How Do You Create a Biophilic Design?

Biophilic Café Design Guide: How Do You Create a Biophilic Design?

Biophilic Café Design Guide


Have you recently opened a cafe, or are you an experienced owner looking for new ways to give your place a fresh look that will make it feel more like a calm or cozy place? Why not try biophilic design in your workplace? 

When people walk freely in the open or enjoy the wind on a nice fall day, they often feel at ease. Offering a biophilic design café, where the plant arrangements, furniture, & color scheme all work well together, would make people feel good & relieve stress. This would lead to better mental health & a more enjoyable & relaxing time at a relaxing café.

Before learning how to design a café's biophilic, let's define biophilic design. For a biophilic interior design to be complete, it is necessary to incorporate natural materials, like plants. Learn about the 9 Top Plants for Biophilic Design & the many ways you can use them to make your environment more welcoming.



What is biophilic design?


Biophilic design is used in the building sector to improve user connectivity. Buildings & cities adopt this strategy to occupy the natural environment directly, indirectly, & symbolically. In terms of health, environment, & economy, this proposal has more positives than cons for building & city residents. Although biophilic design is new, historical evidence reveals it has been used in architecture since the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Biophilic design in the café, on the other hand, warms people, encourages socializing, & makes it look more inventive by using natural materials. Biophilic design may not appear comparable, but people will appreciate it when combined with natural elements like a wood table & lamp or an air conditioner & plants. Leaf walls in the café's dining area provide freshness & reduce carbon dioxide, making customers comfortable. Plants & other design features in a café can also reduce stress & improve health.



Benefits of Biophilic Design


The 2015 University of Oregon paper, “The Relative Benefits of Green Versus Lean Office Space,” found improvements in mental clarity, cognitive performance, physical well-being, & worker attitudes. The paper contrasted 100 US, UK, & Australian office workers' survey results. This report's main point was to show how contact with nature & various recreational activities can revitalize employees, as well as how improving employee well-being can boost verbal interaction & satisfaction.

Biophilic design has been embraced by most retail organizations, including coffee shops, to improve the health & well-being of business owners & customers. Your cafe business will get the same benefits as other retailers by adopting biophilic design.

Additionally, biophilic design can enhance the track record of a café's brand. Customers will see the shop as environmentally mindful & forward-thinking, which can attract & retain them. Also, it makes the café stand out & is easy to remember, which helps with its branding.


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How do I create a biophilic design for a cafe?


Cafes are also popular remote work spots. Many cafes offer more than just coffee, with modern & cozy workspaces. Many cafes include fast wifi, charging stations, ergonomic seating, ideal temperatures, & a peaceful atmosphere. These factors prompted regular remote teamwork at Café. Thus, biophilic design in cafes will be more beneficial. Learn how to implement the biophilic design concept in your cafe & see examples of it.


  • Plants can be strategically used in design settings to create a more welcoming environment. Plants not only provide visual appeal to a room, but they also filter pollutants, increase humidity, & beautify it.
  • Another recommendation is to use natural light, which is essential for creating a biophilic environment. Large windows & skylights that let in natural light can contribute to the mood & make consumers feel more comfortable.
  • Another option for creating the ideal space would be using organic materials like wood, stone, & even bamboo. Using these items can help to create a more natural atmosphere in the room. With the help of these materials, you may bring the outdoors inside through the creation of natural textures & patterns.
  • Biophilic design also includes using natural sounds & fragrances. This can be done using ambient music, essential oils, & fragrant plants.


    An example of biophilic design in a café setting:


    1. Cafés in an open area may feature wide windows that view a park or garden. Customers may feel more connected to nature when sipping their beverages. A café with a plant-filled green wall is another example. This can beautify & help the environment. A green wall may clean the air & improve your mood by reducing stressful jobs. Finally, a café could use natural elements like old wood tables, stone walls, or seashell chandeliers.
    2. In a shopping center café or cafe in a closed setting, artificial skylights may be adjusted to provide varied sunshine patterns throughout the day to create a biophilic experience. Using plants on the side or top of a café table. A little fountain or instrument that plays water or sounds like nature could enhance the café's biophilic experience.


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    9 Best Plants for Biophilic Design


    Transforming the destination into a biophilic design may improve cognitive function, including thinking & creativity. This works best with a variety of green or vibrant plants arranged creatively in the space. Explore the best indoor plants to decorate cafes with a biophilic concept:


    1. Ginseng Bonsai Plant
    2. Adenium Desert Rose
    3. Peace Lily
    4. Aglaonema Plants
    5. Snake Plants
    6. Fiddle Leaf Fig
    7. Jade Mini Plant
    8. Areca Palm
    9. Money Plants (or Pothos)


    1. Ginseng Bonsai Plant:


    How Do You Create a Biophilic Design? - Ginseng Bonsai Plant


    The Ginseng Bonsai Plant is one of the greatest indoor plants for cafes. It is ideal for a biophilic café design that sets it apart. Its unique trunk & glossy green leaves set it apart. Place it on a high shelf or window sill to improve the cafe's atmosphere & make guests feel more relaxed. There are always cookies or coffee cups, so make sure you take good care of your Ginseng Bonsai. However, it will tolerate any environmental conditions.


