Outstanding Plants for Meeting Rooms

7 Outstanding Plants for Meeting Rooms: Office Plants Ideas

Plants for Meeting Rooms: Office Plants Ideas


Plants in offices are a trend that makes companies more productive & creative while purifying the air. Big companies like Microsoft & Amazon are adopting this nature-centric office design (biophilic design). Moreover, studies suggest improved air quality can boost office performance, employee happiness, & absence rates by 15%. In addition to sunlight, wide locations, & appropriate ventilation, biophilic architecture includes plants that cleanses oxygen, increases vitality through natural movement, & provides sensory satisfaction. 

Whether it's raw materials or a painting, they're secret gateways to Mother Nature when you're far from her. Spaces, for example, has embraced biophilic design by incorporating nature into their offices, promoting positivity, health, & productivity. 

So, will you like to change your approach at your next strategy (meeting) session? Yes. Well, let's connect with 7 outstanding plants for meeting rooms! 



Best Plants for Meeting Rooms


1. Fiddle Leaf Bambino:

Outstanding Plants for Meeting Rooms - Fiddle Leaf Bambino


The Bambino Fiddle-Leaf-Fig plant, native to tropical Western African woods, complements any living space. Its broad, violin-shaped green leaves increase air quality & calm the atmosphere. A low-maintenance, high-impact plant, this one is an excellent option for hectic office environments. Studies suggest that workplace plants improve focus, creativity, & well-being. Their lush greenery makes it easier to think & work together.


Buy this popular indoor plant with large glossy, violin shaped leaves that enhances any dull corners of your space.


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2. Monstera Minima:

Outstanding Plants for Meeting Rooms - Monstera Minima


The Monstera Minima plant, which is native to woods in Central & South America, is a lovely vine with dark green leaves that have holes in them, which are called fenestration. Its cracks & holes drain water & optimize light. It can condense & climb with smaller leaves. The plant purifies indoor air & improves health. It encourages creativity & teamwork in diverse working situations due to its versatility.


This low-maintenance plant not only purifies indoor air but also adds a touch of versatility to your space.



3. Areca Palm:

Outstanding Plants for Meeting Rooms - Areca Palm


The Areca Palm is a famous houseplant with bright green feathery leaves. It is native to Madagascar. The graceful fronds & thick leaflets of this plant make the room feel tropical. Its ability to clean the air helps people think more clearly & breathe better. For meeting spaces, Areca Palms reduce stress & enhance productivity with minimum maintenance.


Buy this popular and our best selling indoor plant. It’s also one of the rare plants that give out oxygen even at night and an efficient air purifier. 



4. Dracaena Dara Singh:

Outstanding Plants for Meeting Rooms - Dracaena Dara Singh


Dracaena Dara Singh is a colorful plant native to tropical Africa. It makes meeting places look more elegant with its bright, pretty leaves. It is simple to keep clean, so it can last a long time in any room. The plant contributes to a positive atmosphere, which lowers stress and enhances productivity.


Buy this popular and our best selling indoor plant. The plant contributes to a positive atmosphere.


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5. Rubber Plant Burgundy:

Outstanding Plants for Meeting Rooms - Rubber Plant Burgundy


Rubber Plant Burgundy, native to Southeast Asia & South America, offers striking dimension to interiors with its glossy, burgundy-deep green foliage. It thrives best in moderately shaded outdoor areas & flourishes in trees & pots. It needs minimum care as an intermediate plant. Its deep burgundy colors & ability to clean the air (for fresh air) make you more creative & focused, which makes it a great addition to any business setting.


Buy this statement indoor plant with aesthetic brown/burgundy foliage. Its unique foliage makes it a stunning decor in your home. 



6. Pachira Money Tree:

Outstanding Plants for Meeting Rooms - Pachira Money Tree


The Pachira Money Tree is a beautiful plant with bright green leaves & a strong trunk. It is native to Mexico & South America. It's a sign of luck, money, & strong judgment when making decisions. Its beautifully braided trunk & leaves make meeting rooms more colorful. The plant also boosts productivity & peace by increasing good energy flow.


Buy this beautiful indoor plant that attracts positive energy into your home and purifies indoor air. 



7. Snake Plant Laurentii:

Outstanding Plants for Meeting Rooms - Snake Plant Laurentii


Snake Plant Laurenti is a unique houseplant with air-purifying leaves. It is not sun-sensitive, can withstand periods of dryness, & requires minimal maintenance. The plant adds elegance to the workplace without consuming an executive's time. Furthermore, the plant can reduce stress & provide concentration for better workplace well-being & productivity.


Buy the most popular variety of snake plant. It has air purifying qualities, making it an excellent addition to indoor spaces. 


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Greenery is becoming a popular trend in workplaces for boosting creativity. These plants (mentioned above) serve as secret gateways to nature, promoting positivity, health, & productivity. Connect with Greenkin's expert to learn more about biophilic design & how to use plants in meeting rooms to improve morale & productivity.

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