How to Grow Birds of Paradise from Seed

How to Grow Birds of Paradise from Seed

How to Grow Birds of Paradise from Seed


Their bright orange hue, radiates exuberant joy. A paramount expression of paradise and freedom, Birds of Paradise have a fun and ecstatic aura owing to it's tropical origins.

Until last year, I believed that putting together a perfect flower arrangements for my space is an almost magical talent. That was until I came across this eye-catching enchantment, the Birds of Paradise plant will surely have you rethinking the definition of indoor house planting

Crane flower or Strelitzia as they call it, falls under the subdivision of five species of perennial plants, which has it's roots intact in South Africa.  Commonly know as the Bird of Paradise plant, identified with the distinct flower that it bears. It is named after birds-of-paradise because of the resemblance to the flowers of the plant.

Read on to find out how you can grow your own Birds of Paradise plant.

Where Do We find the Seeds Bird of Paradise

Seeds Bird of Paradise


Speaking of aesthetics, the Birds of Paradise plant is generally used for ornamental landscaping purposes. Want to breathe fresh? The large leaves also purify and circulate fresh air which are good for overall health. The flowers, in a class by themselves along with their broad leaves make a statement. They are true treasures as within the flower is the seed of the plant. That's all you need to grow your own Birds of Paradise Plant. 


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How to Harvest Bird of Paradise Seeds

Harvest Bird of Paradise Seeds


Here are 4 easy steps to follow to harvest Birds of Paradise Seeds :

  • Step 1. Find mature seedpods (mostly, they can be identified by their tan colour and dark brown stems). The pods are filled with large, shiny black seeds in them and have a wooly orange crest over them. 
  • Step 2. Dry the seeds by placing them in a paper towel. 
  • Step 3. Remove the seeds by opening the pods. Place the seeds back on the paper towel until they dry out completely. 
  • Step 4. Put the seeds into an envelope or a zip lock bag in a cool and dry place. 


How to Plant Bird of Paradise Seeds


Soaking the seeds is essential. Begin by putting the seeds in water for 1-2 days and watch as they swell in size. 

Well-soaked, now they are ready to plant. With the right mix of lots of indirect sunlight,  high humidity and a regulatory temperature of 23°C Birds of Paradise seeds are sought out to germinate.  

Using well-draining permeable soil, make sure that the spacing of each pod is maintained several inches apart before planting the seeds 1.5 to 3 centimeters deep, as inadequate spacing can delay or prevent germination

How Long Does Bird of Paradise Seeds Take to Germinate?

Bird of Paradise Seeds Take to Germinate


As an estimation, it will take anywhere from around eight to nine weeks —the shortest time period for your Bird of Paradise seeds to germinate.

Unless given absolutely what they require — the seeds of Birds of paradise grow extremely sedated, if only so all the conditions are rightly met.  Sprouting of the seeds is much more likely to occur within the first eight to nine weeks time frame. 

Another tactic to increase the chance of germination within the desired time frame is to pre-soak the seeds in very hot water for thirty to forty minutes as hot water is known to decrease any chance of molding and other diseased during germination. 


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Best Time to Plant Bird of Paradise Seeds

Time to Plant Bird of Paradise Seeds

The best time to plant Birds of Paradise seeds in the months of September, October and November. Although this won't necessarily increase or decrease the germinating and sprouting of the seeds but this helps tremendously in easy transplanting of seedlings in the later stages.

Improper and unfavorable conditions will prevent the seeds of your Birds of Paradise plant from growing, regardless of the season in which they are planted. However, Planting them in the above mentioned seasons facilitates the seeds to grow all winter. Following which the sprouts can be transplanted to the desired pot in the springtime. 


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Other Methods To Grow Birds of Paradise at Home. 


Division is the answer. So, what is it? Well, The easiest way to grow your birds of paradise plant without going through the anxiety and inconvenience of bothering with seeds!

The ancient technique of division involves separating a mature plant from the planter and very carefully splitting it into two at its roots with the crown intact. Easier said than done, right? The process is a little more demanding. Similar to  any other propagation methods; division, is a crafty and skillful method and might be challenging for the unfamiliar. 

Last Words


On that note, Birds of Paradise plant are an ornamental beauty and would surely be a vivacious addition to your collection. Bringing together the tropical calm and joy along with a pop of orange; growing birds of paradise plant would be a calming therapeutic experience that is bound to lift up your spirits. 




Q1. Where do birds of paradise grow best?

Ans. Since it is a tropical plant, tropical climates suit the plant optimally and provide the right conditions for growth.

Q2. Can you grow cuttings from a bird of paradise?

Ans. Yes, you can grow the plant by cutting a stem off a mature plant and waiting for the root to germinate.

Q3. Can bird of paradise grow in India?

Ans. In India, birds of paradise plants can be seen blooming and grow well in sub-tropical and sub-temperate climatic conditions.

Q4. Should you cut dead leaves off bird of paradise?

Ans. Pruning the plant is the way to go. However, it should be kept in mind that they don't require regular pruning and serious pruning, if any should be reserved for spring time.

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