Kitchen Plants: Benefits of Keeping Plants In Kitchen

Kitchen Plants: Benefits and Best Plants for a Kitchen

Benefits of Plants In Kitchen


Indoor plants, especially those displayed in stylish holders, may help liven up a space. They provide a calming effect in every location, whether a bedroom, workplace, or kitchen.

Having plants in the kitchen has been shown to reduce stress, improve concentration, & increase productivity—all of which are welcome attributes on a hectic day in the kitchen. Read on to learn how to effortlessly incorporate nature into your kitchen.



Why are plants important in the kitchen?


The importance of indoor home plants in the kitchen are:

1. Clean & enhance air: Every plant breathes in carbon dioxide & exhales oxygen via a process called photosynthesis, & in a controlled indoor environment, certain plants may even remove harmful toxins from the air.

Cooking might raise carbon dioxide levels, particularly in confined areas, & plants can help absorb this extra carbon dioxide (CO2) & release oxygen (O2), keeping the kitchen air cleaner & fresher.


2. Regulation of humidity through transpiration: Plants release water vapor from tiny openings called stomata on their leaves, increasing indoor humidity, which is especially beneficial in homes with dry air & improved respiratory health & skin hydration.


3. Elimination of Toxic Chemicals: Plants, particularly certain interior species, can assimilate volatile organic compounds (VOCs) through their foliage & roots, & the microorganisms present in the sediment around their roots can further break down these toxins.

Benzene (found in plastics, resins, & synthetic fibers), formaldehyde (in plywood, paper bags, & synthetic fabrics), & trichloroethylene (in solvents used in a variety of synthetic materials) release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), & many modern kitchens use materials that emit VOCs, & cooking processes can sometimes produce these compounds. Plants can help reduce their concentration, which minimizes potential health risks.


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Health Benefits of Kitchen Plants

Kitchen Plants: Benefits of Keeping Plants In Kitchen - Health Benefits


Some plants in the kitchen can offer serval health benefits including:

1. Reduced Stress & Psychological Benefits: Plants, or even just being in a green environment, have been shown to reduce stress by lowering levels of the stress hormone cortisol in humans. Biophilia, the idea that humans have an innate tendency to seek connections with nature, is often cited as a cause of this & the kitchen, a hub of activity, can be stressful, but adding plants can calm it & improve mental health.


 2. Improved Respiratory Support: In dry conditions, respiratory systems benefit from transpiration & humidity, which keep the respiratory tract moist & filter out dirt & other pollutants, reducing asthma symptoms & preventing respiratory infections.


3. Lowering Allergy & Other Illness Risk: Beneficial microorganisms in plant soil combat mold & bacteria for nutrition, lowering their numbers & reducing the risk of allergies & other illnesses.


4. Improve Cognitive Functions: Plants can improve cognitive functions by making the air cleaner & giving off more oxygen. When the brain receives more oxygen, it may function more efficiently, making it simpler to concentrate on tasks like cooking & food planning.



Vastu Benefits of Kitchen Plants


Vastu Shastra, the old Indian architectural system, emphasizes harmonizing human habitation with nature & its benefits of kitchen indoor plants:

  1. Attracting positivity: Some plants are believed to attract good energies, which create a sense of well-being, wealth, & peace.
  2. Balanced Elements: According to Vastu, the kitchen is associated with the fire element, thus including plants, which are associated with the earth element, may help bring harmony to the area.
  3. Boosting prosperity: According to Vastu, having a plant like a money plant & more (with their symbolic character) in the kitchen can bring you luck & money.
  4. Reversing Negative Forces: Plants, particularly those with air-purifying properties, may absorb & neutralize bad energy, bringing calm & positiveness to the kitchen.


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Which Plant Is Good For Kitchen? 


Some types of indoor décor kitchen ideas such as:

1. Hanging Plants Pots: Hanging plants were popular in the 1970s & have made a comeback this year. Ceramic terrarium pots, or even creative creations of ropes & wires, may be hung in the kitchen to decorate the space surrounding the windows.


2. Wall-Hanging Garden: To make your kitchen more plant-friendly, just hang your plant of choice next to the microwave or elsewhere for a simple upgrade. 


3. Window-sill plants: The windowsill is the ideal location for a small plant if you've been considering adding plants to your kitchen. When cooking, it might be comforting to have a constant supply of green visual stimulation. As the seasons change, don't forget to adjust the kind of plants you choose.


4. A Huge Indoor Tree-Plant: If you want to get rid of cooking odors & airborne pollutants, you may use a plant with large, fan-shaped leaves, like the one that is causing a stir in many contemporary homes.


5. Herb & Spice Garden: You may grow culinary herbs to whatever size you are comfortable with by growing them in containers like clay pots, wine boxes, or old baskets. As a bonus, you'll have easy access to fresh herbs to add flavor to your meals & get the health benefits of the local vegetation. Alternatively, set out some little herbs on the counter if your kitchen has a sunny window.


