How to Grow and Care Lucky Bamboo Plant

How to Grow and Care Lucky Bamboo Plant (Care Guide)

Lucky Bamboo Plant Growing Guide


One of the most well-known and low-maintenance indoor plants is the Lucky Bamboo, which brings a sense of calm and serenity to any area. It may look like bamboo, but it isn't. Dracaena sanderiana is a beautiful plant that belongs to the genus Dracaena. Whether you're growing it for Feng Shui or for aesthetics and versatility, Lucky Bamboo is a lovely and adaptable plant. The number of stalks has symbolized meanings.

Let’s learn care tips on how to grow lucky bamboo plants in water.


Gift the symbol of good fortune and success. It is one of the best indoor plants as per Vastu. Lucky Bamboo is a lovely and adaptable plant. 



How To Grow Lucky Bamboo Plants in Water

How To Grow Lucky Bamboo Plants in Water


Lucky Bamboo is resilient and versatile, so growing and caring for it is easy. Here's a step-by-step guide:


  • Opt for a Clean Pot: Choose a clean pot that's the right size for your plant and deep enough to hold at least 2–3 inches of water (or more if you're using soil). However, prefer an ideal container like a transparent glass container that shows root growth and pure water inside.
  • Planting Roots: Planting bamboo in water requires a few extra steps, including the use of stones or boulders to help keep the bamboo stalks upright and 1–3 inches of water to submerge the roots. If you prefer soil, choose a mixture that drains well and retains moisture without becoming waterlogged.
  • Quality of the Water: Use clean, distilled, rainwater, or filtered water. Tap water may include salt like chlorine and other chemicals that impair plant development. If tap water is the only alternative, let it rest overnight to evaporate chlorine. Always remember, every 7-10 days, change the water to avoid decay and algae growth
  • Light Requirements: Place your lucky bamboo in an area where it will get optimal, indirect light but not direct sunshine.
  • Temperature: The lucky bamboo should be kept at a consistent temperature of 65–90°F (or 18°C to 32°C) and away from draughts.
  • Fertilization: If you're growing them in water, you should change the water every two to four weeks and feed them lightly. Once every two months, you can add a drop or two of liquid houseplant fertilizer to the water, but be careful not to over-fertilize, which can cause the leaves to turn yellow.
  • Cuts and Trims: If the main stem of lucky bamboo is trimmed to the appropriate height, new growth will develop around the cut. This may be executed by using wire or by tilting the plant to stimulate bending towards the light.
  • Propagation: A good stalk of lucky bamboo may be cut off and placed in water to grow new plants in approximately a month.
  • Other Concerns and Challenges: Keep an eye out for spider mites in dry conditions, if the leaves on your lucky bamboo start to turn yellow. Other causes of leaf yellowing include too much direct Sunlight, poor water quality, or over-fertilizing.


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Can you grow lucky bamboo in just water?

How To Grow Lucky Bamboo Plants in Water


In traditional Feng Shui, the number of stalks on a lucky bamboo plant (which is really a dracaena and not a genuine bamboo) has a symbolic value. Growing it in water is good, but growing it in soil may offer a more stable habitat for the plant over the long run.


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Lucky Bamboo Plant is a peaceful plant with thin stems and bright green leaves. It adds luck and nature to any place with little care (mentioned above). Feng shui practitioners see the Lucky Bamboo Plant as a symbol of good prosperity, hence the plant has deep cultural roots.




Q1. Where do you put lucky bamboo in water?

Ans. Place the bamboo stems above water and cover the roots with at least two inches of water.

Q2. How long does lucky bamboo live in water?

Ans. With proper care, lucky bamboo can survive for 1-2 years in water, but putting it in a soil mix can increase its lifespan more.

Q3. Will Bamboo grow roots in water?

Ans. Lucky bamboo grows roots in water, starting as small white roots that thicken and develop yellow or green.

Q4. What fertilizer to use for lucky bamboo in water?

Ans. Water-soluble, balanced houseplant fertilizer works well, but you must dilute it to about one-tenth of the prescribed strength. The fertilizer's nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium boost the plant's health, growth, and root formation.

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