progress; getting an Aloe plant might be exactly what you need.


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Q1. 1. Are succulent plants good for your health?

Ans. Yes, the mentioned varieties of succulents are good for your health in various ways, from purifying air and energy to moisturizing and rejuvenating skin health.

Q2. Are they good for Vastu?

Ans. According to Vastu practices, keeping succulents brings in prosperity and growth to life. Potting succulents indoors is considered to radiate positivity, mostly by adding in aesthetic balance and composure to the surrounding area.

Q3. What are succulents good for spiritually?

Ans. Succulents are known bring in the energy of abundance and prosperity as they thrive in extremities of arid climates retaining their life and watery sap. Thus, are often spiritually regarded to attract abundance, success and health.

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