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The Best Kitchen Plants 


1. Snake Plant:

Kitchen Plants: Benefits of Keeping Plants In Kitchen - Snake Plant


When it comes to houseplants for the kitchen, snake plants (Sansevieria trifasciata) are always a top pick.  This is because it stands apart from other plants due to its ability to carry out photosynthesis at night (purifying the air & converting carbon dioxide into oxygen & removing toxins). This plant may also improve the room's aesthetics whether there is plenty of counter space or a requirement for a taller floor plant to brighten the atmosphere.


Buy the air-purifying, easy to care snake plant. Its patterned, tall, upright foliage adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. It also symbolizes good luck and positivity.


2. Mint Plant (Pudina):

Kitchen Plants: Benefits of Keeping Plants In Kitchen - Mint Plant (Pudina)


Crushing mint leaves releases volatile oils & chemical components, including menthol, that cool the air & also give cooking a minty flavor. Although outdoor growing is preferable, mint may be successfully grown inside with the help of a rich, well-drained soil mix on a sunny windowsill with other decorative houseplants in the kitchen.



3. Chamaedorea Palm (or Parlor Palm):

Kitchen Plants: Benefits of Keeping Plants In Kitchen - Chamaedorea Plant


Chamaedorea Palm (Chamaedorea elegans) is well-known for its dense clusters of feathery, arching leaves & its benefits as an air purifier & humidifier, which make the culinary environment feel fresher.


The best plant to keep in the corners of your room that helps to cleanse the air and is easy to care.


4. Aloe Vera:

Kitchen Plants: Benefits of Keeping Plants In Kitchen - Aloe Vera


The gel inside aloe vera leaves contains chemical compounds like anthraquinones, hormones (auxins & gibberellins), saponins, & various enzymes that can be used to soothe & heal burns, cuts, & irritations in addition to purifying the air (indoor air quality).



5. ZZ Plant:

Kitchen Plants: Benefits of Keeping Plants In Kitchen - ZZ Plant


ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) is a great choice if you're looking for a low-light, air-purifying plant that doesn't need much attention due to its special drought-resistant system that stores water in its potato-like rhizomes.


Gift this resilient and  low maintenance beauty that is a is a great air purifier. It is acknowledged to bring support and luck surrounding its placement. 


6. Lucky Bamboo:

Kitchen Plants: Benefits of Keeping Plants In Kitchen - Lucky Bamboo


Lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) thrives in both water & soil because of its excellent nutrient absorption. It purifies the air & brings pleasure & fortune in many ancient cultures. Additionally, this plant requires less care.


Gift the symbol of good fortune and success. It is one of the best indoor plants as per Vastu. 


7. Pachira Money Tree:

Kitchen Plants: Benefits of Keeping Plants In Kitchen - Pachira Money Tree


Pachira Money Tree (Pachira aquatica) is revered not just for its air-purifying abilities, but also for its distinctive braided trunk & lustrous green foliage, which are said to symbolize wealth & prosperity.


Buy this beautiful indoor plant that attracts positive energy into your home and purifies indoor air. 


8. Baby Rubber Red Edge:

Kitchen Plants: Benefits of Keeping Plants In Kitchen - Baby Rubber Red Edge


Baby Rubber Red Edge (Peperomia obtusifolia) is a low-maintenance plant that improves air quality, aids in photosynthesis, & reduces water use. It also has beautiful leaves with red edges that add beauty to the kitchen & other preferred locations of the home.


Gift this beautiful plant  that is known to bring in good luck and adds a relaxed aesthetic charm by creating an effect of lightness and dilution in spaces. 


9. Spider Plant:

Kitchen Plants: Benefits of Keeping Plants In Kitchen - Spider Plant


Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is considered to be non-toxic, pet-friendly & good-luck-plant-hobbyists. Its chemical components have the ability to purify the air by effectively attaching to volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as benzene, formaldehyde, & xylene.


It is an excellent air purifier that absorbs toxins and emits abundant oxygen. Buy this low maintenance air purifier today.


10. Calathea Peacock:

Kitchen Plants: Benefits of Keeping Plants In Kitchen - Calathea Peacock


Calathea Peacock (Calathea makoyana) thrives well in a humid setting with diffused, indirect light, making kitchens & restrooms perfect. It also purifies the air & improves humidity, which is especially effective in dry situations.


Buy this beautiful Calathea Peacock with stunning foliage. This plant adds a touch of elegance and beauty to your kitchen as well as purifies air. 


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Plants are a great addition to any kitchen because of the many positive effects they have on your health, your happiness, & the environment. Whether you're a chef or simply like a vibrant kitchen, adding plants may improve the atmosphere & aesthetics.

Take a peek at the Greenkin plant collection to liven up your kitchen or unwind (relax) time.

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