Benefits of Biophilic Design in Workplace

What Are the Benefits of Biophilic Design in Workplace?

Biophilic Design in Workplace


Interior design for offices is always changing, but one idea that has become popular recently is biophilic design, which can help staff be healthier & more productive. The main idea behind biophilic design is to use nature in building design. Moreover, nature-inspired design is revolutionizing the way we work. It can be as simple as including plants & water features or as intricate as ensuring ample natural light & clear views of the outdoors. Calming or relaxing to read! Right? Let’s explore what are the benefits of biophilic design in workplace?



What is biophilic design in an office?

Benefits of Biophilic Design in Workplace


Biophilic design has become more famous in the design world over the past few years. Biophilia is a word that was made up by Edward O. Wilson to describe the basic connection that gives meaning to our natural urge to be in touch with nature & all other living things. The term "biophilic design" comes from the Greek words "bios," which means "life," & "philia," which means "love."

Biophilia has been found to improve health, happiness, & productivity in the workplace. There is evidence that having nature in the office can help workers feel less stressed. Plants & other forms of greenery are examples of biophilic design elements that can help create a more peaceful & calm work setting that will help people concentrate better.


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Why is biophilia important in the workplace?

Benefits of Biophilic Design in Workplace


The design philosophy of loving nature & living things is gaining popularity for more productivity in work. Edward O. Wilson's innovative work in psychology helped explain why we naturally want to connect with nature. Today, biophilic design incorporates live plants & nature-inspired designs to create a welcome, harmonious space. And most biophilia important in the workplace such as:

  • Plants & other forms of greenery are examples of biophilic design elements that can help create a more peaceful & calm work setting that will help people concentrate better.
  • Compared to more common workplaces, views of nature & natural sunshine have been shown to help people focus & get involved with their work.
  • Biophilia has been found to improve health, happiness, & productivity in the workplace. There is evidence that having nature in the office can help workers feel less stressed. 
  • Being in nature has also been shown to improve brain function & creativity. Biophilic elements in addition to the workplace help encourage new ideas & problem-solving, which will lead to higher overall productivity. 
  • Furthermore, having biophilic features in the environment that connect people to nature has been shown to help them focus, in addition to their aesthetic benefits. 



Benefits of Biophilic Design in the Workplace

Benefits of Biophilic Design in Workplace


1. Better Air Quality: 


Indoor air quality can be significantly improved by introducing air-purifying plants. Plants cleanse air by utilizing the process of photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen. Plants also help in reducing power consumption by lowering the temperature of air-conditioned buildings with the help of the release of water through a process known as transpiration. Plants have also been noted to filter carbon dioxide & toxic VOCs, thereby providing a healthier place within which to work.



2. Boost Creativity & Productivity:


Researchers indicate that working in a green environment can increase productivity by 15%. Repeated studies have indicated that the introduction of biophilic building features, or nature alone, has improved creativity & productivity. Workers benefit from the inspiration of the surroundings if there are elements in the setting which are derived from nature. The introduction of elements inspired by nature is a significant factor in the development of a pleasant work setting which fosters teamwork & encourages creativity.


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3. Reduce Stress & Improve Mental Health: 


Nowadays, the job can be a stressful place that is harmful for mental health. Biophilic design can help reduce stress by making people feel better mentally. Nature can balance the sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous systems, which can help lower stress, anger, & mental tiredness. One of the best examples of how nature can improve mental health is the Japanese practice of Shirin-Yoku, also known as "Forest bathing."



4. Talent attraction & retention: 


A well-designed environment with lots of natural light & biophilic accents shows employees that their organization prioritizes sustainability, employee well-being, & social responsibility, attracting talent. More & more workers are looking for satisfying work situations.



5. Happiness & health benefits:


We may find that the most important truth when it comes to making our employees happier is the one we find in ourselves. By influencing emotional motivation, biophilic design promotes positivity & makes people happier & healthier. Positive people are not only good "cross-pollinators," but they also tend to take better care of themselves. Wellness trends predict employees will eat healthily, exercise, & avoid harmful substances. According to wellness coach John Perry, 43% of 1,600 biophilic survey participants reported reduced stress after weekly outdoor exposure. 


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Integrating Office Design with Biophilic Design

Benefits of Biophilic Design in Workplace


Adding biophilic design to the office can be done by placing indoor plants, natural light, water features, biophilic materials, & outdoor areas in a smart way. For example: 

  • Use light-filtering materials & maximize natural light or other indoor water elements, such as aquariums or fountains have the ability to create a soothing atmosphere. 
  • Biophilic elements like wood & stone finishes give beauty & touch of nature. 
  • Connecting with nature in outdoor locations like break areas that can boost employee mood & job satisfaction.





The addition of biophilic design to office environments can revolutionize the work culture & make it healthier, more productive, & more enjoyable. From cleaner air to decreased stress & improved talent attraction, biophilic design is an obvious choice for companies seeking a good & healthy work atmosphere.

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