Best Plants That You Can Gift On An Employee Anniversary

Best Plants That You Can Gift On An Employee Anniversary

Best Plants Gift For Employee Anniversary


Want to honor employees' contributions on their work anniversary? Work anniversaries are a celebration of not only the passage of time, but also of the hard work, determination, & loyalty of the individual celebrating them. 

Why not try a sustainable gift to go green & make a place more lively with an important symbol EVERYTIME!! Growing plants is the best environmentally friendly gift because they look nice & clean the air around them. Plants also grow with our care, which is a metaphor for how employees give time to the company. Continue reading to learn more…



Best Plants That You Can Gift On An Employee Anniversary, Along With Their Reasons


Plants as gift makes thoughtful for corporate gifts of any occasion as they have very deep kind meaning with sustainable qualities. Some of the reason include:


1. Symbolic Meanings:


Plants symbolize life, development, & rejuvenation in many cultures for centuries. Just like plants go through stages of development, your employee has grown & made important contributions to the growth of the company over the years. 

For example, beautiful plants that thrive indoors or outdoors are the Aglaonema Pink Anjamani, Peace Lily, Snake Plants, Oxycardiums, Money Plant Golden, Peperomia, Aglaonemas, Anthuriums, & Lucky Bamboo Plant. These plants signify nature, purity, positive energy, love, kindness, prosperity, wealth, beauty, love, dedication, financial success, & spirituality. The adaptability of different climates & design styles makes them ideal corporate gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, & other milestones or encouragement.



2. Long-Lasting Excellence:


Unlock plant care secrets & get long term survival with healthy success.  This means — same like — employees learn to adapt, overcome obstacles, & thrive in a work environment. Like a plant's toughness, this lasting spirit shows an employee's long-term goals for job growth & loyalty to the company.

In addition, plants can help you learn how to care for them & see your efforts pay off season after season. Just like taking care of plants pays off in the long run, investing in your professional growth will do the same.



3. Supports Employee Well-Being & Sustainability:


According to studies, gardening & other nature-based activities can improve people's physical & mental health. Plants make great office gifts because of the excellent environmental effects they have, such as reducing stress & cleaning the air. Moreover, simple actions, like including plants in modern workplaces, can demonstrate how dedicated a company is to protecting the natural world & being responsible.


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Ideas For Giving A Plant For An Work Anniversary


Also, here are some creative ways to give plants to employees on their work anniversary:


1. In a Unique Custom Style:


Each plant has unique characteristics & requirements, allowing for selection to suit their personality, species, region, or sector. You may prefer “zodiac sign” plants to give to employees.




2. With a Custom “Message” Pots Plants:


Gifting an employee a small indoor plant collection featuring crafted pots with their names, dates, & messages is a great way to show “appreciation” for their skills & service to the company. As a bonus, it can serve as a “constant reminder” of how far they've come in their chosen field.



Best Plants That You Can Gift On An Employee Anniversary 


1. Aglaonema Pink Anjamani:

Best Plants That You Can Gift On An Employee Anniversary - Aglaonema Pink Anjamani


Aglaonema Pink Anjamani is a great choice for an office gift because of its versatility. This is the perfect gift for employee anniversaries. The plant has unique variegated leaves that are various shades of pink, green & cream. It is both low-maintenance & an exceptional air purifier plant.


Buy our best selling colorful plant Aglaonema pink anjamani for your home.


2. Peace Lily:

Best Plants That You Can Gift On An Employee Anniversary - Peace Lily


The peace lily is a beautiful plant with elegant white blooms & lush, dark green leaves. It is a classic choice when you want to show your appreciation. The peace lily is known to symbolize “purity” & “peace”, & it is a thoughtful gift to acknowledge the work of an employee. The peace lily is also a strong air purifier, which is a great benefit in an office setting.


Gift a air purifying, long lasting peace lily plant to your employees. It symbolises peace and tranquility, making them a heartfelt gift.


3. Snake Plants

Best Plants That You Can Gift On An Employee Anniversary - Snake Plant


The Snake Plant symbolizes “resilience” & “strength” in overcoming challenges. Giving a Snake Plant to an employee on their anniversary shows their “power” & “determination”. Its durability is a tribute to their commitment to their position & the success of the company. For the plant, new shoots & upright growth mean progress & growth. This is similar to how the employee has made big steps in their job & is expected to keep reaching new goals.


Gift a air purifying snake plant to your employees that amplifies the energy and aesthetic of any space. 


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4. Oxycardiums

Best Plants That You Can Gift On An Employee Anniversary - Oxycardium


The Oxycardium is a great gift to show your “love” & “appreciation” for your employees. Not only is this a heart-shaped vining plant beautifully attractive, it is also very easy to care for. This gift can be displayed in a hanging basket or on a table desk.


Beautiful heart shaped plant that can tolerate low light conditions and easy to care.


5. Money Plant Golden:

Best Plants That You Can Gift On An Employee Anniversary - Money Plant Golden


The Golden Money Plant, also known as the Pothos, symbolizes “financial well-being” & “professional success”. Its green leaves represent growth & accomplishments, indicating the employee's ongoing success in their role. Additionally, the plant's positive energy, believed to attract positive energy in Feng Shui. The gift also acknowledges the employee's adaptability, as it can adapt to various conditions.


Buy our one of the highest oxygen-producing and low-maintenance plant that helps to remove harmful VOCs from air. It also brings good luck. 


6. Peperomia:

Best Plants That You Can Gift On An Employee Anniversary - Peperomia


The peperomia is a tropical perennial succulent with evergreen leaves. The plant, native to Brazil, are considered “lucky plants” that are often given as a reassuring gift to ensure “Everything will be alright”. Therefore, it is an ideal gift for a colleague or employee during any occasions such as bravo, thank you, incentive, anniversary, get well or birthday.


Buy this easy to care aesthetic indoor plant that helps to purifier air.                     [/product] 


7. Aglaonemas:

Best Plants That You Can Gift On An Employee Anniversary - Aglaonemas


Aglaonema is a great choice for an office gift because of its versatility. The lush, green leaves & the plant's ability to tolerate low light conditions make it very popular. The Aglaonema is a symbol of “good luck” & “success” so it is an appropriate plant to give to acknowledge an employee's achievements. 


Buy our best selling colorful plant Aglaonema pink anjamani for your home.


8. Anthuriums:

Best Plants That You Can Gift On An Employee Anniversary - Anthuriums


Anthurium is one of the most striking indoor plants with large, heart-shaped, colorful foliage. The dark green foliage, from which the blossoms appear to emerge, enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the plant. An anthurium would be a classy anniversary gift for an employee. This is an excellent addition to the workplace, as it exudes “joy” & “welcome”.


Gift this longest-lasting floral plant to your loved ones. It symbolizes love and harmony.


9. Lucky Bamboo Plant:

Best Plants That You Can Gift On An Employee Anniversary - Lucky Bamboo Plant


The Lucky Bamboo is actually not a bamboo at all but it has unique & braided stems that have come to be a symbol of “fortune” in many cultures. Each stick (2,3,5,6 & 7) in a Lucky Bamboo arrangement is believed to represent a different element & offer different blessings & luck. Additionally, its unique look brings a bit of elegance to any desk. A Lucky Bamboo plant is a great gift for an employee anniversary. 


Buy the symbol of good fortune and success. It is one of the best indoor plants as per Vastu. 


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Plants are a classic way to show love that lasts a lifetime. The best way to let your significant other know you respect them or compliment them. With a message, you can make the gift look more special. 

If you want to give a plant as an anniversary work present but aren't sure which kind would be best for your needs, get in touch with a Greenkin expert.

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