How to Care for Peace Lily

Peace Lily Care Guide: Tips for Healthy Growth and Blooms

How To Care For Peace Lily Tips


Looking for a vibrant houseplant that can make a statement decor piece in your living room? A Peace Lily plant is just what you need. The plant gets its name because of its blooms resembling the Calla Lily

However, you should also know that the white leaf-like part which is often mistaken to be the flower in this plant is the spathe. The slender spike that rises above bears plenty of tiny flowers. One of the main traits of this plant is its lasting bloom. Once the plant blooms in spring, proper care leads to the flower staying fresh for almost 2 months. The large green leaves of the Peace Lily are the next big attraction. 

On the whole, this is a plant known for its good looks. But that’s not all this plant is also a NASA-certified air purifying plant perfect for an indoor setup. Read on to find out how to care for peace lily tips. 


This plant is well-known to bring peace and harmony into your home. This plant is also a NASA-certified air purifying plant perfect for an indoor setup.



How Should You Propagate Peace Lily?

How To Care For Peace Lily Tips - Propagate


The best time to propagate a plant is in the summer when its growth and development are at their peak. Tips of propagating the Peace Lily Growing Guide include:

  • First, choose a mature Peace Lily plant to propagate.
  • In the second step, carefully remove the Peace Lily from its pot without damaging the root system.
  • Third, carefully inspect the plant for inherent divisions or growth clusters. The following chunks require division.
  • Fourth, Segment the cluster from the primary plant using a sharp knife or shears to avoid damaging its root system and foliage.
  • After step 4, separate the clump and place it in a new pot with fresh potting soil. Take care to provide the plant with adequate water, sunlight, & humid environment.

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    Is Peace Lily easy to care for?

    Is Peace Lily easy to care for?


    Yes, the Peace Lily plant is quite easy to care for. Other than overwatering and exposure to direct sunlight there are very few things that can harm the plant. So, it makes a good option for beginners too. Taking care of light, water, and humidity will allow this plant to shine and give elegance to your home.

    Additionally, yellowing, drooping, or dry leaves are common issues. Make sure the topsoil isn't overly damp and don't let the leaves drip after sprinkling to prevent yellowing leaves and root damage. Also, extreme temperature fluctuations can cause brown, dry leaf tips, so if temperature conditions are normal, consider adjusting humidity levels to avoid this issue. Overall, maintaining the Peace Lily plant according to the instructions provided below will make it simple to care for.



    How to Care for Peace Lily

    How to Care for Peace Lily


    The following recommended maintenance steps to care for Peace Lily include:


    1. Sunlight Needs:


    How much sunlight does Peace Lily need? Place the plant in a spot that receives moderate to bright indirect sunlight. A shaded outdoor setting like a balcony will also be a good spot for placement. But ensure that the plant does not get exposed to direct sunlight as this can burn the leaves. Low light does not directly affect the plant but it reduces the chances of blooms.  



    2. Temperature Maintenance:


    The Peace Lily plant grows well in moderate temperatures. Maximum growth occurs during summer months when the temperature gets warmer. The ideal temperature range for the plant to thrive is in the range of 18-32 oC. 

    To protect the plant from extreme cold, consider moving it indoors if you have placed it on a balcony and if the temperature drops very low. 


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    3. Watering Routine:


    How often should you water Peace Lily? The Peace Lily plant needs to be watered only once or twice a week. Most beginners harm the plant by overwatering it. To avoid this, use a pot with proper drainage and wait for the topsoil to get slightly dry before you water the plant again.



    4. Proper Humidify:


    For the leaves to stay their vibrant green and retain their sheen the plant needs moderate to high humidity levels. Spritzing the plant with some water can keep it fresh during the times when the indoor air gets too dry.



    5. Fertilization Timing:


    To speed up the growth or even to maintain the plant in good shape you can apply a mild fertilizer once in two months. Like most other indoor plants this one does not grow much during winter and so does not need to be fertilized then.



    6. Growth Potential Knowledge: 


    Avoid yellowing and root damage by keeping the topsoil dry and preventing the leaves from dripping after watering, and consider controlling humidity if temperature variations are extreme.



    7. Safety Understanding For Pets:


    The insoluble oxalate crystals in the Peace Lily leaves can be harmful to both cats and dogs when the leaves are ingested. So, keep the plant away from your pets.


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    Peace lilies have long been popular houseplants due to their glossy dark green leaves and pretty white spathes. This is a plant that, with proper attention and care, can flourish and become a beautiful part of one's home or office decor. Following the care instructions above will help your Peace Lily grow while adding charm, a sense of joy & satisfaction to your interior space.




    Q1. How big does Peace Lily get?

    Ans. The Peace Lily is a slow-growing plant. But with the right care, it can reach a height of up to 3 feet. As the plant gets bigger you will notice the leaves getting bigger too.

    Q2. What temperature range can Peace Lily tolerate?

    Ans. The Peace Lily grows well in moderate temperatures and thrives in summer. The plant thrives in 18–32 °C temperatures. So if you put it on a balcony and it gets too cold, bring it inside.

    Q3. How often should you add fertilizer to Peace Lily?

    Ans. A mild fertilizer once every two months can speed up growth or maintain the plant's health. Winter fertilization isn't needed because it doesn't grow much like most indoor plants.

    Q4. What should you do if Peace Lily's leaves are turning yellow?

    Ans. One of the main causes of the yellowing of Peace Lily leaves is overwatering, which causes root decay. Ensure that the topsoil is not overly wet, and if it is, avoid letting excess water drip from the leaves after misting.

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