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Peperomia Red Edge (Small)

Peperomia Red Edge (Small)

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A beautiful plant, Peperomia Red Edge is a rare find and quite a distinct looking plant. Peperomia Red Edge has bright green colored with dark red-pink edges and waxy textured foliage like a succulent. Peperomia Red Edge has thick upright stems with oval spoon-shaped leaves growing off them. The leaves of Peperomia Red Edge store the water for the plant. Sized to shipping, our Peperomia Red Edge plant reaches you with room to grow as it becomes part of your home.



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Care Level



1 to 2 times per week


Indoor, Shaded Outdoor

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About Peperomia Red Edge (Small)

An adorable plant, Peperomia Red Edge is a rare find and has gained quite a lot of fan following over the years. Peperomia Red Edge has bright green with red-pink edged and thick waxy succulent-like foliage. Peperomia is native to tropical forests of South America and Central America. Two Greek words, homoios and peperi, meaning 'similar to pepper' has been stated as the origin of the genus name Peperomia. In their natural habitat, Peperomia grows on the forest floor under the forest trees. Peperomia Red Edge is a succulent-like variety having spoon-shaped thick and waxy leaves. The leaves of Peperomia Red Edge store water needed by the plants. It is also known as Baby Rubber plant probably because of the resemblance of leaves to a Rubber plant but is not related to the Rubber plant in any other way. Peperomia Red Edge is characterized by its upright stems growing vertically as it matures. Peperomia Red Edge is quite a low-maintenance plant and does not demand a lot of care & attention. With some basic level of attention, Peperomia Red Edge could be a long-lasting plant gracing your home for years.

Also Known As

Peperomia Red Margin, Baby Rubber plant, Peperomia Obtusifolia Red Edge

Keep In Mind

Peperomia Red Edge would need protection from extreme low temperatures. They also do not respond well to overwatering.

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Planning to buy Peperomia Red Edge (Small) online? Here is all you need to know.

Peperomia Red Edge does well in medium to bright light, indoors and partially shaded to shaded outdoors. Protect it from direct sunlight. It could survive in low-light conditions but will lose its dense growth.

Peperomia Red Edge loves warmth and room temperature. It needs protection from extreme temperatures.

Peperomia Red Edge needs to be watered once or twice a week. This could increase during summers and reduce during winters. Prevent overwatering and provide good drainage.

Peperomia Red Edge does well in medium to high humidity conditions. So, in dry weather you might need to mist the plant regularly to maintain the humidity levels.

Peperomia Red Edge would need a mild fertilizer every month but not during winters

Peperomia Red Edge would need pruning to shape, encourage branching and removal of dried out leaves/stems

Peperomia Red Edge would need repotting every two to three years

Peperomia Red Edge Plant can be propagated via stem cuttings

Drooping leaves -

Curled leaves -

Brown tips/edge -
Low temperatures

Fading leaves -
Excessive light

Peperomia Red Edge are slow growers

1. Peperomia Red Edge is pet friendly and non-toxic to humans too
2. Peperomia Red Edge helps in purifying the air

Peperomia Red Margin, Baby Rubber plant, Peperomia Obtusifolia Red Edge

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