Best Plants to Gift Your Remote Team

Best Plants to Gift Your Remote Team - Remote Team Gifting Ideas

Plants to Gift Your Remote Team 


Imagine your bedroom is also your office — sounds a little confusing, doesn't it? So just picture your desk with a splash of green plants. As changing the narrative with a plant is helping businesses refresh & reimagine the concept of “office work”. These calm, leafy companions are experts at air purification, moisture, & noise reduction. This exchange boosts productivity & concentration. Moreover, plant gifts may calm & enrich your remote team's workday.

So, let’s learn the benefits of providing remote employees’ green plants with unique symbolic meaning.



Best Plants to Gift Your Remote Team


1. Peace Lily:

Best Plants to Gift Your Remote Team - Peace Lily


The Peace Lily is a tropical evergreen plant that grows naturally in Asia & Central America. It is known for its beautiful look, ease of care, ability to clean the air, & as a symbol of “peace & unity”. Its dark green leaves & off-white or white flowers give any home office a touch of class. Peace Lilies look nice in a variety of settings & add a personal touch to people's workplaces. Their long-lasting blooms are also uplifting & help create a positive work environment.


Gift a air purifying, long lasting peace lily plant to your employees. It symbolises peace and tranquility, making them a heartfelt gift.



2. Chamaedorea Palm:

Best Plants to Gift Your Remote Team - Chamaedorea Palm


The Chamaedorea Palm is an iconic species native to the humid subtropical regions of North America. Its plume-like leaves make this plant easy to maintain, making it both attractive & functional. It's an excellent present option, especially for remote teams working together. Also, bringing some plants into the office at home can do wonders for morale, setting the tone for productive activity. Regular watering & adequate lighting are all this plant needs to grow well.


Buy this easy to care plant that can be placed indoor as well as shaded outdoors. Its easy to care and one of the best air purifiers.


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3. Aglaonema:

Best Plants to Gift Your Remote Team - Aglaonema


Gifts of Aglaonema plants are ideal for remote teams since they are aesthetically pleasing, low-maintenance, air purifiers, & have symbolic value (i.e. “purity, nature & the positive energy it radiates”). They are available in a broad variety of styles, colors, & cultivars to complement different aesthetics & character traits. In addition to promoting productivity, mood enhancement, & tension relief, they are practical & considerate gifts.


Buy our best selling colorful plant Aglaonema pink anjamani for your home.



4. Anthurium Mini Red:

Best Plants to Gift Your Remote Team - Anthurium Mini red


Anthurium Mini Red is a small perennial plant, originating in the South & Central American regions. It has bright yellow/white flower spikes that contrast beautifully with the dark green & red leaves. Due to its small size, unique look, low upkeep, ability to thrive indoors, ability to clean the air, & versatility, Peperomia Red Edge makes a thoughtful gift for remote teams.


Gift this longest-lasting floral plant to your loved ones. It symbolizes love and harmony.



5. Peperomia Red Edge:

Best Plants to Gift Your Remote Team - Peperomia


Peperomia Red Edge is a rare, compact plant indigenous to South American & Central American tropical forests. It is an excellent gift for remote teams due to its aesthetical appeal of dense waxy foliage & distinctive red-pink edges. This low-maintenance plant thrives in mild to bright indirect light & slightly moist soil. Also, peperomia plants can help clean the air, which makes them a unique & thoughtful gift for teams that work from home.


Gift this longest-lasting floral plant to your loved ones. It symbolizes love and harmony.


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6. Snake Plant:

Best Plants to Gift Your Remote Team - Snake Plant


The Snake Plant, which is also called Dracaena Trifasciata, is a favorite houseplant because it is hardy & good for cleaning the air inside. At night, it changes carbon dioxide into oxygen, which makes it great for beds & getting rid of toxins. Snake plants are great gifts for remote teams because they are low-maintenance, have a symbolic meaning (i.e. “good luck, purity, & positivity”), & add color to the workplace.


Gift a air purifying snake plant to your employees that amplifies the energy and aesthetic of any space. 



7. Pothos (Money Plant):

Best Plants to Gift Your Remote Team - Pothos


The “Money Plant”, or pothos, is an excellent & low-maintenance gift for remote teams. It handles varying light levels, so it may be used in many residential settings. It also removes pollution from the air, improving overall health. Moreover, some cultures regard it as a symbol of “prosperity”. And it is easy to create a stylish workspace by placing pothos in a variety of containers. Due to its trailing tendrils, it can be also used on shelves or in hanging pots.


Buy our one of the highest oxygen-producing and low-maintenance plant that helps to remove harmful VOCs from air. It also brings good luck. 



How to gift plants to your remote team? 


Steps to demonstrate appreciation & establish a great work environment for your remote employees:

  1. Understand the preferences & needs of your team members regarding plants. For example, low-maintenance or adaptable indoor plants & more.
  2. Establish a spending limit for the potted plant presents.
  3. Include a note of thanks & care instructions with each gift.
  4. Assemble the plants for distribution to the designated locations of each team member.
  5. Plan a digital get-together for employees to show their plant-related presents. Verify that your team received their presents & address any issues.
  6. Motivate team members to prioritize the health & maintenance of their plant life.


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Building team ties is very important in this digital age of working from home. Since many remote workers are bringing nature into their working living rooms to calm their minds & focus on their work as well as their health. That's why a plant gift is the best gift to present to remote teams. So, connect with Greenkin for safe packaging & high-quality plants today for your remote team employees.

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