How to Care and Grow ZZ Green Plant

How to Care and Grow ZZ Green Plant (Care Guide)

How to Care for ZZ Green


If you ask us to name a few plants suitable even for those without a green thumb, the ZZ Green plant is definitely at the top of the list. A plant that looks good and is easy to care for? 


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ZZ Green plant Care Guide

How to Care and Grow ZZ Green Plant


Zamioculcas zamiifolia, or the ZZ Green as it is fondly called, is a very interesting houseplant. The other names of this plant are Zamia Green and Zanzibar Gem.

A worthy addition to your houseplant collection, don’t you agree? Now, let’s talk about how to care for the ZZ Green plant. 



How to grow ZZ plant 

How to Care and Grow ZZ Green Plant


Plant cuttings can be used to nurture new plants. Or you can also propagate the ZZ Green plant through the method of division of a matured plant. 

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How much sunlight does ZZ Green need?

How to Care and Grow ZZ Green Plant


ZZ Green loves a brightly lit spot that receives indirect sunlight. It can also survive in low light conditions and therefore makes the perfect choice for rooms that do not receive a lot of natural light. Avoid keeping the plant in direct sunlight. 



How often should you water ZZ Green?

How to Care and Grow ZZ Green Plant


The ZZ Green plant only needs to be watered when the top soil feels dry. This might be once a week during moderate weather conditions or even less frequently during winter. The plant comes from Eastern Africa, the drought-prone terrains there. 

They bear rhizomes in their roots, in other words, swollen root nodes that store plenty of water. So, yes, underwatering is not going to harm the plant but overwatering sometimes does!


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How big does ZZ Green get?


Since the plant is a slow-grower you do not have to worry about running out of space for the growth of this plant. With a little patience, the plant might even reach a height of about 6 feet in some cases. 

Of course, this might take years! 



Is ZZ Green easy to care for?


The ZZ Green plant does well in moderate to high humidity levels but can survive in low humidity conditions too. Misting is not mandatory but it’s good practice, especially for ornamental indoor plants



How to Care for ZZ Green Plant 


The ZZ Green can be labeled as “hard to kill”. And that’s because the plant will surprise you by thriving even when you neglect it. So, yes, the ZZ Green plant is easy to care for, without a doubt! 

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The surprising fact is that caring for the plant is not as complicated as reading its name. It even impresses in the aesthetics department with its dark green oval leaves.

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Q1. What temperature range can ZZ Green tolerate?

Ans. The ZZ Green plant does well in moderate to warm temperatures. An optimal temperature recommendation for this plant would be around 15 degrees to 20 degrees Celsius. The thick leaves and the rhizomes support the plant in drought-light conditions and hot temperatures. But it would be a good idea to protect the plant from sudden and extreme temperature drops. However, since the plant is hardy, it manages to survive in a wide range of temperatures.

Q2. Does ZZ Green need humidity?

Ans. Low humidity levels sometimes lead to slight browning and dryness in the leaf tips. Overwatering and underwatering might also have a similar effect on the plant.

Q3. How often should you add fertilizer to ZZ Green?

Ans. ZZ Green is not too picky about its fertilizer. But a mild fertilizer applied about once in 2 months can support its growth. No fertilization is required during winter.

Q4. What should you do if ZZ Green's leaves are turning yellow?

Ans. Overwatering sometimes leads to root rot especially since the plant already stores a lot of water in its root system. And this can lead to the yellowing of the leaves.

Q5. What should you do if ZZ Green's leaves are drooping?

Ans.While the ZZ Green plant can survive in low light conditions, the plant sometimes shows signs like drooping and dullness in the leaves if it’s not getting enough natural light every day.

Q6. Is ZZ Green safe for pets?

Ans. ZZ Green is not entirely pet-safe because its leaves are slightly toxic especially if the pet ingests them in large quantities.

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