Benefits of Having a Calathea Plant- Health & Vastu Benefits

Benefits of Having a Calathea Plant- Health & Vastu Benefits

Introduction of Calathea Plant


Calathea Plants, also known as prayer plants, are houseplants with intriguing designs that add color & texture to any room. They are native to the Brazilian rainforest & belong to the Marantaceae family, which is a flowering plant family native to warm climates like Africa. Calatheas' leaves rise & cluster at dusk, like hands in prayer, & spread wide to absorb light during the day. They thrive in dimly lit environments, making them ideal for homes & offices. Continue reading to learn more in detail.



About Calathea Plant 

Benefits of Having a Calathea Plant- About Calathea Plants


The Calathea is a beloved houseplant that belongs to the Marantaceae family. It has beautiful, vibrant leaves with intricate patterns. Native to tropical regions like Africa, it thrives in dimly light environments, making it excellent for homes & offices

Calathea is also a multipurpose jungle plant with rustling leaves that occur in a variety of forms & sizes, such as waved, ridged, round, pointed, or oval. Oval forms give it strength & beauty. They can be different shades of green or purple, striped, flame-patterned, or just different colors that stand out from each other. Some plants have bright orange flowers that really stand out. 

The leaves of a Calathea open wide in the morning to soak up the sun's rays, & then gently close at night. After dark, it turns over a new leaf, symbolizing a new beginning. This makes it a perfect present for the newbie in your life or for yourself. Calathea is a forest dweller that hails from the South American Amazon rainforests. It thrives in sunlight-free areas like shady spots or moist bathrooms.


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Types/Varieties of Calathea Plant

Benefits of Having a Calathea Plant- Health & Vastu Benefits


Calathea has been reclassified into the Goeppertia genus, which includes around 200 species. Some Calathea have lovely leaf designs that enhance any decor. Calathea species with attractive variations include:


1. Calathea Orbifolia:


Among Calathea types, Calathea orbifolia (or orbifolia prayer plant) is one of the most well-known. Its dark green leaves are rounded & have symmetrical stripes on the undersides. Nyctinasty, the movement of the leaves between day & night, makes it stand out as one of the biggest kinds. It can grow up to 100 cm tall.



2. Calathea Warscewiczii:


Calathea warscewiczii, sometimes known as jungle velvet, is a tropical Central American plant. The leaves are dark green with light green or red spots on top & dark red spots on the bottom. This Calathea needs more space & blooms bright white in January or February.



3. Calathea Ornata:


A distinct variety of plants, Calathea ornata contains dark green leaves that are adorned with pink stripes arranged in an orderly manner. The style of this pattern is called calathea pinstripe. The bottom of the plant is a dark red color. The leaves of the "Beauty Star" type are patterned in a pretty way. It grows 40–50 cm broad & has 60–60 centimeter leaves.



4. Calathea Roseopicta:


Calathea roseopicta is a plant native to South America. It has big, round leaves with tips that are both light & dark green. The leaves come in different colors. For example, "Dottie" has pink edges & a bright purple base. There are different kinds that grow the plant, which can get as big as 50 cm.



5. Calathea Insignis:


The rattlesnake plant, also known as Calathea insignis or lancifolia, has dark green, long-lasting leaves that are pointy & have a dark green tip. They look like perfect ovals, the leaves. It looks even more beautiful on the bottom, which is bright purple. The common type, "Insigne," can grow up to 60 cm tall.



6. Calathea Rufibarba:


Calathea rufibarba is a vibrant green plant whose leaves stand out due to their long, thin, & wavy margins. It can get up to 60 cm tall, & the base is known for being purple. Among its well-known varieties are 'Wavestar' & 'Elger Grass'.



7. Calathea Crocata:


Calathea crocata is a plant with blue-green leaves on top & dark purple leaves on the bottom. It features yellow & orange flowers. The distinctive leaf patterns are absent. The pink flowers of "White Star" & "Bicajoux" are two well-known types. This plant can grow up to 60 cm long.



8. Callathea Makoyana:


Callathea makoyana, which is sometimes called the "peacock plant," has dark green spots on its predominantly light green oval leaves. Its thick leaves resemble a peacock's eyes.And it can reach a height of 75 cm.



9. Calathea Leopardina:


Last but not least, Calathea leopardina is a tall, mildly verdant plant that can reach a height of 75 cm. It has spots of darker greenery. One of the most modest Calathea species features pale green, pointy leaves with dark green markers.


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Benefits of Calathea Plant

Benefits of Having a Calathea Plant


1. Provide Aesthetically Appealing:


Calatheas are popular houseplants with colorful, patterned foliage. They are active plants with nighttime leaves that curl like monks' hands. Around 60 Calathea species have glossy leaves in different colors, patterns, & shapes. Most Calathea plants demand the same care, making it easy to pick one for every space setting decor. Moreover, Calatheas plants are plants that grow quickly. Ideally, they can grow to 4 feet tall in one to three years & live for many years.



Health Benefits of  Calathea Plant

Benefits of Having a Calathea Plant- Health Benefits


1. Have Air-Purifying Properties:


The NASA Clean Air study found that indoor plants like Calathea plants help remove benzene & formaldehyde from paint, glue, & cleaning materials. This VOC molecule may raise cancer risk. However, the Calathea plant's air-purifying attributes may reduce this risk. It also removes VOCs & pollen, reducing asthma & hay fever.



2. Enhance Cognitive Function:


Studies suggest that planting Calathea plants can reduce stress & increase productivity by 15%, enhancing cognitive function. Through air purification & CNS regulation, they can also enhance the quality of sleep. Astronauts have shown reduced cortisol levels & improved central nervous system regulation when exposed to plants. Overall, Calathea plants can enhance health & wellness.



Vastu Benefits of Calathea Plant


According to the Five Elements Theory, Calathea plants are good for Feng Shui because they are connected to the Wood element. The idea behind this is that Wood is connected to inspiration, growth, success, & money. Additionally, they can lessen the negative emotions that surround empty rooms. 

According to the Bagua map, the Wood element is strongest in the eastern & southeastern parts of the home, which are in charge of family & prosperity. That's why adding Calatheas to these spots can make these qualities stand out even more.


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Calatheas plants are a popular & beautiful plant that makes any space feel more welcoming. It comes in many different varieties. Plus, it looks attractive & is good for your health & vastu. Thus, it makes great gifts for new gardeners or anyone wanting a cheerful pleasant decor touch. So, why wait? Check out Greenkin Calatheas plants such as Calathea Peacock, Calathea Sanderiana, & Calathea Rufibarba Green to beautify your home.

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