Everything About Broken Heart Plant: Benefits, Care

Benefits and Care About Broken Heart Plant

Everything About Broken Heart Plant: Benefits, Care


Their heart shaped leaves that have holes in the leaf blade symbolises health and abundance, radiating peculiar beauty.  A paramount expression of uniqueness and quirky entice Broken heart plants have a je ne sais quoi in terms of aesthetics to them


Buy this stunning indoor plant with heart shaped leaves. Its unique foliage can enhance the decor of any room.


1. Broken Heart Plant Specification


Commonly known as the Broken Heart plant, identified with the distinct leaves that it bears, Swiss cheese vine or monstera  is a plant of the Araceae family native to Central America.

Until last year, I believed that putting together a perfect house planting arrangement for my space is an almost magical talent. That was until I came across this eye-catching enchantment, the Broken Heart plant, it will surely have you rethinking the definition of indoor house plants. 

Read on to find everything you need to know about the Broken Heart Plant.



2. How to Grow Broken Heart Plants at Home?


Through stem cuttings!

Like most other vines, the best way to propagate a Monstera Adansonii is through stem cuttings. Make sections in such a way that there is a node in each section. You can allow these cuttings to root in water and then move them to pots. 


Check these planters for assistance. 



3. Step-by-Step Guide to Growing Your Broken Heart Plant


  • Chop off 12 -14 cm long cutting from a healthy and mature Broken Heart plant. Do ensure it has two to three nodules. 
  •  Take a jar of water and place the cutting.
  • Place it in indirect sunlight and change the water every 3-5 days.
  • Once you see new shoots in formation, take a container and  transplant the cutting. Make sure it has a well-draining potting mix.


4. How to Care for Broken Heart Plants? ( Caring Tips)


  • Rise and Shine


Expose your Monstera to bright, indirect sunlight. Ensure saving iit from direct sunlight exposure, especially during the afternoon, as it can burn the delicate foliage of the plant. 

Your shady balcony corner suits the best.


  • Sprinkle the Sparkling Water

Let the topsoil dry between watering sessions to avoid any fungus growing. Let the soil stay damped and moistened.  The broken heart plant loves consistently moist soil. Also, when watering the plant start off from the base without damping the leaves.


  • Seize the Soil


The plant is best suited for the ideal temperature range of 18-30 C for proper balanced growth.

Undoubtedly, Monstera thrives best in well-draining, porous, and moderately fertile soil.

Please note that  prolonged exposure can damage the Monstera plant.


  • Humidify the Aura


The humidifier is your best friend or you can also place the pot above a tray filled with water and pebbles and mist the leaves. 

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 5. Benefits of broken heart plant


The Broken Heart Plant has many benefits. Here are some listed below: 

  • Vastu benefits of broken heart plant

  • It is usually said that the Broken Heart plant must be kept in the southwest direction of your space and surrounding when grown inside the home. According to Vastu Shastra, keeping the plant in the southwest direction will not only bring positive aspirations and happiness to your surrounding but will also help your plant to burgeon rapidly. 


  • Medicinal benefits of broken heart plant

  • Purify your indoor air, eliminate the VOCs and carbon dioxide. Breathe in the gentle calm!

    Broken heart plants if kept indoors, at office desks, table tops, etc (as they are low maintenance and need little care) will purify your surroundings. 

    Please note that the Leaves of Broken Heart Plant are said to be toxic if ingested. Keep it away from pets and children. 


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    6. In Conclusion

    Broken heart plants are an answered prayer to your ornamental & decorative callings. Pablo Picasso used Philodendron in his sculpture 'Woman in the Garden'. 

    Truly a work of art and a great addition to your space. Get your green muse here




    Q1. Is Broken heart a money plant?

    Ans. Monstera Adansonii, also known as Broken heart, is a type of money plant.

    Q2. Can we keep broken heart plants at home?

    Ans. Yes, according to Vastu Shastra, keeping the plant in the southwest direction will bring positive aspirations and happiness to your surrounding

    Q3. What is the use of a broken heart plant?

    Ans. The broken heart plant is a great air purifier.

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