Benefits of Snake Plant

Benefits of Snake Plant: Health and Vastu Benefits

Benefits of Snake Plant

Sansevieria, or snake plants, are common houseplants well renowned for their stunning beauty and air-purifying properties. These plants are a great option for both inexperienced and seasoned gardeners alike because they require little maintenance and may grow in a range of environments.

Let's examine the various advantages of snake plants in this blog, including their health advantages, Vastu advantages, and the most well-liked varieties on the market.


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Health Benefits of Snake Plant


Benefits of Snake Plant
  • Not only Snake plants are beautiful and have a lush appearance, but they also have a lot of health advantages. 
  • Snake plants are among the finest plants for enhancing indoor air quality, according to NASA.
  • They are particularly skilled in eliminating airborne pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene, which are frequently found in home goods and furniture. Because of this, snake plants are the best option for anyone who has allergies or respiratory problems.
  • Snake plants are proven to improve general health in addition to cleansing the air. During the night, they release oxygen, which can enhance sleep and lessen stress.
  • Snake plants can help control humidity levels and stop the spread of airborne diseases by absorbing carbon dioxide.


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Vastu Benefits of Snake Plant


  • Snake plants are regarded as one of the most auspicious plants to have in the home according to Vastu Shastra. 

  • They are thought to bestow the household with luck, wealth, and prosperity. Experts in Vastu believe that placing a snake plant in the southeast corner of the office or living room can promote financial security and professional success.


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Is Snake Plant Lucky or Unlucky?


Benefits of Snake Plant
  • The idea that snake plants are unlucky is widespread, especially if they are maintained indoors. This is not the case, though. In fact, many civilizations around the world regard snake plants as being extremely lucky. 
  • They are frequently given as gifts to newlyweds or individuals starting new businesses in China since they are said to bring good fortune. Snake plants are thought to extend life and bring happiness and health into the house in Japan.


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Snake Plant Placement as Per Vastu


As mentioned earlier, the placement of a snake plant can have a significant impact on its Vastu benefits. According to Vastu experts, the ideal placement for a snake plant is in the southeast corner of the living room or the office.

By doing this, it can help you bring in financial stability and career success. Usually, it is recommended to place a snake plant in the bedroom, as it can improve your sleep and reduce stress levels.


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Popular Types of Snake Plants


Benefits of Snake Plant

There are many different types of snake plants available, each with its own unique characteristics and growth patterns. Here are some of the most popular types of snake plants that will make the perfect addition to your space:

  • Dracaena trifasciata 'Hahnii': The Hahnii is a diminutive cultivar of the common Dracaena trifasciata species, also referred to as the bird's nest snake plant. The stemless leaves of this quickly expanding succulent form a rosette that resembles a nest, giving it its name.
  • Dracaena Angolensi: Slow-growing succulent known as the "African spear plant" is admired for its long, rounded, stemless leaves that arch outward from its centre crown. There is also a variety known as "straight" whose leaves stand straight and alert.
  • Dracaena trifasciata 'Laurentii': 'Laurentii' is probably the instantly recognisable snake plant that comes to mind when you think about snake plants. This common, hardy species, sometimes known as the variegated snake plant or the striped mother-in-law's tongue, stands out for its eye-catching foliage patterning. Fans of Feng Shui will also like snake plants' sword-shaped leaves, which is thought to cut through negative energy.
  • Dracaena trifasciata 'Twisted Sister': Why not try the miniature cultivar Dracaena trifasciata 'Twisted Sister' if you're searching for a small snake plant to fit on a small shelf? It's a different species with a leaf development habit resembling a bird's nest.


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How to Care for a Snake Plant?


Snake plants are renowned for their ability to flourish in a variety of conditions and for requiring little to no upkeep. Here is some advice that will help you care for your snake plant:

  • Watering: Snake plants can go several weeks without water and do not require it frequently. Just make sure the soil is completely dry before applying water to prevent overwatering.
  • Light: Snake plants can endure a range of lighting conditions, from low light to high light.
  • Soil: Snake plants need a potting mix that contains perlite or sand to promote proper drainage because they appreciate well-draining soil.
  • Temperature: Snake plants can withstand temperatures between 50°F and 85°F. However, they grow the best in the temperature range of 70°F and 90°F.
  • Fertilizer: Snake plants require balanced, slow-release fertilizer once or twice a year.


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In conclusion, the snake plant is an outstanding indoor plant that has a lot of advantages for our health and happiness! In addition to improving our mood, and lowering stress levels, it also purifies the air we breathe.

The snake plant is an excellent addition to any home or business due to its low maintenance needs and adaptability to a variety of situations. For lovers of plants and anybody wishing to enhance their indoor air quality and general well-being, it is essential due to its visual appeal and advantages.

So why not purchase a snake plant right away and enjoy all the wonderful advantages it has to offer?

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