How to Reuse Coffee Grounds to Fertilize Houseplants

How to Reuse Coffee Grounds to Fertilize Houseplants

How to Reuse Coffee Grounds


The best way to head towards after waking up? Towards the coffee machine. Well, 

Certainly! Coffee grounds can be beneficial not just for your health but also for plants as they contain nutrients like nitrogen, which can enhance soil fertility. The next time you are out experimenting with new coffee styles think of your loving indoor plants at home

Reusing coffee grounds to fertilise houseplants is a sustainable practice, you will be delighted to know that coffee is good at providing a natural source of nutrients. 

Read on the following Guide for better understanding of How to Reuse Coffee Grounds to Fertilize Houseplants. 



Are Coffee Grounds Good for Plants?

How to Reuse Coffee Grounds to Fertilize Houseplants


Yes, boosting soil retention to keeping away pests, coffee grounds can be beneficial not just for you but apparently for your plants as well. Coffee Grounds are good for the plants. Aerating the soil by making it more airy and seepage friendly, will help you promote the overall plant welfare. 

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How to Reuse Coffee Grounds to Fertilize Houseplants 

How to Reuse Coffee Grounds to Fertilize Houseplants


The benefits include improved soil structure, water retention, and even acting as a deterrent for certain pests. To reuse coffee grounds for houseplants:

  1. Collect Coffee Grounds: The first step is to collect the coffee grounds, and then save used coffee grounds from your daily coffee routine. After you are done with drinking your share of coffee give away something to plant. We aren't asking for your Cappuccino or Espresso. Just save the grounds.
  2. Allow Drying the Coffee Grounds: Spread the coffee grounds on a tray or newspaper and let them dry. This prevents mould growth in the grounds and allows them to function properly. 
  3. Mix with Soil: Once dry, mix the coffee grounds with potting soil. Aim for a balanced ratio of the coffee grounds to the potting soil to avoid over-concentration of the fertiliser.
  4. Coffee Grounds fertiliser Top Dressing: Sprinkle the mixture that you've created in the previous step as a top dressing around the base of your houseplants. This aids in slow nutrient release. 
  5. Watering the coffee grounds with potting now: The most vital thing to consider now is to Water the plants as usual. The coffee grounds contribute to soil structure and water retention.

Remember not to overdo it, as excessive coffee grounds can alter the pH of the soil. Monitor your plants' response to find the right balance. 



Benefits of Coffee Grounds on Plants 

How to Reuse Coffee Grounds to Fertilize Houseplants - Benefits


The following are the benefits of using coffee grounds on plants:

1. A Nutrient Boost to the soil:


Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen. Nitrogen is so vital because it is a major component of chlorophyll, and hence for the plants. Chlorophyll is the compound by which plants use sunlight energy to produce sugars from water and carbon dioxide. Thus, the coffee grounds facilitate providing an organic source of nutrients that is essential for plant growth.



2. Improved Soil Structure by Coffee Grounds:


The Coffee grounds enhance soil texture by promoting better aeration and drainage.

The coarse texture of coffee grounds helps aerate soil. Now when you water the plant again it should reach plant roots more efficiently. 



3. The pH Regulation Game:


Coffee grounds can help regulate the soil pH, making it slightly more acidic, which is beneficial for acid-loving plants. This helps in overall growth and upkeep of the plant. 



4. A Natural Pest Deterrent?: 


Coffee grounds may act as a deterrent for certain pests like snails and slugs. Due to its strong smell coffee is a natural pest repellent.



5. An Organic Matter, an important Matter: 


It is no secret that Adding coffee grounds increases the organic matter in the soil, by reviving and supporting a healthier microbial environment. 



6. Water Retention Capacity of the soil: 


Coffee grounds contribute to soil's water retention capacity, by reducing the frequency of watering. The water retention capacity of the soil increases and hence less work for you. Isn't it great?



7. Recycling Waste with Reusing:


By Reusing coffee grounds, you are contributing to your environment and the planet. This is an eco-friendly way to repurpose kitchen waste for the benefit of your plants.


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