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Today's classes give students more chances to take part in the learning process, so classrooms are more than just places to get knowledge. One thing that could help this change go more smoothly is having plants inside because indoor plants contribute an unnoticed yet transformational touch, creating a complete environment where nature meets education. 

Finding the right plants for your classroom might be easier if you understand how adding greenery can benefit your students. Let's look into the best plants for the classroom, their benefits, & how to care for their need.



What Are The Benefits Of A Green Classroom?


Reasons why it's a good idea to have a green classroom:


1. Air Purification:


The presence of plants in a space where young, growing brains are present is essential because of the role they play as natural air purifiers, filtering out harmful contaminants & replacing them with purer air. To produce oxygen from carbon dioxide, plants use a process called photosynthesis. In addition, they are capable of transforming carcinogenic molecules like formaldehyde & benzene into harmless compounds.



2. Cognitive Improvement:


According to research, being exposed to nature boosts neuroplasticity & the number of new synapses created in the brain, leading to enhanced cognitive function. The brain's ability to rewire itself, known as neuroplasticity, is influenced by environmental factors. Research in psychology has connected the phenomena of neuroplasticity to improved learning & memory retention.

The Attention Restoration Theory (ART) says that being in nature might help people think more clearly & concentrate. Students may be more attentive & focused because of the calming benefits of nature.



3. Reducing Anxiety Effects: 


Plants & other greenery have a calming effect on kids, allowing them to focus better in class. According to research, green spaces reduce cortisol levels, resulting in less anxiety, & enhance attention & learning due to "biophilia"—our innate love of nature. According to Biophilia, humans are attracted to nature & plant life has a calming effect on humans because of plants' relaxing green color & natural pattern.

In one study, university students enrolled in the same course taught by the same professor were divided into two groups: those with & without plants. The course & teacher were ranked much better when there were plants in the classroom.



4. Practical Experience in the Classroom:


Plant care is an excellent method to get hands-on experience with fundamental biological processes like photosynthesis, respiration, & transpiration, & to put scientific theories into action. Teaching kids about the environment makes them more aware & responsible for their impact on the planet.



5. Adding Visuals to the Classroom:


Green plants' connection to nature & renewal calm the mind beyond aesthetics. Green, according to studies in color psychology, has been shown to increase productivity & satisfaction by creating a sense of serenity, security, & liveliness. Plants can be used as architectural features to add aesthetic variation, texture, & natural walls or limits to large spaces.


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What Are The Best Plants For the Classroom?


Students may find calm, enhance focus & energy, & boost feelings of pleasure by spending time in green indoor spaces. Plants in the classroom are a great way to get all plant benefits (mentioned above) as well as teach not just botany & ecology, but also responsibility & compassion. The plants' complicated structure can teach children how plants are made, & their benefits. Some of the best plants for the classroom are:


1. Areca Palm:

Best Plants for Classroom - Areca Palm


Areca palm trees come from Madagascar & can grow up to 6-7 feet tall in a controlled environment. They enhance indoor air quality by raising humidity & reducing the risk of breathing or eye irritations among kids.


Buy this graceful areca palm with feather like foliage and transform any dull corners of your room. It brings a touch of elegance and a tropical vibe to the corners of your space. It also improves indoor air quality.



2. Chamaedorea Palm:

Best Plants for Classroom - Chamaedorea Palm


The Chamaedorea Palm is a good example of an understorey rainforest plant that may be used to demonstrate the necessity of adaptation to students because of its low light tolerance & its origin in the dense forests of Southern Mexico & Guatemala.


The best plant to keep in the corners of your room that helps to cleanse the air and is easy to care. It provides a touch of beauty to the classroom and also purifies the air.



3. Snake Plants:

Best Plants for Classroom - Snake Plant


Snake plants have a unique photosynthetic pattern called Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (CAM), which allows them to take in carbon dioxide (CO2) & exhale oxygen (O2) at night. This may lead to a discussion on plant adaptations, which may symbolize strength & resilience.


Buy this popular and our best selling indoor plant. It has air purifying properties also it needs minimal maintenance. It also symbolizes strength & resilience.


