The Best Plants for Restaurants and Hotels

The Best Plants for Restaurants and Hotels: Plant Decor Tips

Plants for Restaurants and Hotels


Did you know that plants can help clean the air in your living space by making oxygen & getting rid of carbon dioxide? Hey, we already know some plant chemistry facts! Well, there are several health benefits & an immediate mood boost when you add plants to your home or office.

These days, it's not just homes that have plants—even hotels & restaurants are on board. Interiors or exteriors of restaurants & hotels are using plants more & more to add style & life. Families & tourists want to relax & have fun during the holidays, & hotels & spas meet these needs.

However, incorporating plants into restaurants or hotels in busy cityscapes requires creativity & close attention. Let’s explore some of the best plants for restaurants & hotels, along with plant decor tips.



Outdoor Plants for Restaurants and Hotels:


1. Areca Palm:


The Best Plants for Restaurants and Hotels - Areca Palm


Areca palm is known for its beautiful, feathery fronds. Areca palms filter air & add tropical charm to outdoor spaces. Additionally, you can improve the look of your entryway by placing Areca palms. Alternatively, you can make an outdoor lounge area by arranging them in large planters.


Buy this tall plant for your room’s corners. It helps to boost the air quality and an excellent home decor.



2. Snake plant Zeylanica:


The Best Plants for Restaurants and Hotels - Snake Plant Zeylanica


Snake Plant Zeylanica (also known as “Ceylon Bowstring Hemp” or “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue”) is an excellent 24-hour air-purifying houseplant for beginners. It has sword-shaped, erect leaves that are dark green with gray streaks. This plant is popular in minimalist homes, patios, offices, etc. This plant is ideal for low-light environments.


Buy the stunning duo of succulent snake plants that are low maintenance and emit high oxygen.



3. Snake Plant Laurentii:


The Best Plants for Restaurants and Hotels - Snake Plant Laurentii


Another snake plant variety, known as Snake Plant Laurentii, is an excellent 24-hour air-purifying houseplant for beginners. The tall Snake Plant Laurentii has beautiful green-yellow variegated foliage. The yellow border follows the edge of the sword like a leaf. It looks well in modern or contemporary settings & can be placed practically anywhere. 


Buy the most popular variety of snake plant. It has air purifying qualities, making it an excellent addition to indoor spaces. 



4. Aglaonema Milky Way:


The Best Plants for Restaurants and Hotels - Aglaonema Milky Way


The Aglaonema Milky Way is a kind of Chinese evergreen with dark green foliage adorned with silvery patterns. It thrives best in partially shaded outdoor locations. This low-maintenance plant works well in patio planters as a single plant or in a group.


Buy our best selling colorful plant Aglaonema pink anjamani for your home. 



5. Adenium Desert Rose:


The Best Plants for Restaurants and Hotels - Adenium Desert Rose


Adenium desert roses are masterpieces flowering succulent with swollen woody trunk (Caudex) & deep red flowers, adding brilliant hues. This plant works well in large pots as a focal point. You may also place them near outdoor seating areas or create a little "island" in the landscape to add color & beauty.


Gift our best selling stunning flowering plant that thrives in bright light conditions. Adding an Adenium plant to your living room brings a touch of exotic beauty. It is known to bring good luck and prosperity.



6. Ginseng Bonsai:


The Best Plants for Restaurants and Hotels - Ginseng Bonsai


The Ginseng Bonsai's twisting trunks & dark green glossy leaves give appeal to walkways & outdoor settings. It is perfect for entryways, barbecues, & decorative cases around outdoor benches & seats. In even the smallest spaces, Ginseng Bonsai helps enhance the look.


Buy this easy to care aesthetic indoor plant that helps to purifier air.                 [/product]


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Indoor Plants for Restaurants and Hotels:


1. Bird Nest Fern:


The Best Plants for Restaurants and Hotels - Bird Nest Fern


Asplenium nidus, the Bird Nest Fern, is a great plant for adding some lush greenery to your living space. This tropical plant can grow in low to medium light, so it's a great choice for adding style & a warm welcome to indoor entryways. Plus, if you want to add some greenery to your hotel bathroom (restrooms), Bird Nest Ferns do well there in low to medium light. You can hang them or put them on a table. 


A statement making houseplant. It is a gorgeous plant that enhances the beauty of any space and purifies air. They make wonderful houseplants due to their lovely, delicate development.



2. Snake Plants:


The Best Plants for Restaurants and Hotels - Snake Plant Laurentii


Snake plants, or Sansevieria, are popular workplace plants because they tolerate exceptionally low lighting. All varieties/types of snake plants are excellent 24-hour air-purifying & low-maintenance houseplants. Their sword-shaped leaves stand straight up & can easily become the focal point of any space or yard outside of restaurants or hotels.


Buy the stunning succulent snake plant that is low maintenance and emits high oxygen.



3. ZZ Plant:


The Best Plants for Restaurants and Hotels - ZZ Plant


ZZ plant, or Zamioculcas zamiifolia, with its appealing, erect, green, glossy leaf on strong stems from rhizomes (roots that retain water), is easy to grow & tolerates in all situations. It's perfect for low-light situations like hotels & workplaces.


