How to Choose Perfect Pots for Your Home Decor

How to Choose Perfect Pots for Your Home Decor

Choose The Right Pots for Your Home Decor?


Creating your thriving indoor garden that brings beauty and tranquillity to your living space? Provide your plants with the optimal planter—pickout the right size of the pot, the material used, and the drainage capabilities it offers. 

Trying to find the right pot for your home? Don't have a balcony? Worry not, there’s still a possibility for you to create an enchanting exotic garden in your interior by using the magic of pots and planters.

And best of all, we promise you don’t need to live in the tropics in order to enjoy these exotic environments. Installing lively and fresh new dozens of plants with pots of various sizes surely would work its magic. 

Here’s our guide to help you find the right pots for your home decor.



Material of the Making

How to Choose Perfect Pots for Your Home Decor - Material in the Making

We advise you to avoid all kinds of plastic pots and planters. Instead, prefer planters made of natural materials like ceramic— which will help your Bird of Paradise or Monstera Deliciosa with good airflow and water absorption, or terra cotta— which will dutifully prevent soil disease and root rot. You can also consider wood, rattan or woven as quality materials while picking out planters. The right material is just a thoughtful touch to your making and collection. 

Pro tip: You should check out this beautiful addition to spruce up your space. 



Spice It Up With Furniture and Stands

How to Choose Perfect Pots for Your Home Decor


So you've built the look and feel of a chic garden by decorating your outdoor gate with planters. Don’t forget to think about adding some furniture! Not only will this add a charming touch to your home, but this will also lift up your spirits. A bistro table? Or a plant stand to elevate the level and style of your space that— is all you need perfect to create a beautiful outdoor space.

I’m in love with this beautiful contemporary wooden plant stand crafted out of Mango wood. Get these in and you can pretend to be in one of Paris’s Bistro gardens in the 1920s.



Size That Speaks: How to Select the Size of Your Planter? 

How to Choose Perfect Pots for Your Home Decor - How to Select Size


Choosing the right planter for your indoor plants is essential for their growth and overall health. While opting for large planters or compact  mini planters for small spaces, make sure that you select planters in accordance with the suitability of the specific pot sizes.

It is no secret that when it comes to plants certain plants thrive in smaller pots while large planters are ideal for most indoor plants. Here are a few plants that do well in small pots:


1. Succulents


Known for brightening the surroundings with their touch of green to any space and requiring minimal maintenance, succulents are known for their adaptation to small containers. From Aloe vera to jade plant, small planters are ideal for them. 


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2. Herbs


Herbs are excellent choices for small pots. Add in the fresh flavours and the aroma of flavours in all your culinary needs all from your indoor garden. 



Thinking About Drainage 


When selecting a planter, ensure it has drainage holes at the bottom, this will help you maintain proper health of the plant and avoid root rot. 

How? These holes in the planter will allow excess water to escape, preventing the roots from sitting in standing water, which can lead to root rot. So let your plants breathe. Materials like cotton are not only an optimal choice but also are decorative (My personal favourite is the Eco friendly Black and White cotton planter basket, it has a double inner lining)



Cultivating Your Style Slowly

How to Choose Perfect Pots for Your Home Decor


Want an escape from the grisaille Parisienne without leaving home? Hail excotic plants! Exotic plants need Exotic planters. Something like planters with a tray! 

When starting out, focus on using a variety of foliage plants. There's a lot to start experimenting with— we are talking different colours, texture and varieties. You can consider opting out for plants like Monstera Deliciosa, or Philodendron Birkin. Exquisite! 

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That wraps up our guide to find the right pot for your home. 

Please note that it is important to choose planters that suit your personal style and aesthetic choices with respect to your space. Beauty and functional practicality together builds sustainable options for enhancing the overall feel and look of your indoor environment. Check out some amazing pots and planters here

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