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4. Dracaena Dara Singh:

Best Plants for Classroom - Dracaena Dara Singh


The Dracaena Dara Singh, a beautiful houseplant with tall green leaves & mesmerizing reddish edges is an ideal classroom plant & to reduce indoor pollution, raise humidity (the plant exudes water vapor), & improve the interior's appearance. 



5. ZZ Plant:

Best Plants for Classroom - ZZ Plant


ZZ Plants, which are native to Eastern Africa, have become famous plants. It represents "steady" & "growing" & can grow in low-light settings & because their rhizomes can store water. This makes them a good place to start a discussion about plant evolution.


Buy this resilient and low maintenance beauty that is a is a great air purifier. It is acknowledged to bring support and luck surrounding its placement. 



6. Money Plants:

Best Plants for Classroom - Money Plant


Money Plants (Pothos) have a rich cultural past, often linked with wealth & luck in numerous civilizations. Their aerial roots may be used to explore plant adaptation, & their resilience can educate kids about plant strength & adaptability.


It is known to bring good luck, prosperity and positive energy into your surrounding. It is one of the most low maintenance plant.



7. Aglaonema:

Best Plants for Classroom - Aglaonema


Aglaonema are native to dense tropical forests in Asia & New Guinea, & their ability to survive in shady conditions makes them hardy in less-lit urban settings. Their thick foliage acts as a natural sound barrier, making a classroom more peaceful.


Buy our best selling beautiful aglaonema pink anjamani plant that has thick foliage acts as a natural sound barrier, making a classroom more peaceful.



8. Boston Fern:

Best Plants for Classroom - Boston Fern


Boston Ferns are one of the oldest plants, dating back to prehistoric times. These plants have a long & interesting history, & thrive in stable humidity, making them a good option for dry-climate schools.


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9. Broken Heart Plant:

Best Plants for Classroom - Broken Heart Plant


Broken Heart Plant, often known as String of Hearts for its distinctive heart-shaped leaves, is a great way to begin a discussion on plant morphology, demonstrate how growth patterns manifest themselves, or just draw attention to the delicate beauty of nature.


Buy this beautiful indoor plant that has an unique foliage with air purifying characteristics.



10. Heartleaf Philodendron:

Best Plants for Classroom - Heartleaf Philodendron


Heartleaf philodendrons (Oxycardiums), which are native to the South American rain forest, are a great way to introduce students to the concept of epiphytic growth (plants that grow on other plants without being parasitic), & their lush green appearance can evoke feelings of calm & well-being.


Buy this beautiful houseplant that has yellow and green leaves withg air-cleaning characteristics. With their lush green appearance can evoke feelings of calm & well-being.



11. Philodendron Ceylon Golden:

Best Plants for Classroom - Philodendron Ceylon Golden


Philodendron Ceylon Golden, like other members of the Philodendron family, is easily identifiable by its bright yellow leaves & may be used as an example for talking about plant colors & the function of chlorophyll (responsible for the green color in plants) in photosynthesis.


Buy this beautiful houseplant that has yellow leaves & air-cleaning characteristics. This plant may be used as an example for talking about plant colors & the function of chlorophyll. 



How Could We Care For A Plant That Is Growing In The Classroom?


The classroom plant needs our tender loving care! The best way to care for a plant that thrives in the classroom:

  1. Periodically care plan: Understanding the plant's daily routine & the amount of water & light it requires will allow you to provide it with the best possible care.
  2. Placement: Take use of your understanding of phototropism to direct light where it will do the most good for your plants.
  3. Scheduled Watering Times: Learn about transpiration so you can control the water levels in your plants.
  4. Educate: To properly care for plants, it's helpful to get knowledge about cellular activities such as photosynthesis & cellular respiration.
  5. Protection: Consider the conditions in which the plants thrive naturally, & take measures to protect them from draughts & sudden temperature changes.
  6. Consistent Inspection: Observation of plant bugs may educate students on how plants defend themselves & how to control pests.


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Indoor plants provide beauty to a classroom, which is admired by students. The presence of plants in the classroom has been shown to improve students' & instructors' abilities to concentrate, recall knowledge, cope with stress, boost productivity, & lessen mental fatigue. Just like roots hold up plants, links between neurons hold up our thoughts.

So why wait? Bring your Greenkin indoor plant today to improve your child’s memory, attention, & health! Don't miss this chance to make the learning place better!

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