How to Care for Calathea Peacock

How to Care for Calathea Peacock

How to Care for Calathea Peacock Plant 

The Calathea Peacock or Calathea Makoyana or Cathedral Windows is a beautiful indoor plant known for its attractive foliage. The signature gray-green leaves with splashes of dark green can instantly make any room come alive. 

Part of the prayer plants family, the Calathea Peacock is a humidity-loving plant that requires moderate care. You will notice the typical traits of the prayer plant varieties in this one as well - like the dramatic curling of leaves at night and their beautiful unfurling in the morning. Some might find this plant slightly trickier to nurture than many other indoor plants. 

Read to find out how you can keep your Calathea Peacock happy and growing.


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What Is a Peacock Plant?


The peacock plant, scientifically known as Calathea makoyana, is an evergreen herbaceous perennial plant of the Marantaceae family (prayer plant or arrowroot family). It is often grown as an indoor plant in temperate areas. The peacock plant is named for its distinctive leaf design, which consists of round, white, glossy leaves with dark green patterns along the veins on the upper portion (wispy, feather-like appearance). The undersides of the leaves are a deep purple, in contrast to the delicate leaf stalks. This plant, which grows to a height of 4 feet, prefers either partial or complete sunlight. It thrives in well-drained, slightly acidic to neutral or slightly alkaline soil.


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How to grow the Calathea Peacock plant?

Calathea Peacock Plant grows under the following conditions:



1. Sunlight Requirements:

How to Care for Calathea Peacock - Sunlight Requirement

Calathea Peacock is the perfect plant for well-lit corners of your room. But bright light can cause the vibrant colors of the foliage to fade and the plant cannot tolerate direct sunlight. Medium to bright light can keep the plant happy and healthy. When well cared for, it can also survive in low light conditions in most cases. 



2. Watering Routine:

How to Care for Calathea Peacock- Watering Routine

Proper watering is necessary for the health of your Calathea Peacock. As with most indoor plants, overwatering can harm the Calathea Peacock. Water it once or twice a week and ensure proper drainage. However, depending on the ambient temperature and the climate, you might have to slightly vary the watering frequency so as to keep the soil moist but not damp.



3. Size and Growth Consideration:

How to Care for Calathea Peacock - Size and Growth

Most Calathea Peacock plants typically reach a height of around 1.5 feet. With the right pot and care, they grow into healthy, thick, bushy forms. Under favorable conditions, these plants can attain a height of 2 feet and display their full beauty.


How should you propagate Calathea Peacock?

How to Care for Calathea Peacock


Calathea peacock plant grows better when divided. The best way to propagate the Calathea Peacock is:

  • Timing: Calathea makoyana is best propagated by division in late spring, when it is actively developing or when you intend to replant it.
  • Preparation: Lift the plant from the pot and remove all soil from its roots.
  • Division: If necessary, use a clean knife to split the root ball in half, taking care to ensure that each half has at least some leaves.
  • Planting: Next, you should pot up the plants separately.
  • Environment: Place the newly-divided plants in a warm, moist environment to promote healthy growth.


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How to Care for Calathea Peacock

How to Care for Calathea Peacock


Is Calathea Peacock easy to care for? Calathea Peacocks are beautiful, but they need more care than other indoor plants. Consider the following ways to ensure its well-being:


1. Sunlight and Humidity


How much sunlight does Calathea Peacock need? The Calathea Peacock plant requires partial or full sunlight but should avoid direct sunlight and be kept in medium to bright light. This plant thrives in humidity, so mist the leaves, use a humidifier, or place a bowl of water nearby to avoid leaf curling.



2. Temperature Range


A temperature of 16–32 oC suits this plant. During the warmer months, move the plant inside, and in the winter, place it in a slightly warmer section of the space.



3. Watering Frequency


How often should you water Calathea Peacock? If temperature and humidity allow, water the plant once or twice a week to avoid overwatering & underwatering (to prevent drooping leaves). Also, prevent soaked roots and keep the soil damp with the appropriate drainage system. 



4. Fertilization


Monthly mild fertilization (for example helps prevent infestations of neem oil pests like mealy bugs) throughout the growth season to keep the plant healthy as Calathea Peacocks are more susceptible to infestations.


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Calathea Peacocks are renowned indoor plants for their beautiful leaves and captivating features. Optimal sunlight, watering, and humidity allow you to witness its beautiful leaf patterns and motions. Therefore, pay more attention to taking care of this plant.

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Q1. How big does Calathea Peacock get?

Ans. Most Calathea Peacock plants can be around 1.5 feet tall in the right pot and have a healthy bushy form. With proper care, this plant may grow 2 feet tall.

Q2. What temperature range can Calathea Peacock tolerate?

Ans. The Calathea Peacock loves moderate temperatures (ideally 16 - 32 oC). Try to maintain the humidity of the room during hot summers and shift the plant to a slightly warm corner during the winter.

Q3. How often should you add fertilizer to Calathea Peacock?

Ans. The Calathea Peacock is susceptible to mealy bugs, therefore mild fertilization, such as neem oil may prevent infestations. Monthly mild fertilization is adequate to maintain the plant's health.

Q4. What should you do if Calathea Peacock's leaves are turning yellow?

Ans. As with most indoor plants, yellowing leaves and a fragile stem indicate overwatering. Reducing watering may help the plant get better.

Q5. What should you do if Calathea Peacock's leaves are drooping?

Ans. Like overwatering, underwatering could pose risks to the Calathea Peacock. This causes drooping leaves. As summer approaches, irrigate the soil more often to prevent this.

Q6. What should you do if Calathea Peacock's leaves have dry tips?

Ans. Dry and brown tips can make your Calathea Peacock’s pretty foliage look dull. This occurs mainly when the air gets too dry. Occasional misting is one way to avoid this.

Q7. Is Calathea Peacock safe for pets?

Ans. Calathea Peacock is non-toxic to both pets and humans. So, if you are looking for an indoor air-purifying plant for a household with pets, the Calathea Peacock is a perfect choice.

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