How to Care for Monstera Deliciosa

How to Grow and Care for Monstera Deliciosa (Care Guide)

How to Care for Monstera Deliciosa


Its signature split leaves make it a vibrant addition to any room, Monstera Deliciosa, also known as the split-leaf philodendron is the next ‘It’. As the leaves are young, the holes are more towards the center making these glossy leaves look like Swiss cheese. Hence, you can feel free to call it Swiss Cheese Plant, as it will instantly brighten up not only your mood but also the dullest corner of your room. 


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Monstera Deliciosa Plant Care for Beginners

How to Grow and Care for Monstera Deliciosa  (Care Guide) - Beginners


Known to grow as a woody vine in its natural habitat, Monstera Deliciosa  one can grow tall and wide. The secrets to a healthy and thriving Monstera Deliciosa lies in its occasional pruning to remove the dried leaves and repotting every three years or as needed.

Read on to understand how to give your Monstera Deliciosa the optimal conditions to grow.


How to Grow (Propagate) Monstera Deliciosa

How to Grow and Care for Monstera Deliciosa  (Care Guide) 


Like most other vines, the best way to propagate a Monstera Deliciosa is through stem cuttings. Make sections in such a way that there is a node in each section. You can allow these cuttings to root in water and then move them to pots. 

In terms of soil treatment affecting propagation practices, Monstera Deliciosa does well with a mild fertiliser applied every month. But the plant does not require fertilisation during winter.  


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Is Monstera Deliciosa Easy to Care for?

How to Grow and Care for Monstera Deliciosa  (Care Guide)


Yes, the Monstera Deliciosa is one of the best plants for a beginner venturing into gardening. With little effort, you can have a healthy-looking plant to light up your space.  

But please keep in mind, the Monstera Deliciosa is toxic to pets and mildly toxic to humans as well. Ensure that you keep the plant away from the reach of your pets. 


How to Care for Monstera Deliciosa Plant

How to Grow and Care for Monstera Deliciosa  (Care Guide)

Here are some tips and requirements that will help you to grow your Monstera Deliciosa plant correctly.



1. Rise and Shine


Remember that these are plants from tropical forests where they do not get direct sunlight. Mimic the natural habitat and the plant remains happy. The plant can tolerate indirect sunlight even in a shady spot on your balcony. 


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While direct sunlight can burn the leaves, low light conditions can lead to stunted growth. Moderate to bright light will be ideal for a healthy Monstera Deliciosa. 



2. Sprinkle the Sparkling Water


Slightly moist soil is perfect for the growth of Monstera Deliciosa. Water it once or twice a week. In winter, you might have to increase the gap between waterings. It’s perfectly fine to let the soil dry out to some extent but overwatering can harm your plant.  


Monstera Deliciosa loves humidity and too much or too little humidity can harm the growth of the plant. Remember to mist it occasionally when the air gets dry.  



3. Seize the Size


Monstera Deliciosa is one of those plants that can grow as big as the space you give them. With proper care and nutrition, some Monstera Deliciosa plants can grow up to 12 feet tall indoors. But a lot depends on the vertical support you provide for these vines.



4. Map the Temperature 


The Monstera Deliciosa loves warm conditions and grows healthily in the temperature range of 20 - 30 degrees Celsius. But these plants do not tolerate extremely cold temperatures. So, in case you have placed your Monstera Deliciosa on the balcony, you might have to move it indoors during the winter as the mercury drops drastically.  


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Concluding Note


That was all about taking care of your Monstera Deliciosa. So, say cheese and guard right on! If you are planning to add a little bit of refulgence and shine to your space with that ‘It factor’, get yourself a Monstera Deliciosa. 






Q1. How much sunlight does Monstera Deliciosa need?

Ans. Give that plant moderate to bright light ideally for healthy maintenance.

Q2. How often should you water Monstera Deliciosa?

Ans. Once or twice a week should be enough.

Q3. How big does Monstera Deliciosa get?

Ans. Depending on the vertical support provided, Monstera Deliciosa plants can grow up to 12 feet tall indoors.

Q4. How often should you add fertiliser to Monstera Deliciosa?

Ans. Apply every month. The plant does not require fertilisation during winters.

Q5. What should you do if Monstera Deliciosa's leaves are turning yellow?

Ans. Yellow leaves are a clear indicator of overwatering. If not addressed, this can lead to root rot. Ensure that the pot has proper drainage and allow the soil to dry out a bit before you water the plant.

Q6. What should you do if Monstera Deliciosa's leaves are drooping?

Ans. Drooping leaves are mostly due to underwatering. Even the lack of sunlight and dry air can cause the leaves to look dull and unhealthy. Sometimes curled leaves can be due to overwatering too. Be sure to check the soil instead of sticking with a rigid watering schedule. A lot depends on where you have placed the plant and the ambient light and temperature conditions.

Q7. What should you do if Monstera Deliciosa's leaves have dry tips?

Ans. Dry tips or even dark and crispy spots on the leaves can indicate underwatering. Do not let the soil get stone dry. Sufficient humidity and watering can prevent dull and dry leaves.

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