Best Office Desk Plants to Elevate Your Workspace

13 Best Office Desk Plants to Boost Productivity

Introduction of Best Office Desk Plants 


In the hustle and bustle of modern workspaces, it's crucial to foster a thriving and upbeat ambience. One effective method to achieve this is to infuse plants into your workspace. With a pack of advantages, office desk plants not only add a pop of greenery but also elevate your work environment.

In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of greening up your office and provide you with a handpicked selection of the 13 most exceptional office desk plants, including small plants, low-maintenance options, and plants recommended by Vastu Shastra.


Benefits of Having Plants in the Office

Benefits of having plants in office

Working in an environment with plants has several advantages:

  • Firstly, plants purify the air by removing toxins and releasing oxygen, leading to better air quality.
  • Improved air quality can enhance focus and productivity while reducing stress levels. Additionally, plants have been shown to reduce background noise, creating a more peaceful and calm work atmosphere. 
  • They also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the office, making it more visually pleasing and inviting.


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Factors to Consider when Choosing Office Desk Plants


Before selecting office desk plants, there are a few factors to consider. These include the amount of available space, lighting conditions, and maintenance requirements. It's important to choose plants that suit your office surroundings to ensure their health and longevity.



Small Plants for Office Desk


Small plants are a commendable option for your workplace desk, as they seamlessly blend into cramped areas and demand minimal upkeep. To ensure your chosen plant thrives in your office environment.


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Benefits of Small Plants


Small plants offer a range of benefits in the office. They can improve air quality, boost mood and morale, and add a touch of nature to your workspace. Additionally, small plants are often low-maintenance and require less watering and care compared to larger varieties.



Best Small Plants for Office Desks


1. Succulents

Best Office Desk Plants


    Succulents are popular office desk plants due to their compact size and low water requirements. They come in a variety of shapes and colours, adding a touch of elegance to your workspace.


    It is known to bring good luck, prosperity and positive energy into your home. It is one of the most low maintenance plant with minimal nourishing necessities. This plant brings in peace and calmness to its surroundings. 



    2. Spider Plant

    Best Office Desk Plants


    Spider plants are known for their air-purifying properties and resilience in different lighting conditions. They have vibrant green foliage and produce long, arching leaves that flourish your desk with aesthetics!


    It is an excellent air purifier that absorbs toxins and emits abundant oxygen. Buy this low maintenance air purifier today.



    3. Peace Lily:

    Best Office Desk Plants


    Peace lilies exude beauty, flaunting their flowering prowess in the dimly lit corners of any space. Their verdant leaves glisten and their pristine white blooms cast an elegant aura that transforms any workspace into a tranquil sanctuary.


    Buy our hot selling, elegant peace lily plant with beautiful white flower. This plant not only adds beauty to your workspace but also symbolizes peace and prosperity. 



    4. Cacti

    Best Office Desk Plants


    Cacti are one of the best low-maintenance plants that come in an array of shapes and sizes. With a diverse range of forms and dimensions, these succulents flaunt a distinctive and unique appearance adding a dose of charisma to your workspace. 


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    Low Maintenance Office Desk Plants


    For those with busy schedules or novice gardening experience, low-maintenance office desk plants are the perfect choice. onder over these aspects when selecting low-maintenance plants:



    Benefits of Low-Maintenance Plants


    Low-maintenance office desk plants offer convenience and require minimum to no effort to keep them healthy. They can tolerate occasional neglect, making them suitable for individuals with busy schedules or those who are new to gardening. These plants can still provide the benefits of improved air quality and a calming environment.


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    Best Low Maintenance Office Desk Plants


    1. ZZ Plant: 

    Best Office Desk Plants


    ZZ plant, the Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, is a superb selection for you if you are seeking a resilient and low-maintenance plant. Its glossy leaves will instil your workspace with a lush aura. The ZZ plant is renowned for its aptitude to thrive in dimly lit spaces, making it ideal for offices with scant natural light. 


    Buy this resilient and  low maintenance beauty that is a excellent choice for low-light office spaces.



    2. Snake Plant: 

    Best Office Desk Plant


      Snake plants boast unparalleled resilience and the ability to purify the air. They have tall, upright foliage with distinct patterns and can tolerate low light and irregular watering.


      Buy the air-purifying, easy to care snake plant. Its patterned, tall, upright foliage adds a touch of elegance to your workspace. It also symbolizes good luck and positivity.



      3. Pothos: 

      Best Office Desk Plants


        These trailing plants have heart-shaped leaves that come in various shades of green hues. The Pothos plants, unmatched in their adaptability, can withstand and thrive in diverse lighting conditions.


