5 Indoor Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

5 Indoor Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

An Introduction to Small Gardening 


Small gardening, container gardening, and urban gardening are popular among those with limited space, resources, or both. Small gardening involves growing in a container instead of on the ground. Moreover, small-scale gardening is a great option for anyone with limited space at home. 

Some apartment and building residents crave a garden. Small gardening allows them to grow a garden on their balcony, patio, fire escape, window sill, or even inside. Plus, setting up a small but beautiful indoor garden has many benefits for both the environment and the people who enjoy the beauty of the garden. 

Explore all the benefits of growing plants indoors, how to select the best plants for limited space, creative container gardening techniques, and expert tips for designing small indoor gardens.



The Benefits of Indoor Gardening in Small Spaces


Many times, walking outside relieves your annoyance or sadness. Right? Just like wandering in nature, entering a natural setting feels great. How? Here are several research-backed reasons to have a mini indoor garden in your home, office, hospital, cafe, or other interior location:


1. Improve Air Quality: 


Indoor plants can help filter the air by absorbing pollutants and emitting oxygen. The 1989 NASA Clean Air Study found that certain houseplants can eliminate VOCs such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, and trichloroethylene.


2. Boost Creativity and Productivity: 


According to research, houseplants in the workplace have been demonstrated to boost productivity, memory retention, job happiness, and reduce computer eye strain.


3. Improve Psychological Wellness: 


The presence of green plants, as well as nurturing and seeing them grow, can have a favorable impact on your psychological wellness (mood). According to research, indoor plants can boost happiness and overall well-being.


4. Enhance Sleep Quality: 


Studies show that plants boost sleep quality because of their relaxation-inducing effects and the oxygen they emit at night. Nighttime oxygen-releasing indoor plants include Snake Plant, Peace Lily, Areca Palm, and more. Thus, indoor plants can boost oxygen levels and promote sleep.


5. Promote the Calming Effect: 


Horticulture therapy helps anxiety, depression, and dementia sufferers relax by growing indoors. For example, medical clinics include potted plants in waiting rooms to relax patients who are generally bored or restless. Having plants around can help you relax. Indoor gardening helps your mind and body feel more at home and supports your surroundings.


6. Green Decor Benefits: 


Last, but not least, plants enhance interior décor. Indoor plants add variety and beauty with their foliage. For instance, you can display plants in various ways, such as empty corners, tabletops, ceilings, walls, shelves, vases, and terrariums.


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Choosing the Right Plants for Small Spaces


Selecting the right plants for small, confined areas is crucial. Not many plants can survive indoors, especially in small settings. When selecting plants for these spaces, small and low-maintenance plant varieties are ideal. Nonetheless, low-maintenance plants such as pothos, snake plants, aglaonema plants, areca palms, and many more can be a wonderful choice because of their water-saving technologies. Some examples of small plants are Aglaonema Pink Anjamani, Money Plant Golden, Aglaonema Red Lipstick, Money Plant Manjula, Jade Mini, and more.

Next, you must understand the specific conditions (care guide) that your indoor plants will need. For example, certain houseplants evolved to thrive in low light, while others flourished in indirect sunlight. Consider your maintenance needs before choosing plants. Even if they look wonderful, don't pick species that won't fit your schedule. Choose plants that need enough water based on how often you can water them. Finally, consider temperature tolerance. Choose plants that can handle temperature fluctuations if your indoor area does. Without temperature controls like heaters or coolers, this is crucial.


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Creative Container Gardening Ideas


Small-space gardeners unite! Many creative and experimental options exist for container gardening. Many things can be used to grow plants, including unused plastic containers, old buckets, and more. Let's explore some creative container-planting ideas:

  • Use hanging planters, wall-mounted pockets, or trellises to maximize vertical area. This method maximizes space and grows many plants.
  • Another way to make a striking plant arrangement is to layer them. This method uses multiple pot sizes to create a cascade effect, creating a lovely showcase for diverse plants, potentially of different heights to emphasize the plant tiering dimension.
  • Repurpose containers creatively. Think outside the pot using antique buckets, tin cans, wooden crates, and more! Repurposing gives your garden a unique flair.


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Design Tips for Small Indoor Gardens


Have a little room? No issue. Now that you have a basic knowledge of the benefits of small indoor gardening, let's explore some design tips for small indoor gardens. 


1. Hanging Planter Small Indoor Garden:

5 Indoor Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces - Hanging Planters


A hanging planter is another small-space gardening alternative. Hanging plants from the ceiling or wall hooks saves space while letting you enjoy greenery. Match your decor with lightweight macramé, terracotta, or metal hanging plants. To add greenery to any area, hang plants from windows, above desks, or in disused corners.



2. Ladder Plant Small Indoor Garden:

5 Indoor Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces - Ladder Plants


Create a lovely layered plant stand from a wooden ladder. Each step is ideal for placing single-potted plants. Whether inside or out, the plant stand is sure to be a welcome accessory. Mix plants with different foliage textures, heights, and bloom colors for elegance.



3. Mini Indoor Garden Plant Arrangement in Antique Cup:

5 Indoor Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces - Antique Cup


A collection of antique containers, like a tabletop terrarium from an antique glass cookie jar with a wooden top, tea cup, and saucer, can elevate small-space gardening to new heights. Display them on a stylish tray or tiered dessert stand, each with its own small garden. This lovely and creative display will brighten up any room in your home.



4. Vertical Small Indoor Garden:

5 Indoor Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces - Vertical Garden


Vertical gardens increase space use and bring greenery to your home. Use walls, fences, or hanging structures for vertical gardening. Endless possibilities. You can start with modular vertical garden systems, wall-mounted planters, or DIY hanging planters. This lets you display multiple plants without taking up floor space. 



5. Floating Small Indoor Garden:

5 Indoor Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces - Floating Plants


You may create a wall-mounted grid system with floating shelves that display a variety of plants. The shelves could be set at different heights so that some of the plants cascade to form a floating garden on the wall.


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Small indoor gardening allows you to garden all year round, regardless of where you live, even if the weather outside is too chilly for your plants. Plus, small indoor gardening can be a relaxing and enjoyable hobby that connects you with nature. No matter how experienced you are as a gardener, small-scale gardening is a simple yet enjoyable method to make your home more appealing.

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