Snake Plant Vs Spider Plant: Which Is Better?

Snake Plant Vs Spider Plant: Which Is Better?

Snake Plant Vs Spider Plant a Complete Guide

Snake Plant or Spider Plant? It is a normal question to ask when selecting a houseplant. While the Spider Plant can easily blend into any style of interior decor. Succulents are fun additions to any household setting. While thinking about the plant selection, think in terms of space availability, sunlight and your ease of watering and plant care experience. If you want to place the plant in a normal tabletop container or a hanging pot go for the spider plant as it has long trailing stems. But if you are looking for a corner statement plant, snake plant is the ideal choice. Read on to follow up on the similarities and the differences between these two beautiful plants.


Snake Plant or Dracaena trifasciata

Spider Plant or Chlorophytum comosum





West and West Central Africa and 

tropical West Africa to Cameroon and Ethiopia to South Africa


accustomed to dry, tropical climates

subtropical and tropical evergreen plant

Care Level

Easy to care low maintenance 

Easy to care low maintenance

Light Requirement

Low light to bright, direct sun

bright to moderate light


15°C and 29°C, snake plant is happy in mostly all temperatures but avoid extremes

21°C and 32°C, avoid extreme temperatures

Common Height

maximum height of about 2 feet. 

Upto 1.5 feet 

Pot Size Requirement

Small planters for smaller snake plants, typically in the 6-8 inch range. For larger snake plants, opt for pots in the 8-10 inch or 10-12 inch range.

Small planters work the best

Air Purifying



Pet Friendly

Harmful if ingested by cats or dogs

Harmful when is ingested


Can bloom, but extremely rare

Produces Beautiful white flowers

Best for Room Type

Balcony, Corner, Doorstep depending on the size of the plant

Indoors, can be hung in balcony or kitchen

Benefits of Snake Plant


1. Health Benefits

Benefits of Snake Plant - Health Benefits


Not only indoor beauty, the snake plant offers various other additional health benefits. So, read on to find out what health benefits does this gorgeous beauty has to offer: 

  • Purification of Air 
  • Producing Oxygen
  • Enhancing Sleep
  • Enhancing productivity and focus


1. Purification of Air: Snake Plants can absorb toxins like formaldehyde. A study suggested that formaldehyde is the cause of cancer. Planting a snake plant will help you reduce overall presence of formaldehyde, and benzene in the air. Hence, the overall quality of the air will improve and that gives a boost to a healthier indoor environment. 


2. Producing Oxygen: Like all the others of its kind, snake plant Produces oxygen during daytime and thus keeping a snake plant indoors increases the overall oxygen levels in your living space.


3. Enhancing Sleep: Keeping indoor plants, including the snake plants, has been said to improve sleep quality. Keeping greens around is known to have a calming effect that will help you sleep better and perform better.


4. Enhancing productivity and focus:  Effectively keeping indoor plants, not only enhances greenery but also has been associated with increasing focus and productivity. Checkout these plants for Employee Gifting. Keeping Snake Plant will make the environment more work or study friendly.

Checkout this Snake Plant Duo


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2. Vastu Benefits

Benefits of Snake Plant - Vastu Benefits


Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian architectural and design system. Vastu Shastra helps to place and align various elements to create a synchronicity in your life, home and office. Plants are often associated with positive energy or negative energy according to Vastu.

Sansevieria is considered important in Vastu for several reasons, here are some:

  • Balancing energies
  • Attracting financial prosperity 
  • Bringing good health
  • Removing negative energies 


1. Balancing energies: In Vastu Shastra it is essential to balance out the earth, water, fire, air, and sky elements of nature. This will ensure that everything else in turn gets balanced. The Snake Plant is considered to represent the Earth Element. Keeping the snake plant in your home or office will bring about stability and will ground you. 


2. Attracting financial prosperity: In Vastu, it is believed that certain plants attract wealth. Placing the snake plant is associated with financial prosperity according to Vastu, bringing good luck, financial stability and wealth.


3. Bringing in good health: As the plant is known for air purification properties, Vastu shastra recognizes the plant for bringing in positive energies and it is said that placing the plant in the bedroom or the common area, is said to bring good health.


4. Removing negative energies: It is said that snake plants remove negative energy and give an influence of tranquillity wherever they are placed. As the plant prospers it is said that it will bring good luck and will create a positive atmosphere altogether. 


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Benefits of Spider Plant 


1. Health Benefits

Benefits of Spider Plant - Health Benefits


The spider plant is a popular choice of indoor plants that make homes and offices a place full of green. The plant gets its name from the offshoots that look like spider legs. Spider plants have several health benefits, here are the following to check for:

  • Purification of Air
  • Resolving Respiratory issues by humidity regulation
  • Reduces Stress


1. Purification of Air: Just similar to the snake plant the spider plant can also remove chemicals like toluene and formaldehyde. Like the snake plant, spider plants are known for their ability to be able to purify indoor air, the spider plant helps in improving the quality of air overall.


2. Respiratory issues by humidity regulation: The spider plant helps in regulating humidity in its surroundings, thus it helps to manage the humidity level of the space. People who have underlying respiratory problems, as humidity creates more comfortable living space.


3. Reduces Stress: Studies have shown that keeping plants alongside your workplace or home is known to benefit positively as it can enhance greenery and thus feelings of calm and tranquillity in turn. 



2. Vastu Benefits

Benefits of Spider Plant - Vastu Benefits


There are tremendous benefits of keeping Spider Plant according to Vastu Shastra as the plant is known for bringing in positivity, and goodluck. So, here are some benefits that the plant has according to this ancient  Indian art of design and architecture :

  • Representing Growth
  • Bringing Positive Vibes
  • Balancing Energies


1. Representing Growth Spider Plants: Spider plants, like other indoor plants, are associated with symbolic meaning of  growth, vitality, and abundance because of their lush green appearance. However the same might not be specifically mentioned in traditional Vastu scriptures.


2. Bringing Positive Vibes: Spider Plants are said to be harbingers of positivity and are known to bring  positive qualities and characteristics into a space. The spider plant being a green indoor plant emits positivity. Plants are said to emit positive vibrations according to Vastu principles.


3. Balancing Energies: Plants balance energies in Vastu. So your spider plant will represent the Earth element which balances itself out in the arrangement of furniture and plants thus bringing together a balance.


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To wrap up the guide for choosing Snake plant or spider plant, it is advisable that the selection of the plant should be made based on your lifestyle and your experience in plantcare. If you are planning to bring home something fresh that can be hung from pots look no further than a spider plant but if you would like to make a statement corner piece there are various varieties of snake plants to experiment with. For more about greens and plants, follow us at Greenkin

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