How to Care for Your Office Plants?

Office Plant Care Guide: How to Care for Your Office Plants?

How to Care for Your Office Plants?


Contrary to popular belief, plants are not aesthetically pleasing. You can work more enthusiastically & with greater benefits & happiness if you surround yourself with plants, according to numerous studies & Biophilic office design analysis. There are many benefits to having plants in the office. As an example, they can make the air quality much better by filtering out harmful chemicals & increasing the amount of oxygen in the air. They can also improve the office's visual appeal, making it more inviting & enjoyable for staff & clients.

However, you should follow the most basic rules in the office to keep the plant healthy & grow well throughout the year. So, how do you care for your office plants? Read on to learn about office plant care guides.



Tips to Care for Office Plants


Before you bring plants into your office, you need to make sure they are in the right place & taken care of. What each plant needs to thrive in your office is different. The following tips for caring for office plants include:


1. Plant selection:

How to Care for Your Office Plants? - Plants Selection


Picking the right plants is the first step to taking good care of office plants, since each one has its own unique qualities. Light, temperature, & humidity should all be just right in the office for the plants to grow.

  • Light is very important for plants to grow. India has very different landscapes, so the duration & intensity of the sun's rays can change a lot from season to season.
  • Common mistakes in plant care include watering your houseplants the wrong way, which can cause root rot & other problems. How often you should water your office plants depends on the type of plant, the size of the pot, & the weather.
  • Plants may need different levels of humidity in places with a wide range of climates, from dry areas to tropical coastal areas with high humidity.

Moreover, decide where you want to put the plants. Then choose the right ones. Some considerations are as follows:

  • How big should plants be?
  • What kind of office decor would you prefer?
  • The size & style of the plants you choose go well with the rest of your decor.

An expert may help you develop & maintain an office planting program. If you need help with plants for your office decor, get in touch with a member of the Greenkin experienced team.


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2. Space & Care Maintenance for Plants at the Office:

How to Care for Your Office Plants? - Care and Maintenance


How to Care for Your Office Plants? Once the plant has been selected, the next step is to determine its perfect spot within the office. However, when you've set up the plant in your office, there are a few things to keep in mind for its upkeep, such as:


1. Ideal Space or Spot Guide for Office Plants:


Plants need space to flourish, so don't enclose them in corners or under furniture.  Plants require space & sufficient ventilation to maintain a healthy temperature, reduce carbon dioxide, increase oxygen, & reduce humidity.

Vastu Shastra recommends choosing & positioning plants & flower colors to attract positive energy & money. For example, yellow plants & flowers are auspicious in the north-east direction; pink & orange plants are in the east; red plants are in the south-east; big plants are in the south-west; blue & black plants are in the south-west; medium-sized plants with flowers of different colors are in the west; white & bright flowers are in the north-west; & fragrant plants are in the north. Vastu Shastra also forbids the presence of milky & prickly plants in office settings.



2. Sunlight Needs for Office Plants:


Most houseplants don't need much light to thrive. Some plants need full sunlight, a little light, some shade, or places that are shaded. If a plant needs full sunlight, put it right next to a window. Plants that need partial shade can be placed further away from the window if they don't need direct sunlight. 



3. Watering Guide for Office Plants:


Different types of plants need different amounts of water, which changes depending on how much light they get. Plants are often more damaged by overwatering than by underwatering. Having someone water the plants on a certain day each week would be helpful. The individual responsible for watering the plants should also make sure to check the soil moisture levels & add water if necessary.


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4. Temperature Requirements for Office Plants:


The ideal temperature range for most plants in an office is 18-32°C. But if you think the temperature will drop a lot when the office is closed, you may opt for a different plant that can handle the cold better.



5. Humidity for Office Plants:


Low humidity is common in offices due to heating & air conditioning systems. The workplace air becomes too dry, which is harmful to plants & the soil they grow in. Avoid placing them directly beneath the air stream of an air conditioner or heater to protect their leaves from blazing. The best thing you can do for them is to mist them with water daily.



6. Fertilization Requirements for Office Plants:


For healthy plant growth, fertilizer levels should be periodically maintained so nutrients can be replenished when they deplete. Through a process called nitrogen fixation, microbes in the soil convert the elements nitrogen, phosphorus, & potassium into minerals with a basic structure. This is how plants can absorb the mineral supplement from fertilizer. This is especially important to help the plants grow new leaves. 



7. Cleaning & Trimming Guide for Office Plants:


Ideally, clean & trim your office plants every two weeks. Keeping your plants trimmed regularly will prevent dust & eliminate yellow & brown leaves, making them more beautiful.



8. Pest Control Guide for Office Plants:


Keep an eye out for pests when caring for indoor plants, especially office plants. Take note of spider mites & insects such as mealybugs. Using natural pest control methods like neem oil or insecticidal soap, you can maintain a disease-free, healthy environment for your office plants.



3. Avoid Placing Plants Near the Main Sidewalks:

How to Care for Your Office Plants?


Avoid placing plants near high-traffic or mostly-used areas where they could be hit & harmed. Because some individuals may drop cigarette ends into the pot, it's not a good idea to place them in smoking areas or break rooms. Additionally, placing them near a doorway may lead them to tumble.


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Office plants are one of the most important investments many offices make & appreciate. The addition of plants ultimately creates a healthy & productive work environment. Moreover, the presence of office plants provides organizations with the opportunity to promote a healthier & more productive work environment by carefully selecting appropriate plants based on their individual lighting, watering, soil, & fertilization requirements.

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