Buy this aesthetic indoor plant with unique foliage. A air purifying and low maintenance worthy addition to your space.                                                              [/product]



4. Chamaedorea Palm:


The Best Plants for Restaurants and Hotels - Chamaedorea Palm


Chamaedorea palm is unique in that striking, feathered, & curving fronds spread out from the top or sides of its thin, cane-like stems. This makes it a good choice for hotel indoor areas with a tropical look.


The best plant to keep in the corners of your room that helps to cleanse the air and is easy to care.



5. Philodendron Pink Princess:


The Best Plants for Restaurants and Hotels - Philodendron Pink Princess


The Pink Princess Philodendron is a rare & popular species. Its beautiful pink variegation on green leaves is particularly striking when grown indoors. It looks great in a modern setting, standing on side tables, kept open on consoles, or even on the floor in very high-light indoor environments. It also looks great as a stand-alone plant in high-light, partially shaded areas indoors or as a mixed tropical in pots or gardens outdoors.


White Princess Philodendron is a hybrid plant, It is slow-growing but has similar care to other Philodendron plants.



6. Rubber Plant:


The Best Plants for Restaurants and Hotels - Rubber Plant


Rubber plants are classic houseplants that fit any decor with their lustrous, big leaves & upright structure. Also, the Rubber Plant is great indoors because it looks sleek & bright, which will look great in any hotel, restaurant, or lobby with modest to high lighting.


Buy our highest oxygen producing plant with stunning brown/burgundy leaves. A great choice for home decor that is easy to care.



7. Money Plants:


The Best Plants for Restaurants and Hotels - Money Plant


Money plants have heart-shaped foliage adorned with intricate accents that cover the leaf surface. This plant has lush vines that trail the floor & shoot out from the rear. Plus, this beautiful indoor plant is easy to care for & decorates dark environments. Additionally, gifting its branches & cuttings to friends & family is believed to share & attract prosperity, making it a lovely sign of friendship & generosity.


Buy our one of the highest oxygen-producing and low-mainplant that helps to remove harmful VOCs from air. 


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Plant Decoration Tips for Restaurants and Hotels


Tips for restaurants & hotels on how to decorate with plants:

  1. Using mini plants & succulents as tabletop decorations. 
  2. Hanging baskets look great on the ceiling & take up much-needed vertical space in a dining venue. 
  3. Living walls can be used to make an eye-catching green feature wall. Besides that, they help clean the air. 
  4. Restaurant or hotel window sills would be perfect for displaying colorful flowering plants or aromatic plants. 
  5. Large plants can be used to produce a great impression in hotel or restaurant lobby areas.
  6. Add a curated look to your lobby by putting small potted plants on side tables & coffee tables. 
  7. Small air plants & succulents can be put on nightstands in hotel rooms to add a bit of nature. 
  8. In hotel pools, lush plants could be used to make people feel calm.
  9. Incorporating plants into meeting spaces to create a more relaxed atmosphere or to enhance the visual appeal.



How to Use Plants in Restaurants for Effective Results


 Effective ways to use plants in restaurants are as follows:

  • Using Biophilic Design: Hotels & restaurants can embrace biophilic design by using natural materials in room design. Adding miniature succulents or air plants to nightstands or potted herbs to windowsills can personalize the setting. Biophilic design would improve health, happiness, & productivity. According to research, plants & greenery have the ability to calm the premises, improving concentration & productivity.
  • Using Plants for Cheerful Client Interactions: The inventors of Sound Solutions discovered that strategically placing plants in restaurants absorbs noise & gives the restaurant a pleasant scent. This method will improve restaurant clients' talks, reducing volume.
  • Using Plants to Enhance Meal Quality Perception: Freshness is a big part of how customers feel about the quality of food, & lush green plants are one of the best ways to unconsciously let customers know this. This will increase the chances that they will return to a restaurant in the future.


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Key Considerations in Design: Recommendations for Plant Decoration in Restaurants & Hotels


  • Plant’s Size & Spots: Selecting the proper plants requires careful consideration of the area's size. Overcrowding of plants is not acceptable. Spaces should be appropriately planted with plants. It is important that the selected plants do not obstruct movement.
  • Safety: Safety is the top consideration when making your restaurant eco-friendly. Therefore, use non-toxic plants to avoid harming clients, especially children & pets.
  • Care MaintenanceMaintenance is essential for well-being & progress. Make sure you give your plants regular time to be watered, pruned, & checked for pests.


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Restaurants & hotels benefit from plants' ambiance, sound, & freshness. If you want to create an indoor oasis where nature & hospitality meet to produce an unforgettable experience for your guests, follow the aforementioned plant-planting guidelines. The secret is to grow your plants at the correct dimensions, use the correct plant spot, & monitor their condition closely. 

So, join the Greenkin Plant Revolution & transform your business into a delightful, nature-filled oasis where customers can unwind & look forward to their next visit.

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