Anthurium White Care Guide

How to Grow and Care for Anthurium White (Care Guide)

Anthurium White Care Guide


The white leaf-like structure on the plant is often mistaken to be the flower but that’s actually the spathe of the flowers. And the long spike emerging above the spathe bears plenty of tiny flowers. 

Anthurium White is one of the prettiest indoor plants known mainly for its ability to rid the indoor air of formaldehyde and other harmful components. The long-lasting flowers combined with the vivid foliage make this plant the center of attraction anywhere you place it. This unique plant can instantly add an exotic twist to your indoor aesthetic. 

So, how should you care for Anthurium White? Read on to find out. 


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How to grow Anthurium White? 

Anthurium White Care Guide - How to grow Anthurium White?


The Anthurium White plant can be propagated both via stem cuttings and through plant division methods. But since growth happens in summer, this would be the ideal season to plan your propagation project. 

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How much sunlight does Anthurium White need?

Anthurium White Care Guide -How much sunlight does Anthurium White need


Anthurium White loves bright to moderate light. The plant can also survive in low light conditions but you might not see the signature blooms in it. Direct sunlight can be harsh on the plant and it can burn the foliage


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How often should you water Anthurium White?

Anthurium White Care Guide - How often should you water Anthurium White?


Anthurium White prefers to be kept in slightly moist soil most of the time. So, water the plant once or twice or even more frequently when the weather gets too hot. But remember that overwatering can damage the roots easily. 

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How big does Anthurium White get?

Anthurium White Care Guide


When nurtured as an indoor plant, Anthurium White reaches a height of about 2 to 3 feet. But these are slow growers and they need a planter that has enough room for the roots to grow and spread. 



Is Anthurium White easy to care for?


Anthuriums cannot exactly be named  “low-maintenance” and might not be suitable for absolute beginners. But with little time and patience, it’s easy to understand the requirements of this plant. If you have experience with houseplants and are ready to explore plants requiring moderate care, Anthurium makes a good choice. 


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On an ending note, in addition to the utilitarian aspect, the plant is also noted for its elegance. With that the Anthurium White Care Guide comes to an end, to know more about plants checkout Greenkin.




Q1. What temperature range can Anthurium White tolerate?

Ans. Anthurium White can do well in moderate to warm temperatures in the range of 15 degrees to 29 degrees Celsius. Comfortable room temperatures keep the plant happy and the leaves vibrant.

Q2. Does Anthurium White need humidity?

Ans. Anthurium White thrives in high humidity conditions. So, you might have to mist the plant regularly when the air gets too dry.

Q3. How often should you add fertilizer to Anthurium White?

Ans. Anthurium White does not need to be fertilized during winter. But during the warmer months, it’s good to add a mild fertilizer once in three months to encourage bloom and to support the healthy growth of the foliage.

Q4. What should you do if Anthurium White's leaves are turning yellow?

Ans. The leaves on the Anthurium White might turn yellow if the plant is being overwatered regularly. This can happen if you forget to adjust the watering schedule in winter since the plant might then be requiring less frequent watering than usual. Excess sunlight can also cause the yellowing of the leaves and this happens mostly in plants that are placed close to large windows. Move the plant slightly away from the window to tackle this issue. Another possible cause for the yellowing could be low humidity levels and the solution is regular misting of the plant.

Q5. What should you do if Anthurium White's leaves are drooping?

Ans. The Anthurium White plant likes a slightly moist potting medium. So letting the soil get too dry can cause the leaves to droop and look dull. Sometimes overwatering can cause the drooping of the leaves. If the plant has been overwatered for a long time, it’s prone to root rot. And root rot can cause the leaves to droop. If you do not notice any issues with watering, check the leaves closely for plant pests. Infestation of mealy bugs and other pests can also cause the leaves to droop. Addressing the infestation quickly helps the Anthurium White plant to spring back to life.

Q6. What should you do if Anthurium White's leaves have dry tips?

Ans. Too much sunlight is one of the main causes of the browning and drying of the leaf tips on an Anthurium White plant. The other causes are overwatering and underwatering.

Q7. Is Anthurium White safe for pets?

Ans. The beautiful foliage on the Anthurium White can turn out to be toxic to your pets especially if your pet accidentally ingests the leaves in large quantities. So, keep the Anthurium White plant in a spot that’s inaccessible to your pets.

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