Benefits of Bird's Nest Fern

Benefits of Bird's Nest Fern: Beauty, Feng Shui, and Health

Benefits of Bird's Nest Fern 


Bird's Nest Fern - is a bird nest? No, the Bird's Nest Fern is a variety of ferns, not a bird's nest. The name is derived from the arrangement of its leaves. Popular indoor plants, bird's nest ferns (also called Asplenium nidus) have a bright, vibrant green color, a rosette shape, & distinctive crinkly fronds.

The aesthetic value & air-purifying properties of these tropical ferns are well-known. They develop from rhizomes & propagate through spores, which are found in clusters called spori on the underside of fronds. In the wild, bird's nest ferns often develop on logs, trees, & structures, where they collect rainfall & organic matter that gives them the nutrients they need.

Let’s have a look at the special benefits of keeping bird's nest ferns at home.


A statement making houseplant. It is a gorgeous plant that enhances the beauty of any space and purifies air. They make wonderful houseplants due to their lovely, delicate development.



The Benefits of Bird's Nest Ferns


1. Elegant Beauty With Ease of Maintenance:

Benefits of Bird's Nest Fern - Elegant Beauty With Ease of Maintenance


  • Positive Effects of Feng Shui & Vastu Shastra:

Bird's nest ferns are associated with the wood element, which represents growth, vitality, & good health. They also improve the flow of energy (chi) in a space, balancing yin & yang, & promoting health & well-being.

These plants are considered to have beneficial effects in Feng Shui & Vastu Shastra, traditional systems of creating harmonious living spaces.

According to Vastu Shastra, bird's nest ferns symbolize the earth's element & provide positive vibrations & energy to create peace & harmony. 

Also, according to Vastu Shastra, domestic plants like the bird's nest fern are linked to wealth & prosperity & should be placed in meditation rooms or other peaceful areas. Get advice from a Greenkin expert on the best spot for these plants in your house for the most benefit.


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  • Aesthetic value: 

Bird's nest ferns are well-liked indoor plants because of their beautiful fronds, bright green color, & unique texture. They enhance a room's appearance & provide elegance to the décor. These plants develop from a central canopy & look great in pots on tables, shelves, or hanging from the ceiling.

To illuminate a low-light space, a basket of large bird's nest ferns with other plants may be set on the floor.


  • Easy To Care For Bird's Nest:

Bird's nest ferns are an easy-care plant that flourishes in natural environments. They require temperatures between 18-32 oC, humidity, nutrient-dense soil with an acidic pH, indirect medium light exposure, & periodic pruning.

Moreover, propagation is an enjoyable & inexpensive method to cultivate vegetation. Ferns are suitable for home decoration because they grow in two weeks & can tolerate low light conditions.



 2. Health Benefits:

The Benefits of Bird's Nest Ferns - Health Benefits


  • Benefits For Air Purification & Allergy Relief:

According to studies, houseplants such as bird's nest ferns may aid in air purification by absorbing carbon dioxide & filtering out toxins such as cigarette smoke & solvents.

A 2015 study determined that bird's nest plants are effective at purifying the air around them by removing pollutants & decreasing the carbon dioxide concentration from 2,000 to 800 parts per million.

Additionally, bird's nest ferns reduce allergies by removing air contaminants, increasing humidity, & not producing hay fever-inducing blossoms or pollen. This makes them an excellent option for individuals with seasonal allergies.


  • Beneficial To The Mind & Brain: 

Studies have shown that having plants like the bird's nest fern in the classroom may help students feel more relaxed, enhance their mood, & increase their productivity & memory. 

According to another study, working with plants can boost productivity & memory recall, as people who work with plants have better memory recall. At night, living plants like the bird's nest fern release oxygen that makes the room more comfortable for sleep.


  • Effective As A Medicine: 

Bird's nest fern, high in bioactive flavonoids, has been discovered to have antioxidant, antibacterial, & anti-cancer properties.

This plant's flavonoids are also evidence of its long history of use in folk medicine, where it has been used to treat fever with a lotion derived from foliage extractions & to reduce labor pains during childbirth.


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Bird's nest ferns are excellent indoor plants that make a space healthier, more beautiful, & more peaceful. Consider bringing some natural beauty into your home with bird's nest ferns & enjoy the benefits of these plants, which include cleaning the air we breathe, requiring little care, & more. 

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