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    2. Adenium Desert Rose:


    How Do You Create a Biophilic Design? - Adenium Desert Rose


    Another wonderful plant for cafe biophilic decor is the Adenium Desert Rose. Adenium desert rose is a small succulent with colorful flowers. Little flowers with bolder hues will light up the cafe without overpowering it.

    Opting for orchids is an excellent choice, but a unique plant like this will look outstanding in cafes. In a busy café, the Adenium Desert Rose plants tend to be neglected due to continual running. However, like a succulent, this plant needs little water. 


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    3. Peace Lily:


    How Do You Create a Biophilic Design? - Peace Lily


    Peace lily plants, with their dark green leaves & white flowers, are another lovely biophilic design option for cafes. The peace lily is also well-known for reducing toxic substances in the air, such as formaldehyde & benzene. Also, this plant is very low-maintenance. It only needs to be watered once every three weeks. This makes it perfect for a busy café owner who wants the benefits of an indoor plant with little care.


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    4. Aglaonema Plants:


    How Do You Create a Biophilic Design? - Aglaonema Plants


    Aglaonema plants complement biophilic decor settings. Even in low-light areas, these lovely plant species can improve the appearance of the area with their vibrant foliage. You can eat & sit in a clean, fresh environment. This plant is low-maintenance. As a result, it is ideal for a busy café owner who wants the benefits of an indoor plant with minimal maintenance & a stunning view.


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    5. Snake Plants:


    How Do You Create a Biophilic Design? - Snake Plant


    Snake plants have stiff, sword-like leaves that complement biophilic design. When you put snake plants in the middle or corner of a café, they will create a calm & cool atmosphere because they release oxygen at night, in addition to all the other benefits they offer as houseplants. Adding to the café's elegance, it will form a fingerprint-like pattern that represents strength & height. On top of that, snake plants are very easy to take care of.


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    6. Fiddle Leaf Fig:


    How Do You Create a Biophilic Design? - Fiddle Leaf Fig


    The fiddle leaf fig is another popular option for biophilic cafe design. The plant's name comes from the fiddle-shaped leaves it produces. The fiddle-leaf fig's large, bold leaves make it easy to identify & an appealing addition to any café environment. It stands out from many other indoor plants & can be a great conversation starter for both guests & employees. In addition to looking attractive, fiddle leaf figs purify cafe air.


    A great choice for decor that is easy to care.



    7. Jade Mini Plant:


    How Do You Create a Biophilic Design? - Jade Mini Plant


    Evergreen Jade Mini Plants are perfect for biophilic designs due to their distinctive tree-like structure. This will bring a dash of green to the tables to calm them while visitors are eating or drinking. The Jade Mini Plant is a succulent that requires little care or sunlight, making it ideal for a café in any area. Cafés can add such succulents even if they have few or no windows because they require little sunshine.


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    8. Areca Palm:


    How Do You Create a Biophilic Design? - Areca Palm


    The Areca palm is an attractive tropical plant that emits a sense of beauty. The areca palm would be ideal for biophilic café décor. A row of Areca close companions, which are so attractive & graceful, put near café windows, bill counters, or at the entry, will create a smooth connection between interior & outdoor experiences. These lovely green fronds add beauty to the café. The areca palm, which humidifies the air, cleanses it of harmful impurities & improves the cafe's overall grade. Café workers who enjoy green but have busy schedules can profit from this plant's low maintenance.


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    9. Money Plants (or Pothos):


    How Do You Create a Biophilic Design? - Money Plant


    The money plant, also known as the coin plant, has round, shiny leaves that mimic coins. Its symbolic significance is to remove financial difficulties & provide prosperity & good luck, making it suitable for biophilic décor settings.  It purifies air naturally. Remember, it doesn't thrive in outside conditions & dries up quickly. Money plants tend to work best hung from the ceiling or placed on a shelf to save floor space while adding some green & visual decorative appealing to the space.


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    The idea behind biophilic design is that buildings should make people feel more connected to nature. You can use biophilic design to create a pleasant environment in your coffee shop. Some of the features you can use include plants, sunlight, & organic materials such as wood & stone. Nature views, breeze aroma, music, or a little water fountain (optional) are examples of nature touches. From Greenkin Plants, you can plan your biophilic cafe design.

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