Best Houseplants for Christmas Return Gifts

Best Houseplants for Christmas Return Gifts in 2023

Christmas Decoration With Plants in 2023

Jingle bell, Jingle bell, Jingle bell Rock! All up with a touch of green. Christmas is a dreamy season of magic and warmth. What better way to share the warmth by returning the joy of green? Thoughtfully, here is a list of ideal planting, vis-à-vis gifting ideas for this holiday season. 


List of Plants for Christmas Return Gifts 


1. Poinsettia

Best Houseplants for Christmas Return Gifts - Poinsettia

I am thinking of beautiful red flowers! Poinsettia: bold, beautiful and red. Consider them a Christmas flower, and many people send them around Christmas for symbolising good will and community spirit. The Star of Bethlehem, as they say, is symbolised with the red leaves of the Poinsettia. Having links to the story of Pepita, poinsettias also have an association with miracles — yet another connection to the Christmas season.

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2. Anthuriums 

Best Houseplants for Christmas Return Gifts - Anthuriums

Want to delight a rare fit? This plant called Anthurium would be perfect to lift up your spirits. This plant is bound to bring an artistic touch to your life. Allegorically, flowers of the plant are believed to symbolise Cupid's arrows in Greek mythology, they remove pollutants and clean air. 

Pro tip:  Anthuriums are easy to grow and thrive in partial sunlight. 


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3. Christmas Tree

Best Houseplants for Christmas Return Gifts - Christmas Tree

An evergreen tree does not lose its foliage in winter, but stands strong and green against the barren landscape. Christmas is impossible without a Christmas tree, hence this makes it an excellent gifting idea. Representing immortality, the legend also states that after the birth of Jesus Christ in the winter season, 

Some of the trees shook off the snow and turned green to mark the great event— the Christmas tree represents permanence and being triangular in shape it represents the trinity. It tells us that there is hope.


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4. Lucky Bamboo

Best Houseplants for Christmas Return Gifts - Lucky Bamboo

A symbol of prosperity and good luck, make a fresh addition to your room with Lucky Bamboos. To add in a touch of divinity and freshness to your space with an appealing new liveliness, choose the lucky bamboo plant.


Gift the symbol of good fortune and success. It is one of the best indoor plants as per vastu.



5. Aglaonema Red Ruby

Best Houseplants for Christmas Return Gifts - Aglaonema Red Ruby

Small tabletop space or floor space with a large pot, the Aglaonema Red Ruby can adapt anywhere easily. Its vibrant foliage has the power to make any space come to life bursting with beautiful colours. Belonging to the Chinese evergreen family, this one is easy to care for. And with minimum care, the plant wins hearts with its many hues and patterns on its leaves. Aglaonema Red Ruby plant, ensure that it is placed in a brightly lit spot in your home. At the same time, you should keep the plant away from a sunny window that receives direct sunlight for a long time during the day. 


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6. Rubber Plant Burgundy

Best Houseplants for Christmas Return Gifts - Rubber Plant Burgundy

With its glossy green leaves and a tree-like majestic appearance, Rubber Plant Burgundy is sure to make an attractive addition to your living room. Also called Ficus Elastica, its signature burgundy-deep green leaves are the eye-grabbing elements of this plant.

Pro tip: It’s enough to water Rubber Plant Burgundy once or twice a week. 


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7. Rojo Congo

Best Houseplants for Christmas Return Gifts - Rojo Congo

Though the Philodendron Rojo Congo belongs to the Philodendron group of plants, it does not grow as a vine. Instead, it grows with erect shoots and brilliant-coloured leaves.


Buy this popular and our one of the best selling indoor plant.This helps maintain its vibrant foliage and overall health.

Pro tip: Don’t let the soil stay dry for a long time or the leaves start turning dull



8. Philodendron Red King

Best Houseplants for Christmas Return Gifts - Philodendron Red King

Philodendron Red King is a beautiful plant known for its vibrant foliage and as an indoor air purifier too. A low-maintenance plant, this one can be nurtured both indoors and in shaded outdoor spots. The many shades of red and green on the leaves are what make the plant an eye-catcher. And thus it is sure to give your living room a whole new look. 


The Philodendron Red King is a stunning houseplant can enhance the aesthetics and air quality of your home for the christmas.

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9. Red Salvia

Best Houseplants for Christmas Return Gifts - Red Salvia

With its leaves used for seeds used as emetic, for dysentery, colic. and used for wounds, treating colds and coughs. Send a gift of warmth and happiness. Red and green are the eye-grabbing elements of this plant. 

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That wraps up our list of handpicked gifting go-tos for your dear ones. I believe the magic of Christmas is in truly carrying forward the geniality of your loved ones, after all holidays are best celebrated with loved ones. Merry Christmas! Checkout more at Greenkin.

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