        Buy the money plant golden with vibrant heart-shaped green foliage and cascading vines that adds a touch of elegance to your work desk. It is one of the best Vastu plants



        4. Aglaonema: 

        Best Office Desk Plants


          Aglaonema is a plant that endures low light conditions with ease, making it a stellar choice for the office. They bring a burst of chromatic pop and add texture to your workspace, all while demanding the most minimal of attention.


          Buy our best selling, stunning aglaonema anjamani plant. It instantly adds a vibrant and eye-catching element to your workspace while demanding the most minimal of attention. 



          5. Dracaena:

          Best Office Desk Plants


          Dracaena plants are a diverse cluster of flora renowned for their adaptability and minimal upkeep. With its erect stems and lush emerald foliage, it exudes an alluring aura on any desk space. These plants flourish in moderate to bright indirect light, and uneven watering.


          Best Office Desk Plants as Per Vastu


          Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural system, emphasizes the importance of energy flow and balance in a space. When it comes to office desk plants, certain plants are believed to bring positive energy and good luck according to Vastu principles.


          Importance of Vastu in Office Spaces


          In Vastu Shastra, office spaces are considered crucial as they directly impact productivity, success, and prosperity. Incorporating plants in alignment with Vastu principles are believed to enhance positive energy flow and create a conducive work environment.


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          Office Desk Plants Recommended by Vastu Shastra


          1. Money Plant: 

          Best Office Desk Plants


          Money plants are highly regarded in Vastu as they are believed to bring financial prosperity. They have heart-shaped leaves and can be placed on the office desk or in the wealth corner of the office.


          Buy this flawless plant for someone who's starting a new venture or needs a little extra boost. The have heart shaped leaves and can be placed on the office desk.



          2. Lucky Bamboo

          Best Office Desk Plants

          Lucky bamboo is considered auspicious in Vastu and is believed to bring good luck and fortune. It is often placed in a vase with water and pebbles on the office desk.


          Gift the symbol of good fortune and success. It is one of the best indoor plants as per Vastu. It adds in a touch of divinity and freshness to your workspace.



          3. Jade Plant:

          Best Office Desk Plants


          Jade plants are associated with wealth and prosperity in Vastu. They have round, fleshy leaves and can be placed on the office desk or in the wealth corner to attract positive energy.


          Gift this one of the best indoor plant that brings prosperity and success. It is the best eco-friendly gift for retirement, milestone birthdays, anniversaries, & housewarming parties



          4. Areca Palm:

          Best Office Desk Plants


          The Areca Palm reigns supreme in the world of Vastu. Its air-purifying prowess and knack for creating a harmonic ambience in your space. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, this mighty palm is said to possess the power to attract positivity, happiness, and prosperity, making it an invaluable addition to any abode.


          Buy a air purifying areca palm that helps to promote sense of well being. Its beautiful foliage can brighten up any dull corners of your room.


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          Incorporating office desk plants can have a positive impact on your work environment. They offer various benefits such as improved air quality, reduced stress levels, and enhanced productivity. Whether you choose small plants, low-maintenance options, or plants recommended by Vastu Shastra, adding greenery to your workspace can create a more pleasant and inviting atmosphere.





          Q1. How Do You Keep a Plant Alive in an Office with No Windows?

          1. Opt for plants that can tolerate low light conditions. 
          2. Provide Adequate Light as natural light might be limited. Consider using artificial light sources such as fluorescent or LED lights, 
          3. Monitor Watering Carefully as excess moisture can lead to root rot, 
          4. Maintain Proper Ventilation as stagnant air can affect plant health.

          Q2. How Many Plants Should I Have in My Office?

          Ans. In an office 2-5 plants are base. If it's a small cubicle or a compact area, having a few small plants can create a refreshing atmosphere without overwhelming the space. For larger offices, you have more flexibility to incorporate multiple plants to enhance the overall ambience.

          Q3. What Plants Are Good for Oxygen in an Office?

          Ans. Some great plants for oxygen in the office are:

          1. Snake Plant
          2. Peace Lily
          3. Spider Plant
          4. Golden Pothos
          5. Boston Fern
          6. Areca Palm


          Q4. Do Desk Plants Increase Productivity?

          Ans. Absolutely! Incorporating desk plants into your workspace can have a positive impact on productivity. They help improve air quality, reduce stress, and add a pop of colour that increases positivity and aesthetic. This visual stimulation can inspire fresh ideas, boost creativity, and make your work environment more pleasant and enjoyable.

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