How To Care For Plants While You’re Away

How To Care For Plants While You’re Away

Plant Care While You're Away


Plant care during long vacations? Have you wondered how to care for your plants while on vacation? Imagine being gone from home for weeks, not just a few days. Packing, buckling children, finding pet sitters, and making other preparations for a trip may be stressful for anybody. And during the hectic days leading up to a trip, it's easy to lose track of your beloved indoor or outdoor plants. So, how to care for plants while you’re away?

Therefore, Greenkin is here to help you by providing guidance on maintaining both indoor and outdoor plants while you're away.  Let’s learn some precautions (innovative & traditional) that can ensure the safety of your plant pals while you're away. Come on, let us learn.



Tips To Care Plants While You Are Away


Try the following methods for taking care of plants while you're away:


1. Hydrate Your Green Companions Before Leaving:

How To Care For Plants While You’re Away - Water


Before traveling, water your plants well to ensure their health. They can last a week with a good soak. To reduce evaporation, place indoor and outdoor plant pots in the shade. Remember that glossy ceramic or synthetic containers retain moisture longer than porous terracotta ones.


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2. Appoint a Guardian for Your Green Companions:

How To Care For Plants While You’re Away - Guardian


Thinking about a long trip? Then, place the plants in an accessible location, such as the front hall or a nearby space. If possible, get help from someone you know, like the person next door, a friend, your maid, or the people who run your apartment complex could water your plants while you're away.



3. Traditional Water Wicking:

How To Care For Plants While You’re Away - Traditional Water Wicking


Capillary irrigation is one of the oldest methods used to water plants. This is done by cutting a cotton string that links the soil around the plants to the water in the container. Dig it up with one end in a jar and the other end deep near the leaves to protect the roots. Each point along the circulating lifeline must be connected. With this technique, water is gently pumped around the plant's roots, nourishing every single root.



4. Small Greenhouse Made Of Plastic:

How To Care For Plants While You’re Away - Small Greenhouse Made Of Plastic


Place wooden spikes in a planter and cover a plant with a plastic case to make a tiny nursery (greenhouse) out of plastic. Close the plastic box to let humidity build up inside. This will act as a trap for moisture that is escaping. This small greenhouse is also a way to recover water, so water that isn't being used can move through the ground and be used by the roots.



5. A Homemade Watering System:


Pick up an empty plastic container and drill many holes in its top. Before the holiday, fill this vessel with water and carefully invert it. Insert the container neck into your garden or plant's soil to secure the pricked areas. This ingenious device slowly releases its liquid reserve as moisture leaves your soil, keeping it optimally hydrated. This setup can keep your plants hydrated for seven days!



6. Cover With Peat Moss:


Cover your houseplants with moistened peat moss. This technique works like a snug cloth, keeping moisture near the roots and reducing watering as needed. The soil will be hydrated and your plants will be refreshed for up to 14 days!



7. Operating a Blooming Retreat:


Block the drain hole in a sink or bathtub, fill it with water, and then put a layer of towels or cotton cloth on top to make a houseplant bath. If you put houseplants on top of the towels or cotton cloth, the plants will soak up the water from them as the soil dries out. This will last for a week. Accordingly, plants can get adequate water with this method.


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Maintaining beautiful, healthy houseplants requires time, energy, and dedication. Since you may be on vacation or exploring the world, it's crucial to create a care plan for them that works regardless. Following the above-mentioned gardening practices will keep your plants healthy and watered while you're away.

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