Top 11 Garden Trends in 2024

Top 11 Garden Trends in 2024: Houseplant Trends 2024

Houseplant Trends 2024


Welcome to the Garden Trends in 2024! Everything has trends, & houseplants are no different. Some plant species & ways of displaying them have been popular for a long time. For example, sometimes the shape of the planter or plant (different pattern or colorful foliage) itself. Today's indoor garden terrariums might be tomorrow's donations to a thrift store. So, without making fronds & greenery into fast fashion, how can we keep up with the trends? Let's read the latest houseplant trends 2024 so we can turn our gardens into green havens. Stay tuned to find out the top 11 garden trends in 2024.



Garden Trends in 2024


As of 2023, advancements in garden technology have made indoor gardening better. Virtual gardens—Greenkin has made it possible for plant lovers to enjoy rare & exotic species without ever having to leave their homes. This has also increased the availability of expert-led resources, such as how to care for plants (on Greenkin websites) or how to get in touch with decorators.

In addition, 2024 gardening trends are going to focus on eco-friendliness & proper care for houseplants. More & more individuals are choosing eco-friendly houseplants because they are concerned about the environment. Some examples of this include reusing pots & containers, fertilizing with organic materials, & installing water-saving measures.

Another development that will impact plant care in 2024 is the rise of smart devices & applications that can determine the optimal conditions for plants in terms of water, light, & humidity. Additional innovative technologies include automated fertilizer delivery systems, computerized watering systems, & smart pots. In this, someone can use an app to check the settings for the pots' needs. They can also adjust the plant requirement settings, which is particularly useful & beneficial when they're away or traveling.


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Top 11 Indoor Houseplant Trends 2024


1. Home Décor with Plants:

Top 11 Garden Trends in 2024 - Home Decor with Plants


Nowadays, houseplants are an essential part of any home's design. This has led many organizations & companies to prioritize houseplants. They have put collectively collections of blooms that are safe to keep indoors so that people can enjoy the beauty of plants & the health benefits of it.

For example, Plant Duos like for a lovely setting, the “Pink Aglao Twins Duo” in pots provide green & pink tones or Garden In A Box like Tropical Paradise add tropical green, orange, & cream to your decor. For more interior decor plant ideas, explore Plant Duos & Garden In A Box. Also, adding plants of different sizes gives a room & its plants individuality. Adding a lot of different types of indoor plants in different sizes together can make a "mega garden," & in 2024, mega gardens will look cool.



2. Biophilic Design:

Top 11 Garden Trends in 2024 - Biophilic Design


Gardening in 2024 will be all about biophilic design. The word "biophilic design" was first used by Edward O. Wilson to describe how people naturally feel connected to nature & living things. This design incorporates indoor plants & nature-inspired designs to create a harmonious space, promoting a peaceful & calm space or work environment. This kind of theme includes stone wall decor, wood furniture, art-frames, & an earthy color scheme.



3. Air-Purifying Plants:

Top 11 Garden Trends in 2024 - Air Purifying Plants


Air purifying plants is a top 2024 trend. According to NASA studies show that some houseplants can successfully remove toxins from the air. Additionally, houseplants that remove formaldehyde, benzene, & other harmful chemicals will make your home smell better & be healthy. For decoration ideas, you can create or install air-purifying plant walls or decor with Air-Purifying Flowering Plants Combo



4. Vertical Gardens:

Top 11 Garden Trends in 2024 - Vertical Gardens


More & more people are opting for vertical gardens as a healthier & more aesthetically pleasing way of using space. Vertical gardens are a beautiful & practical way to bring the outside nature inside by showcasing plants for a peaceful & healthy lifestyle. With this trend, people may have as many plants as they want without filling half the room with pots.



5. Mood-Boosting Plants:

Top 11 Garden Trends in 2024 - Mood Boosting Plants


The utilization of plants that improve mood will be a garden trend in 2024. The beneficial effects of houseplants on psychological health are starting to get the attention they deserve. So, more & more plants that improve happiness are being added to gardens to make them more serene.



6. Compact & miniature houseplants:

Top 11 Garden Trends in 2024 - Compact and Miniature Plants


Compact & miniature houseplants will be quite popular in 2024 among those who are constrained on space or who simply adore tiny gardening. Some examples of little plants that you might choose from are miniature ferns, succulents or more. Plus, you can use a little pot, some hanging planters, or even glass to create a terrarium for those lovely little plants.



7. Rare & exotic houseplants: 

Top 11 Garden Trends in 2024 - Rare and Exotic Houseplants


Rare & exotic houseplants are going to be popular in 2024. Houseplant collectors & fans are now more interested in each exotic species' unique leaf, brilliant color, & seemingly different growth. Checkout Greenkin for your favorite rare & exotic houseplants.



8. Plants In Ceramic Pots:

Top 11 Garden Trends in 2024 - Plants in Ceramic Pots


In 2024, ceramic pots will reign tops as the container material of choice for indoor gardens. Ceramic pots add strength & elegance to indoor gardens. There are many styles, textures, & colors of ceramic pots, so you can complement your home decor.



9. Colorful Plants:

Top 11 Garden Trends in 2024 - Colourful Plants


Green will remain the dominant color of plant life, but multicolored plants foliage will become more popular in 2024. When it comes to indoor gardening, people like leaves with unique patterns, colors, & color combos. These plants will make each space in the house or workplace look better because of their beautiful foliage.



10. Pet-Friendly Plants:

Top 11 Garden Trends in 2024 - Pet-friendly Plants


The garden trend for 2024 may be all about pet-friendly plants, which are safe for your pets to be around. The plants that are "pet-friendly" have been chosen because they are known not to cause harm to pets if they ingest them. Many plants have chemicals that are poisonous & could be dangerous, but it depends on the plant.



11. Easing Climate Change:

Top 11 Garden Trends in 2024 - Easing Climate Change


Last, but not least—even though it's not a "trend," climate change is becoming more & more clear to gardeners. For climate change reasons, gardeners are putting more native plants that can handle heat & drought, choosing species that can handle drought, & using water-saving gardening methods like gravel gardens, rain gardens, & swale gardens.


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Houseplants will continue to play a significant role in interior design & people's well-being even in 2024! Whether you're an experienced plant lover or just starting out with plants, there's a trend out there for everyone in this colorful world. Mix these trends together to make your home a growing oasis while also making the world a better place in a way that won't negatively impact it.

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