How to Care for Calathea Prayer

Calathea Prayer Plant Care Guide | Tips for Healthy Growth

How to Care for Calathea Prayer


Straight from the Brazilian rainforests this evergreen plant is known for its distinct pale green leaves with contrasting dark green veins.


Calathea Prayer Care Guide 

How to Care for Calathea Prayer


These oval leaves furl at the end of the day and unfurl when the morning light touches them, very much like most Prayer plant types. This plant also goes by the names Ctenanthe Amagris, Never Never Plant, Calathea Fish Bone, and Calathea Burle Marx. 

But how exactly do you care for this plant and keep it happy? Let’s find out. 

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How much sunlight does Calathea Prayer need?

How to Care for Calathea Prayer 


Calathea Prayer is happiest when it gets bright to moderate natural light. But ensure that you offer the plant sufficient protection from direct sunlight. 

Move it away from windows that receive a lot of harsh light that can scorch the leaves.

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How to Grow a Calathea Prayer?

How to Care for Calathea Prayer

If you have a mature Calathea Prayer plant that has a lot of healthy stems and a bushy appearance it is ready for propagation. Propagating this plant via stem division is one of the most effective ideas



How often should you water Calathea Prayer?

How to Care for Calathea Prayer


Calathea Prayer has to be watered once or twice a week. Use a good-quality potting mix that stays evenly moist. Place the plant in a pot with good drainage. All these measures can help protect the plant from root rot that occurs when the soil gets too soggy.



How big does Calathea Prayer get?


The Calathea Prayer plant is a relatively short houseplant that reaches a height of about 1 foot. 

The growth and maximum height the plant reaches depend entirely on the ambiance and factors like the quality of the potting mix, fertiliser applied, and so on. But in general, the plant is known for its slow growth rate. 

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Is Calathea Prayer easy to care for?

Calathea Prayer is not something that can be labelled “beginner-friendly”. Though there are not many sophisticated needs for this plant, it might not tolerate neglect. It’s a good choice for those who already have little experience with caring for houseplants. 

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Tropical plants have a charm of their own and the Calathea Prayer plant is a perfect example. To purify your indoor air and to liven up the atmosphere a little if you need a cheerful little houseplant that does well with a little extra care, you are in the right place. The Calathea Prayer is the plant that fits all these parameters.  

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Q1. What temperature range can Syngonium Silver Pearl tolerate?

Ans. Moderate temperatures hovering in the range of 16 degrees to 24 degrees Celsius will be perfect for the plant to thrive. In general, ensure that the plant is not subject to sudden drastic temperature changes.

Q2. Does Syngonium Silver Pearl need humidity?

Ans. Yes, the Calathea Prayer plant is a humidity-loving plant. You might notice the leaves turning dull and curling sometimes when the air gets too dry. Mist the plant to maintain humidity levels in the ideal range for the plant.

Q3. How often should you add fertiliser to Syngonium Silver Pearl?

Ans. Though Calathea Prayer is not a heavy feeder, it is good to keep replenishing the potting mix with essential plant nutrients by adding a mild fertiliser on a monthly basis. It also helps maintain consistent growth during the summer months.

Q4. What should you do if Syngonium Silver Pearl's leaves are turning yellow?

Ans. Overwatering is one of the main causes of the yellowing of the leaves on a Calathea Prayer plant. When the plant is consistently overwatered, it leads to root rot and this shows in the form of the stem turning soft and mushy.

Q5. What should you do if Syngonium Silver Pearl's leaves are drooping?

Ans. Considering the dramatic furling and unfurling of the Calathea Prayer plant leaves you should be able to distinguish between drooping of the leaves and curling. Because curling is natural at night but the plant should spring back to life during the day. If that does not happen, if the leaves remain curled it could be a sign of a drop in the humidity levels. Misting the plant is one way to avoid this. And if they are drooping down, it can be due to underwatering.

Q6. What should you do if Syngonium Silver Pearl's leaves have dry tips?

Ans. Too much sunlight or exposure to direct sunlight can cause the tips of the leaves to burn and turn brown and dry. Sometimes this also happens if the water contains high levels of chlorine.

Q7. Is Syngonium Silver Pearl safe for pets?

Ans. Calathea Prayer plants are unique and beautiful indoor plants that are also known to be non-toxic. Therefore, they make a wonderful choice for households with pets.

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