How To Bring Your Homes Closer To Nature

7 Creative Ways to Bring Your Home Closer to Nature

How To Bring Your Homes Closer To Nature


Many people find their Motivation in the beauty & wonder of nature, which they believe to be the very essence of what it is to be a living person in this world. For thousands of years, indoor surroundings have made it harder for people to engage with the natural world, as their biological design requires.

Human health benefits from time spent in nature include, but are not limited to, higher immune function, less stress, raised mood & focus, faster recovery from illness or surgery, more vitality & better sleep.

Since many people now live in urban areas, it is more vital than ever to find ways to bring nature inside. To live healthily, let's include nature in house design this year. Let's explore methods to bring nature into your home for happiness & wellness.



Seven Creative Ways to Connect Homes to Nature


Here are seven creative ways to bring nature closer to your home:


1. Decorate with Nature-Inspired Textile

How To Bring Your Homes Closer To Nature - Nature Inspired Textile


Textiles may give your house a feeling of nature by using plant designs on the beds, mattresses, curtains, quilts, cushion covers, bed sheets, dish towels & more. You may also use natural fibers like coir, cotton, & flax, & embellish with earthy tones, to keep the natural feel.

Using natural fibers in home decor is not only healthier & more environmentally friendly than synthetic materials, but it also has the added benefit of making life seem more connected & joyous. These also help you sense a deeper connection to the outdoors and nature.



2. Add Greenery to Your Décor

How To Bring Your Homes Closer To Nature - Add Greenery


A simple yet powerful way to connect with nature is to cultivate a passion for gardening and fill your home with plants. These can be done by placing potted plants around the house or by creating a terrarium on a balcony, terrace, in the backyard, or even in the middle of the house.

Houseplants not only bring the outside in but also purify the air & add color to the interior, all while lowering the amount of harmful chemicals you're exposed to.

If you don't have access to fresh air via windows all year, consider bringing some within. Put plants in every area, but remember that different kinds of plants need different amounts of light. Get in contact with us, if you need help figuring out, which plant or location would be ideal in your home or workplace.

Overall, having plants indoors may help keep the air clean & comfortable, even in colder climates.


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3. Build an Indoor Herb Garden

How To Bring Your Homes Closer To Nature - Build an Indoor Herb Garden


Planting herbs inside is a terrific way to increase your exposure to nature while also providing a tasty & nutritious addition to your house. Herbs grown in small pots should be placed near Windows in the South, Southwest, East, or West of the Kitchen so that they get at least four hours of Sunlight every day.

For example, Herbs like mint, lemongrass, dill, parsley, cilantro, basil, bay laurel, marjoram, oregano, rosemary, sage, thyme & more can be grown successfully indoors, if they are planted in pots that allow excess water to drain out.



4. Décor with Nature Paintings

How To Bring Your Homes Closer To Nature - Decor with Nature Paintings


Nature in art, such as illustrations or paintings, can give the impression of being surrounded by it, bringing relaxation & calm like a live plant. Reducing negative emotions like anger, fear, & tension while raising positive ones is a common effect of seeing paintings of nature.

Taking in scenic views of nature has been shown to have positive effects on health & well-being, both mentally & physically. Art not only inspires & reminds us, how precious life is, but it also deepens our gratitude for the blessings we already have.

Examples include huge abstract landscape paintings to help people relax, inspire, & immerse themselves in nature at home. Greenkin is where you can find some of my unique drawings & fine art prints.


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5. Furnish the Interior of Your Home with Natural Wood

How To Bring Your Homes Closer To Nature - Furnish the Interior


Natural wood furniture is a healthier & more sustainable option for particleboards since wood is long-lasting, easily repaired, recyclable & recoverable. It also contributes to cleaner air & a slower rate of climate change by reducing CO2 emissions.

Selecting natural wood furniture can help you create a home that feels more like nature & contributes to a healthier environment, while also adding elegance & artistic appeal. Depending on your preference, you may choose solid wood furniture with either a plain appearance (resembling raw wood) or an elaborate one (resembling decorated wood).


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6. Use More Natural Lighting

How To Bring Your Homes Closer To Nature - Natural Lighting


Spending 90% of your days indoors can lead to less fresh air, nature & sunlight exposure. Sustainable home design prioritizes natural lighting for various reasons, such as stimulating the immune system, saving energy & money, improving attention, lowering blood pressure, promoting happiness & mood improvement.

For example, to achieve an earthy home, design spaces with large windows or sliding glass doors, use furniture that doesn't block windows, paint interior frames white, strategically place mirrors, avoid heavy drapes, keep windows clean, & use lighter fabrics. Additionally, installing solar tubes, using reflective surfaces, & using light-colored window treatments can also help.



7. Adorn With Crystals & Stones

How To Bring Your Homes Closer To Nature - Adorn with Crystals & Stones


A beautiful & effective method to decorate your house & bring more of what you want in your life is to showcase your collection of stones, crystals, & rocks. The Feng shui influence of these stones may be restorative, uplifting, & productive. Depending on the crystal's texture, crystals like amethyst, rose quartz, turquoise, & fire moonstones may enhance the aesthetics & energetic vibe of your space. These additions will also help you make your house a relaxing & creative haven for you & your family.

For example, Citrine is associated with prosperity and riches. Pyrite is said to promote wisdom, health, concentration, inspiration, & ingenuity. Amethyst, a stone of spirituality & contentment, helps with inner peace, meditation & stress reduction.


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Nature is a powerful force that can bring happiness & wellness to people. It has been a source of inspiration for many, as it is regarded as the essence of life on earth. Living indoors, however, limits the possibilities for the energy-boosting, nature-contact that science has shown is essential to good health. So, give one or more of these seven novel approaches to bringing nature inside. Experiencing nature has several health benefits, including an improved immune system, better mood & concentration, faster recovery from sickness or surgery, more energy & better sleep.

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