Different Varieties of Indoor Ferns in India

Explore Different Varieties of Indoor Ferns in India

Different Varieties of Indoor Ferns In India


Want to enhance the Feng Shui of your home or just enjoy the aesthetic benefits of having plants around? Imagine a fern. Ferns, among the oldest living plants on Earth, are popular houseplants. Ferns are also great for adding greenery, sophistication, or vitality to a living space.

Outdoor ferns are well-suited to interior areas since they have adapted to survive in dim light, high humidity, & small spaces. They make wonderful houseplants due to their lovely, delicate development. Indoor ferns are a great way to bring nature inside, as well as elegance & energy.

Nevertheless, ferns are known for being hard to take care of, but if you have the right knowledge & choose the right species, you might find that they are the perfect addition to your space. Let's take a look at some different varieties of indoor fern options.


A statement making houseplant. It is a gorgeous plant that enhances the beauty of any space. They make wonderful houseplants due to their lovely, delicate development.



Different Varieties of Indoor Ferns 


Non-flowering vascular plants like ferns are pteridophytes, which reproduce asexually through spores. Leaves of ferns, or fronds, are often divided into smaller leaflets & thrive in moist, shady environments. 

Different varieties of indoor ferns are popular houseplants globally due to their unique adaptability & attractive fronds:


1. Boston Fern (Nephrolepis Exaltata):

Different Varieties of Indoor Ferns in India - Boston Fern


Boston ferns often called sword fern, is a popular kind of fern found in many tropical regions that is known for delicate, feathery fronds. This fern acts as a natural air purifier, removing toxins like formaldehyde from the air by absorbing & filtering harmful gases.



2. Bird's Nest Ferns (Asplenium Nidus):

Different Varieties of Indoor Ferns in India - Birds Nest Fern


Bird's Nest Ferns resemble a bird's nest with broad, wavy fronds that add a tropical, exotic feel to any interior space. It has the ability to absorb & neutralize harmful gases like xylene & toluene, which filters & detoxifies the air.



3. Staghorn Ferns (genus Platycerium):

Different Varieties of Indoor Ferns in India - Staghorn Fern


Staghorn ferns are a member of the Polypodiaceae family that have shield- & antler-like fronds that grow in protective forms. When mounted on indoor walls, it creates a unique & eye-catching display. Its characteristics to absorb & retain water increases humidity levels, making them perfect natural humidifiers.


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4. Maidenhair Ferns (Adiantum Aethiopicum):

Different Varieties of Indoor Ferns in India - Maidenhair Fern


Maidenhair ferns are deciduous ferns that are known for their thin, fan-shaped leaf segments that are grouped together on black, wiry stems. When grown indoors, maidenhair ferns create a soft & graceful atmosphere by evaporating water through their leaves (act as a natural humidifier).



5. Button Ferns (Pellaea Rotundifolia):

Different Varieties of Indoor Ferns in India - Button Fern


Button Ferns have small, round leaflets that resemble buttons that add a compact & charming touch to interior space. This fern can tolerate lower humidity levels than other ferns, which allows it to adapt & thrive in moderate humidity conditions.



6. Japanese Painted Ferns (Athyrium Niponicum):

Different Varieties of Indoor Ferns in India - Japanese Painted Fern


Japanese Painted Ferns is a rhizomatous, deciduous fern with an arching habit that adds color & aesthetic appeal to interior areas. It typically grows to 18” tall. What makes them unique is their ability to change color throughout the growing season, which is influenced by pigmentation & environmental factors.



7. Holly Fern (Cyrtomium Falcatum):

Different Varieties of Indoor Ferns in India - Holly Fern


Cyrtomium falcatum, a fern of the family Dryopteridaceae also known as house holly-fern & Japanese holly fern, brings a splash of contrast & color to indoor spaces. This fern has glossy, leathery fronds with holly-like leaflets. Growing inside, this fern provides year-round greenery & texture.


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8. Blue Star Fern (Phlebodium Aureum):

Different Varieties of Indoor Ferns in India - Blue Star Fern


The Blue Star Fern is a beautiful & unique houseplant due to its elongated fronds & soothing green-blue coloring. Unlike other ferns, blue star ferns can survive lower light levels & optimize photosynthesis in reduced light levels. Its silvery-blue fronds provide a chill & ethereal touch to interior areas.



9. Rabbits Foot Fern (Davallia Fejeensis):

Different Varieties of Indoor Ferns in India - Rabbit Foot Fern


Rabbit's Foot Ferns, also known as Hares Foot Fern, are known for their fuzzy rhizomes that resemble rabbit's feet. When placed indoors in hanging baskets, this fern adds an interesting & textured look to the space. Additionally, it produces creeping rhizomes that grow over the pot to create a visually appealing effect & allow them to expand & spread.



10. Squirrel's Foot Fern (Davallia Trichomanoides): 

Different Varieties of Indoor Ferns in India - Squirrel Foot Fern


Squirrel’s Foot Ferns, also known as the Black Rabbit's Foot Fern, are known for their fuzzy rhizomes that resemble a squirrel's foot. It grows epiphytically, in which it can be mounted on wood or bark instead of soil. This allows them to adapt & use moisture & nutrients from the air & surroundings. When placed indoors, this fern adds a unique & textured look to the space.



11. Kangaroo Paw Ferns (Phymatosorus Diversifolius):

Different Varieties of Indoor Ferns in India - Kangaroo Paw Fern


Kangaroo Paw Ferns is a houseplant fern native to Australia and New Zealand that have fronds that resemble kangaroo paws. This fern creates a unique & playful atmosphere when placed indoors. Another feature is that this fern produces spores on the undersides of its fronds, which can be used for propagation.


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Indoor ferns come in several varieties & are a perfect complement to any room since they thrive in low humidity, year-round green color, & maximize photosynthesis even when the lighting is dim. Thus, choose the proper species & care for ferns to give beauty & elegance to your house.

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